Rep. Honda Gains Feinstein, Boxer’s Backing For Congress In Yet Another Move To Discourage Khanna

Calif. Sens. Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein

CONGRESS 17 | California’s two Senators, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer added their
endorsements to Congressional District 17 Rep. Mike Honda’s, long list of growing endorsements in preparation for a potential battle with young lawyer Ro Khanna who recently served in President Barack Obama’s Commerce Department.

“I’m proud to endorse Congressman Mike Honda,” said Senator Dianne Feinstein. “He works tirelessly for the people he represents and is an important leader on issues such as helping to create jobs and improving our schools. He is a champion for Silicon Valley and I’m glad to offer him my support.”

“The people of the 17th Congressional District need Mike Honda’s strong voice now more than ever,” said Senator Barbara Boxer. “I am proud to endorse such an effective leader for education, innovation, and families throughout the region and country.”

Honda thanked the senators for their support and added that “we can all agree that the formula for growth in Silicon Valley jobs is straightforward. It requires smart and targeted incentives to help companies locate and grow here while accessing our unique and diverse workforce, and providing our students with the education they’ll need to compete.”

Honda’s recent big name endorsements comes off the heels of his biggest from President Obama including House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz among others. Honda also released a poll last week favoring his re-election and taking shots at Khanna for having “weak,” numbers in his internal poll. The abrasive action is a potential sign of worry from Honda who may fear a defeat at the hands of a young challenger like former Rep. Pete Stark did to Rep. Eric Swalwell in Congressional District 15.

But Honda’s strategy is likely to discourage Khanna from challenging him as he soaks up important endorsements. Although, Khanna did raise $1.2 million last year when he explored challenging Stark in the 15th. Instead he held off for Stark’s rumored retirement in 2014 but to much surprise ended up being defeated by Swalwell. Since then Khanna made a compromise with State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett to take on Honda while she challenges Swalwell in 2014. But since the two met to hammer out this compromise Khanna has yet to officially confirm his challenge to Honda. Insiders say he will likely announce his candidacy within the next month or so.

2 thoughts on “Rep. Honda Gains Feinstein, Boxer’s Backing For Congress In Yet Another Move To Discourage Khanna

  1. By MW:

    In regard to my above comment, Pettit & Martin went out of business about two years after the Gian Luigi Feri incident.

    To give a little history on P & M, in other words the organized crime, embezzling, and money laundering ring that pretended to be a law firm, in the mid 1970's it had approx fifty lawyers, and I believe all in San Francisco. (For more details on that, you can contact Popik, Chapman, White, Joseph, or O'Donnell.)

    Anyway, starting in the early 1980's it began to very rapidly expand, and by the mid or late 1980's it was up to about 250 lawyers. And about that time it even opened up a branch office out of the SF area, if I remember correctly in Los Angeles.

    But then it began to have serious financial troubles, and by about 1990 it had shrunk to about 120 lawyers. Furthermore, the various divisions of P & M became involved in a war with each other, and primarily over how much the lawyers in each division or section should be paid, and with each division naturally thinking it was more valuable and more important than the other divisions, and therefore should have a higher pay scale than the other divisions.

    Furthermore, the lawyers in the SF office were at war with the lawyers in the out of town division, and which if I remember correctly was in Los Angeles, over what should be the pay scales for each city, in other words how the money should be divided up.

    And somewhere along the line a major part of P & M's business became defending employers from lawsuits brought by whistleblowers, a specialty in the legal profession that usually attracts the very sleaziest and most sadistic lawyers.

    And then also add the fact that SF lawyers have far and away the highest rates of drug addiction of the lawyers in any major city, and that lawyers who are drug addicts usually embezzle the money of their clients and former clients so as to get the funds to buy their heroin and cocaine, etc, so it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that lawyers at Pettit & Martin almost certainly embezzled Ferri's money, and especially since profits at P & M were already falling, and the firm was already in serious danger of going out of business even before the Gian Luigi Ferri incident occurred.

    However Dianne Feinstein was already strongly in favor of gun control even before the Gian Luigi Ferri incident occurred. But the GLF incident, and also combined with the fact that lawyers are extremely major sources of election campaign contributions to the Democratic Party, made Feinstein and most of the rest of the Democratic Party bigshots true stooges and puppets on a string for the gun control laws that some, and including lawyers and the California State Bar, wanted.


  2. By MW:

    A few years ago, or to some degree even six months ago, in a situation such as this Feinstein's endorsement would have been worth quite a bit.

    However the general public is finally starting to become aware that she is really nothing but a big windbag (for instance, look at the extremely negative comments readers made about Feinstein related to an article that appeared today in the SF Chronicle concerning the argument she fairly recently had with Senator Ted Cruz), and therefore her endorsement will continue to be worth less every day.

    In fact an article of that type, in other words one that made insulting remarks about Feinstein, her positions in regard to gun control, and her overall level of “intelligence,” would not have even appeared in the Chronicle only a few months ago.

    However ever since 1993 Feinstein had based her vehement support for strong gun control laws primarily on the Gian Luigi Ferri/101 California Street incident – and now it is finally starting to come out, and the Chronicle has become aware of it, that Pettit & Martin, in other words the so called law firm that was the primary object of the Gian Luigi Ferri/101 Cal Street incident, was actually one of the very sleaziest and most sadistic major law firms in the entire country, and a law firm that specialized in trying to harass people and make them explode and make fools of themselves.

    Since Feinstein's first husband, in other words lawyer (and later judge) Jack Berman, she met when they were both co-workers in the San Francisco DA's office, and her daughter is a also a lawyer, it is going to be truly comical when Feinstein tries to protend that she was unaware of the fact that it is standard procedure for lawyers, and especially when they embezzle the money of clients or former clients, to sadistically harass the client or former client and try to get him to explode and make a fool of himself.

    And still furthermore, Pettit & Martin was not only at the very minimum one of the very sleaziest major law firms in the entire country, but in fact probably the very sleaziest major law firm in the entire country.

    NOTE: Barbara Boxer is also a fantatic on gun control. Moreover Boxer's husband and son are not only both lawyers, but furthermore her son, in other words Doug Boxer, is extremely active in the gun control movement, and even travels all over the country, and including regularly to Washington DC, so that he can “educate” everybody, and including members of Congress, concerning the fact that the so called “law” firm” of Pettit & Martin was the victim of gun violence, and even though its lawyers were wonderful and kind human beings of the greatest integrity and who would not have done wrong to anybody.

    More specifically, once the full truth comes out about the extremely sleazy and totally corrupt law firm of Pettit & Martin, a lot of people, and including US Senators Demagogue Phoneystein and Babs Cocker Spaniel, are going to have plenty of egg all over their faces.


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