Rep. Swalwell in 1999. One of the
few times he excelled going to his left.

CONGRESS 15 | Rep. Eric Swalwell once dreamed of playing professional soccer in Europe. That dream ended when he broke both hands while tending goal in college. Having a goaltender with butter fingers is one thing, having one with two broken hands is another.

So, Swalwell turned to politics, a game in which he found success. However, it would have been interesting to see Swalwell use the well-worn line he employed against the 80-year-old Pete Stark about his image and immobility in the English Premier League to argue for taking the place of the aging net minder David Seaman a decade ago.

Regardless, Swalwell’s two world’s came together last week when Politco reported Swalwell was back in net reportedly stopping a penalty kick against fellow Democrat Rep. Chris Von Hollen. The event was put on the U.S. Soccer Federation and pitted a bipartisan group of congress members against 1990s era former U.S. national team members.

In a bit of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington treacly rhetoric, Swalwell told the Web site that before Von Hollen teed up his penalty kick, he told him, “Sir, you’re in the leadership, but I hate losing.”

Swalwell’s feats of strength will continue this summer. Roll Call lists the East Bay representative as likely member of the Democratic Party’s team in the 52nd edition of Congressional Quarterly’s congressional baseball game at Nationals Park.

However, Team DNC may want to keep an eye on the moderate Democrat Swalwell known to play footsie with the other team. Wouldn’t want to see Swalwell conjure the ghost of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and throw the game to the Republicans in a similar fashion to members of the infamous “Black Sox” who rigged the 1919 World Series.

Say it so, Eric?