Grip And Grins, Big Splashes, Two Old Guys Playing Ping Pong

Michael Dukakis in 1988.

PHOTO-OPS | Michael Dukakis, standing in an Abrams tank with a combat helmet seemingly too big for his head, stands as the low point of all political photo ops. Despite the infamy of the photo taken during the 1988 presidential campaign, it is clear some politicians in the East Bay never learn.

In the past few days, three Bay Area public officials provided some follies in two photos and one splashy video.

Fremont’s affable Mayor Bill Harrison told a local swim operator he could not possibly finish construction of his new facility before this May. Harrison was so convinced it could not be done that he bet the owner he would jump into the new pool with his clothes on if the deadline was beat. The swim center was ready before May and Harrison showed up last Saturday to take a dive. Here’s the photo of the relative small splash that would have made a few Olympic diving judges proud:

Rep. Eric Swalwell’s move to bolster his campaign promise to reach across the aisle in Congress led last week to Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) co-sponsoring his “Main Street Revival” bill (also aimed at shoring up crucial support in Hayward and its moribund downtown).

However, the photo Swalwell tweeted violated two rules of photography–the “grip and grin” and the “execution at dawn.”

Nevermind, that Collins, whose reputation for outrageous comments is reminiscent of Swalwell’s former opponent Pete Stark, the Western New York representative seemed very uncomfortable posing with the East Bay Democrat.

Finally, there was the photo released by Rep. Mike Honda last Friday showing him and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee playing a
game of ping pong at a unspecified fundraiser.

Honda’s “Balls of Fury” moment seems like a unforced error–like a pair of human Muppets dueling with paddles–while Ro Khanna’s Dream Team of Obama campaign handlers dream up a biting, but
devastating meme out of the stunt.

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  1. The photos politicians take shaking someones hand is so god damn ridiculous, it's borderline narcissistic and very insincere! How about a smile and move on? Pathetic, Hollywood has enough actors!


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