San Leandro Councilwoman To Run For Alameda County School Superintendent

San Leandro Councilmember Ursula Reed

SAN LEANDRO | Two-term San Leandro Councilwoman Ursula Reed says she intends to run for Alameda County superintendent of schools in 2014.

The current holder of the seat since 1999, Sheila Jordan, is eyeing retirement in two years, making Reed the first potential candidate to replace her.

Reed, who won election to the District 2 San Leandro council seat in 2008, won a tight three-way race for re-election last November over San Leandro school trustee Morgan Mack-Rose decided by ranked choice voting. If elected next year, Reed would only serve half of her second term in office. She says running another office so soon after winning re-election shouldn’t rankle constituents. Instead, they should view it as an opportunity for their children.

“Right now I’m a full-time educator and a full-time politician, so I have to split my life two ways—city and schools,” says Reed, who believes the superintendent job is best suited to her resume. And when it comes to her consituents, she won’t forget where she comes from, she says. “Not only would it make sense for all the kids in Alameda County, but because I have a preference and special allegiance to San Leandro, it could only help the students of San Leandro.”

Sheila Jordan

In addition to her stint on the San Leandro City Council, Reed has been an educator for 27 years, serving as principal of Markham Elementary School and vice principal at Bret Harte Middle School, both in Hayward. She also served a number of different positions at the Oakland Unified School District, including human resources, labor relations and student services.

“I’ve been in education this whole time,” says Reed, who insists she was not thinking of running while Sheila Jordan is seated in the superintendent’s office. Reed says she was first approached by some community groups in Hayward who urged her to contemplate a run for county superintendent of schools. However, in the past few months, Jordan has been rumored to be angling to groom a number of protégé to replace her in 2014.

Running a county-wide race is different and quite costly as opposed to the council races Reed has run in the past and less focused on blanketing the entire county in mailers. Reed says she has tabbed noted East Bay political consultant Doug Linney to run her campaign. Linney, viewed as one of the rising stars in campaign consulting helped Alameda County Superior Court Judge Tara Flanagan win her election to the bench last June without the need of a November runoff.

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  1. Did Mack-Rose husband ask her to leave when he found out she has a boyfriend? Hope he threw her
    a– out. Once a hoe always a hoe.


  2. Doesn't matter how you frame it. Evil is evil.


  3. You Ursula Reed clones are really too much. Nobody in this area, Hayward, knows Mack-Rose or any of the other names you throw out. What has been posted regarding her “educational” employment in HUSD, both past and present, is the truth. None of us would really care if she were contemplating running for some office that was not connected in any way to students and education.


  4. 5:45pm ya right Marga Lacabe Katz. Want to come over and sing Christmas carols? We can sing Silent Night and you can get up and make a fool of yourself, just liked you did when you accused the schools of teaching children religion.
    Then you can tell everyone your a lawyer, when you NEVER passed the bar. The Central Democratic Comm. should have blow you out of the water for your lies! You're nothing but a bully.


  5. The fact is Ursula reed was not a good administrator in Oakland, has not been a good Councilwoman, and was asked not to return to her Hayward administrator job. Now she wants to be County Superintendent? This voter says hell no!


  6. This voter says hell YES!


  7. Our family will never vote for Ursula again. We have voted for her twice and didn't know that she was let go from two jobs and treated a 10 year old as she did. Thank you Ian for telling us your story of mistreatment by Ms. Reed.


  8. oh God not the “good riddens” freak

    or the “bye bye” freak

    seriously?????? get a life.


  9. Ursula will never win a County election with her track record of indecisiveness. She almost became the first San Leandro Councilwoman to lose an election as an incumbent because we have grown weary of her being two-faced. Can't ever believe a word she says, constantly changing her mind, saying one thing and then doing another, etc.


  10. Aqui! Aqui!


  11. Ursula Reed needs a job after June.


  12. Look out there may be a surprise coming about Ms.Reed's future employment.


  13. The surprise would be if anyone hires her again. The other surprise would be if she gets elected to a higher office after being so bad as Councilwoman.


  14. You all can't be fooling yourselves by believing Ian's story. There are three sides to every story.
    Ian's side. Ursula's side. and then, what really happened.

    I refuse to believe Ian was just singing or talking loudly and she 5150d him.


  15. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and it certainly seems Ursula has fooled you! The only 2 people who have used their own names on this blog and that is Ian and his Grandmother which gives a lot of credence to their story.
    Why would they want to call attention to this and themselves if this were not true? They have nothing to gain by coming forward now. Why was Ursula told she was not wanted and let go from her Hayward job? I do not want some one like this to get a higher level job in education that treated a 10 year old like she did. Our family doesn't trust her and will not vote for her!


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