Fired Chief Of Staff Accuses Alameda County Supervisor Of Major Corruption

ALAMEDA COUNTY BOS//LAWSUIT | Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty directed county employees to work on his re-election campaign instead of doing their jobs, used the county sheriff to cover-up an alleged arrest and received numerous kickbacks in return for his support, says his former chief of staff in an explosive lawsuit filed in Alameda County Superior Court.

Chris Gray, Haggerty’s chief of staff for 16 years, says he was fired after confronting his boss with the long list of allegations contained in the 28-page lawsuit. In addition, Gray alleges discrimination, retaliation, harassment, along with violations of various labor laws and whistleblower protections.

Fired in the summer of 2012 sometime after a lengthy leave of absence for medical reasons, Gray says in the lawsuit he was terminated after alleging Haggerty was double-billing the county for vehicle miles.

A previously reported allegation by Gray that Haggerty greased the sale of county surplus land in Livermore to developer John Wong in return for the purchase of Haggerty’s home is also included in the lawsuit. Additionally, Gray asserts Wong was directed to buy the home at Haggerty’s insistence and his preferred asking price despite failing to attract any interest from other perspective buyers.

Most explosive of all is allegations Haggerty instructed his county staff to work on his re-election campaign on the taxpayers’ dime. The allegation is a direct violation of state campaign laws. In the lawsuit, Gray alleges county staff was told to “forego their county work duties and instead perform many hours of work on Mr. Haggerty’s re-election campaign.”

It is not clear which or how many campaigns his staff may have been asked to work, but Haggerty’s was unopposed during his last re-election campaign in June 2012. Haggerty has declined to discuss the lawsuit.

Gray also claims Haggerty used the Alameda County Sheriffs’ Association to cover up an assault charge filed against him by a woman across the bay and most salacious of all that he used a county computer to watch pornography, reportedly including an X-rated video of former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer briefly posted on The Citizen last year.

Gray is seeking lost wages of $110,000 annually plus benefits and reinstatement to his job, along with damages.

In addition, the lawsuit accuses Haggerty of extorting interest-free loans from Gray and others, sought kickbacks in return for his support, bought his children a “pig trailer” with taxpayers’ money and used sports and concert tickets at the Coliseum to entertain potential clients for his trucking company. Haggerty is a long-time member of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority, the government body that oversees the publicly-owned facilities.

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38 replies

  1. So…… where can we get that video?




  3. This is the tip of the iceberg. He is still doing dirty land deals today. Check it out. “You don't know me!”


  4. Boy did he do harm to Annette Bacca, a former staffer. She endured sexual harassment like crazy. Shawn Wilson is a hella stooge for Scott who knows it ALL! Two of them talk shit like going out of style. I know. I work on first floor of building.


  5. Hey Gray, how long have you known that this was going on with Haggerty before your conscience kicked in? And, didn't this stuff go on when you worked with your previous boss, Ed Cambell? You are just as dirty as they were. You benefitted on your job in many, many ways including free tickets to see our pro teams in action, concerts, free access and other benefits associated with the county fair. And now your going to complain. Man up and handle life and all that comes with it and stop playing the victim. F'ing parasite you got what you deserved.


  6. By MW:

    I have been in situations in which before being given a full job interview, first they give a quick and cursory preliminary screening interview so as to decide which applicants seem to have at least the miniumum qualifications, and are therefore worth the time to be given a serious look.

    And in addition to Haggerty, some of the “all stars” and “great ones” that Alameda County has had as elected officials in recent years have also included Mary Hayashi and Nadia Lockyer.

    So my question is: Before being allowed to even get on the ballot to run for election to become an elected official in AC, does the Board of Elections first do an investigation to confirm that the applicant is a crook, nitwit, or idiot?


  7. Heard that Shawn Wilson was broughtt on cause he could get Scott in at strip clubs. They been seen together around. Wish I cuold get a eezee job like dat. Pimpn!


  8. Whored dat!


  9. Don't be hatin' on Scott. You know we all were watching Nadia's video at work.


  10. Wasn't there a story on here recent about rats at the Coliseum? Any of them look like Haggerty?


  11. Chris is full of shit. He gets fired and now all the Dirthy shit he did he wants to expose. If he worked on political campaigns and he got paid by county he should be prosecuted. Fucking thief.


  12. Chris might be full of shit and gotten what he deserved, but those of us in the first district know Scott is the BIG SHIT behind it. As a Livermore resident, I know that it's high time that he and his crew go down for doing the taxpayers wrong for the last 17 years. Nice try to deflect from Haggerty's dirty ways by making it all about Chris, Shawn Wilson.

    Scott and his crew need to go down for all the shit they've done.


  13. By MW:

    It was two or three weeks ago that Haggerty gave his, “You Don't Know Me” speech.

    However I suspect, and least largely due to Chris Gray, that we will learn a lot more about Haggerty.

