Alameda County To Face Another Year Of Budget Cuts

ALCO BOARD OF SUPERVISORS | Alameda County has been forced to grapple with large budget funding gaps for the past four years. A fifth appears to be on the horizon.“There will be a gap, but we’re still determining what that is,” says Kai Mander, an analyst for the county administrator’s office.

Although the worst, in terms, of triple-digits shortfalls beginning in 2009-10 with a record $177.6 million funding gap are likely in the rearview mirror, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors were still forced last year to close an $88.1 million deficit through continued cuts to staff and services. However, last year’s figure was significant improvement over a crippling $137.9 million shortfall the previous fiscal year.

There are indications this year’s deficit is likely to be more like the 2012-2013 budget than the tortured years of the Great Recession. Alameda County Administrator Susan Muranishi told the board her office is still working with the framework of a directive last December from the Board of Supervisors to include a two percent budget increase for community-based providers. If the guidelines are maintained, it would represent the first funding increase in four years for the fleet of safety net providers crucial for maintaining health and welfare services for a growing number of county residents still reeling from a stagnant local economy and high unemployment.

Also, in response to a question from Supervisor Richard Valle into the direction of coming budget decisions, Mander indicated, at the very least, fewer funding cuts over a year ago, but restoration of cuts from previous years are unlikely.

Mander says the an actual figure for the expecting funding gap could be presented as early as next week and in time for the board to begin reviewing options a week later for balancing its budget before the end of the fiscal year on June 30.

Cuts and More Cuts
FY 2002-03…………..(- 73.9)
FY 2003-04…………..(-155.9)
FY 2004-05…………..(-116.1)
FY 2005-06…………..(- 92.0)
FY 2006-07…………..(- 72.2)
FY 2007-08…………..(- 52.0)
FY 2008-09…………..(- 73.6)
FY 2009-10…………..(-177.6)
FY 2010-11…………..(-152.4)
FY 2011-12…………..(-137.9)
FY 2012-13…………..(- 88.1)
FY 2013-14…………… ?????
Source: Alameda County. (in millions)

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3 replies

  1. Maybe Dick Valley should quit larding out the raises and bonuses to the Nadia team holdovers. He's got a union whore from SEIU on his staff and also Boss Miley's kid. Been known to say I got shitloads of county $$$$ to dole out!


  2. Yeah. Hagggerty was payed shitload of $$$. Nice 'work' if you can get it. County always spend money like going away forever. Annette Baca could tell you how Scott used to use connections for everything he gets. Man just ask about his squeeze from Dublin when redistricting was over. Thought he and certain council woman were going to get hitched and live there. rEally district 4. Made swap with Nate Miley around the edges. Real graftt.


  3. Sell outs. They should reconstruct the way BOS are nominated and elected. Recalls? Some on the take and putting more cronies in power to crunch phony numbers. T-for-tat – don't like that. (like 2 comments above)


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