ALCO BOARD OF SUPERVISORS//GRAY LAWSUIT | The office of Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty was a den of masculine sexual bravado and hostility towards women, including against those who served with him on the Board of Supervisors, says his former chief of staff, in court documents.

Haggerty, according to the lawsuit filed by Chris Gray in Alameda County Superior Court, routinely posed questions of sexual fantasy to his staff, regularly commented on women’s breast sizes and openly watched and displayed pornographic materials on county-issued computers.

In some cases, Haggerty even referred to the sexual attributes of the women he served with on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. As reported last week, Haggerty was accused of watching the infamous sex tapes of former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer at work, which was briefly linked on this new site, but Gray says Haggerty once posed a hypothetical question regarding a preference between other female supervisors, among others, in a game of “Who would you fuck?”

“Who would you fuck?” Gray alleges in the lawsuit, “Wilma Chan or Gail Steele?” Chan is the current District 3 county supervisor and Steele is the long-time District 2 supervisor who retired in 2010.

Other iterations of the line of questioning also included, “Choose [who you would fuck] or die,” and “I would do [fuck] her and her and her,” Gray alleges Haggerty saying.

Gray, in addition, alleges Haggerty often openly speculated about various women’s bra size and their sexual orientation. “Mr. Haggerty often admitted that when he spoke to females, he could not stop staring at their breasts,” says Gray, in the lawsuit.

Descriptions of a testosterone-infused work place go further, according the lawsuit, where inappropriate photographs of women were proffered by the supervisor. “While on work premises and time, Mr. Haggerty repeatedly and regularly displayed photographs and videos of naked and scantily-clad women that he obtained,” says the lawsuit. “Mr. Haggerty would regularly call over Plaintiff [Gray] and other males to view these photographs and videos and listen to Mr. Haggerty’s sexual commentary about the women.”

In the lawsuit, Gray asserts he was terminated in June 2012 after detailing Haggerty’s alleged transgressions to county counsel. Gray says upon his return from a medical leave of absence due to sleep apnea and diabetes, his day-to-day dealings were extensively scrutinized by Haggerty and his staff. Eventually, Gray was dismissed after 27 years as a chief of staff in Alameda County for using the Internet for his own personal use during work hours.