    And if we do learn a lot more about Haggerty, I hope that District Attorney Nancy O'Malley will do something concrete with the information we learn about Haggerty, and instead of being like her predecessor, and who always made sure that any “investigation” of any of the big boys and the politically connected was actually: one, nothing but a whitewash and a coverup; and two, turned into an attempt to punish and retaliate against the whistleblowers.


  14. I for one will like the District Attorney to investigate Chris for his own personal dealings have much dirt….


  15. So this Chris Gray worked for The Supervisor for 17 years, gets fired and he cries like a little bitch about being fired? He became a whistleblower and grew a conscience after being fired? I call B.S. on Chris Gray he wants the taxpayers to pay for a settlement? Prosecute him and any others involved on any wrong doing.


  16. That means Haggerty and his whole staff.


  17. Chris worked for Supervisor Ed Campbell for 11 years. Not a hint of impropriety. Even now, 20 years later, Campbell ranks with Gail Steele and Joe Bort as having offices above reproach, true people's representatives.

    Then Ed retires in 96, Gray and Gilcrest walk for a full year,each knocking on over 20,000 doors, and Haggerty jumps from Fremont Planning Commissioner whose only experience was a loss to Liz Figueroa in 94 to County Supervisor. He thinks he's Superman.
    So the spendaholic with no impulse control begins to run amok.

    His barbeque brings in 75k a year in donations, he has never been challenged for reelection, yet how nuch does he have left? 460's are public records, take a look.

    So when his own money isnt enough, he looks for ways to supplement it. For years his kids have raised animals, usually pigs, to sell at the county fair. For years Scott has strongarmed his supporters to buy his kids animals. For years his kid's animals have sold for 8-10 times the per pound price of other animals in the auction.

    Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison has always been Haggerty's treasurer. Listen closely when Bill is on the stand and is asked how many times he heard Chris advise Scott that this was illegal, and to stop doing it. People may stonewall the press for Scott, but noone will perjure themselves for him.

    Bank records show he repeatedly borrowed money from Chris to pay his mortgage. How ethical is that? Was there coersion involved?

    But Chris is just an employee, he'd never do something like that to his own family. When Scott's mother died, her house was supposed to be split equally between Scott, his brother Mike, and his sister Leanne. Scott had borrowed so heavily against the house that he'd blown through his portion and encumbered his brother and sister's inheritance, so he couldn't sell the house because he didn't have enough in other assets to make up what he owed them.

    There are lots of people, from labor to community groups to businessmen, who have dealt with the Supervisorial office for a number of years. You will be amazed at the parade of them who will testify that since Chris left the entire demanor of the office has become blatently quid pro quo.

    One of the other things that Chris failed to get Scott to stop doing was telling lobbyists “Blackmail is illegal, except in politics”. When the lobbyists complained to Chris, and there will be witnesses testifying to this, the most frequent comment was “Why does he insist on saying that in front of my client?”

    Scott is his own person. But maybe when this scandal on top of others starts people thinking abour term limits for supervisors, his colleagues will finally distance themselves, and his days of forcing his staff to answer questions like “on penalty of death, who would you rather do, Wilma Chan or Gail Steele?” will come to an end.


  18. By MW:

    According to 12:25AM, pigs are sold at the County fair. That comment gave me an idea.

    In other words, I am going to rent a big truck and put most the local very overpaid pigs, er, excuse me, I mean lawyers and politicians, in it, but rather than selling them at our own local County fair, instead I will drive them to a county fair in some place two or three thousand miles away from the Bay area and sell them for a price of one penny each or best offer.

    In other words if no one will give me even only one penny each for them, I will be willing to sell them even for only one penny per dozen – or even pay someone to take them.


  19. so let me get this straight….because chris helped get haggerty elected 16 years ago he is entitled to just sit at his desk and not do a damn thing while the other staff picks up his slack while being paid a lot less than him? Sounds like people should be more upset with chris for ripping the county off for all those years.

    I've heard stories from county employees that chris used to sleep at his desk when people would come in his office they would stand around and laugh at him because it was a common thing. Chris was the laughing stock of all the supervisors staff. So what do people expect haggerty to do when he has a staff member who is an embarrassment to him and his office? Fire him.

    Someone should look into chris' involvment in real estate fraud after losing his house and then having an immediate family member purchase it for way less than he owed. total fraud. SOmeone should also check into chris helping his girlfriend commit welfare fraud in santa clara county.

    chris gray is the exact type of government employee that gives all government employees a bad name…..lazy, made too much money, sat there and clicked off the days until retirenment, sense of entitlement,used hi position to influence personal debt problems ect…

    For whatever haggerty might be, chris is NOT EVEN close to being clean.


