OAKLAND | Is Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley quietly preparing a run for mayor of Oakland next year? The rumor has dogged him recently, but he says it is “not true.”

“I don’t know who started that rumor, where it started or how it started,” he said Thursday, although he noted people have been talking about it for a few months.

However, Miley said he has interest in the mayor’s office sometime in the future, but just not now. “I wouldn’t rule out running for mayor at some point, but definitely not 2014,” he said.

There are reasons why some think the Miley for mayor speculation may be more than rumor. Miley acolytes have been putting out feelers in his district for possible replacements on the Board of Supervisors.

While the number of people contacted is not known. It is believed to be more than the one public official who told The Citizen last week they were asked questions gauging their future interest in the seat.

If Miley runs and were to win, the next board member would likely be picked through an appointment process similar to the search for Nadia Lockyer’s replacement last year after she resigned from the board. Miley won re-election to the board last June for a fourth term.

In addition, Miley’s recent heated rhetoric towards the leadership in Oakland have some wondering if his words have ulterior motives.

Last January, Miley took issue with Oakland City Hall over struggles between the city and county for potentially sharing the costs of a police academy. “The politics in Oakland have to stop because people are dying,” Miley said. “It’s got to stop because enough is enough.”

During a board meeting last March, Miley again spoke harshly of the leadership in Oakland. “I think Rome is burning,” he said, “I’ve seen it go down the tubes over the years.”

When asked about his recent comments Miley downplayed its meaning. “I feel passionate about Oakland because I live in Oakland.”