  20. It is very troubling to me that a former aide to an elected official would try to sue that official once he was fired. But failed to mention anything while he was working for him. In addition, he stayed there working, or somewhat working, for over 15 years..and never said anything? That's a little fishy to me. Also, I think it is a little suspicious that the Aide is now using all forums to publicly ridicule his former boss and his former coworkers. I think, it says a lot about a persons integrity when one would go to such extremes to burn any future job and any relationships he may have had with his co workers.
    I find this story to be appalling on many accounts, but more on the side of a guy, who is suspected of being lazy, and we all know how hard it is to get fired from a County position, this does not meet my smell test at all


  21. They should look into illegal dealing of Mr. Gray borrowing and cashing out serious money (over $500k) in cash. Then letting the back take the house and he purchasing the house back for pennies on the dollar. Chris is a crook. A total fraud. Beware of crook accusing other of being bad. I hope to be on that jury. I would send him home with zero, nothing, nada.


  22. News flash for Wilson, you have no staff. You and the other aides all work for Boss Haggerty. Need to remember that. Your ego is already too inflated.

    Whether Gray got what he deserved, he probably did, is for the courts to decide. But make no mistake, Scott and his minions are about as clean as stink on a skunk.

    As someone who has watched from the sidelines in Livermore, Haggerty is way too corrupt not to go down. This more than passes the 'stink' test. Let's empanel the Alameda County Grand Jury and let the chips fall where they may.


  23. By MW:

    In regard to the above post of 9:36AM, and which is either from Shawn Wilson or from someone pretending to be him.

    Anyway, that post makes reference to the court system and sort of hints that the supposed best and proper way to “determine” the “facts” is through the court system, so therefore supposedly it would be best for everybody that Chris Gray skip the media, and instead let the court system, and only the court system, “determine” the “facts.”

    HA HA, HA HA, HA HA HA!!!!

    Actually, the court system is great for crooks, scumbags, weasels, and pathological liars who have a lot of money, and can therefore defeat their opponents in a financial battle of attrition. However, usually the court system is the enemy of the facts, the truth, justice, whistleblowers, and the little guy.

    So some years ago when the County Counsel's office tried to trump up something against me for my “crimes” of telling the truth and embarassing some of the big boys, and then one of the lawyers in the County Counsel's office even came right out and told me that she did not care whether or not the report produced by one of their “experts” was correct or not, BUT SINCE THEY HAD THAT REPORT, AND WHICH WAS NOTHING BUT A PIECE OF LIES AND GARBAGE, they therefore were going to use it, and were NOT going to have it done over again by someone who was honest and competent, I therefore told her I would give them a ton of publicity. And it was obvious that the last thing the pathological liars with law licenses in the County Counsel's office wanted was a lot more publicity.

    So, and lo behold, that liar and corrupt backroom fixer with a law license decided she had no choice but to have the report done over again, and this time by someone who was not their total stooge and puppet on a string, and since I had made it obvious that if she and/or her “experts” lied in court, I would give them so much publicity that they would have been exposed as the total clowns and professional pathological liars they were.


  24. By MW:

    It looks like the post of 9:36AM has been removed, and I assume since it did not seem to have any major purpose other than to intimidate people into not posting any comments insulting to Haggerty and his team.


  25. The part that I love is that amongst the things Gray is seeking is reinstatement to his job. Yes, after all these charges and dirty water under the bridge it would be…interesting to see Gray working with Haggerty again. Bygones and all that, right?


  26. If there are so many comments why is there no opposition at election time. Lots of good comments!! I sure hate to see elections go unopposed. Let's at least have another candidate run. Anyone out there. This “job” went from about 30k per year in '96 to $230k now. Who votes on their pay…


  27. I vote for Frank Imhof. Oh wait, he was involved with Scott in that scandal out at the fair grounds a few years back. Something about killing a steer in cold storage, and he's still on county commissions.


  28. The supervisors voted years ago to tie their pay to judges pay, so they never have to vote on it again. Whenever the judges get a raise, so do the supervisors.


  29. I think these Anonymous people sure have alot to say. Guess it will play out in court


  30. Scott and Gray are both dirty as hell.


  31. I am not shocked that county staffers were also working for the campaign during county work hours. Prior to working for Haggerty, Shawn Wilson was COS for Alice Lai-Bitker and was known for doing the exact same thing there.


  32. By MW:

    Concerning the allegation of 4:55PM.

    I did not realize that Shawn Wilson would have had time to even think about engaging in election campaigning during office hours while he was working in Alice Lai Bitker's office, since he always seemed to be so busy thinking of ways to invent “reasons” to support: one, having medical marijuana clinics in Alameda County: and two, the pathological liars in the Public Works Agency.


  33. Gray and Haggerty are 2 peas in the same pod. They both violated the voters trust in government. It's ironic to see them now attack one another. It takes one to know one, definitely applies here.


  34. Everything I see written about Scott is absolutely true. I wonder if the tax payers also picked up the tab for all the superbowl games out of town, vacation to Hawaii and the cabin in the mountains.


  35. funny how Scott bought his house in Dublin (he is required to live in the district he serves and at the time DID NOT include Livermore) and then SOMEHOW , his district is “remapped” to include Dublin…..someone should look into that…… ?????


  36. I think it was because he was engaged to his “sweetie” Kasie H. and intended to remain in Dublin. Something smells fishy to me ??????


  37. Nancy O'malley IS the biggest boy of them all. Why else could she possibly have been appointed?


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