Lawsuit Alleges Haggerty Posed His Male Staff Questions Of Sexual Fantasy

ALCO BOARD OF SUPERVISORS//GRAY LAWSUIT | The office of Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty was a den of masculine sexual bravado and hostility towards women, including against those who served with him on the Board of Supervisors, says his former chief of staff, in court documents.

Haggerty, according to the lawsuit filed by Chris Gray in Alameda County Superior Court, routinely posed questions of sexual fantasy to his staff, regularly commented on women’s breast sizes and openly watched and displayed pornographic materials on county-issued computers.

In some cases, Haggerty even referred to the sexual attributes of the women he served with on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. As reported last week, Haggerty was accused of watching the infamous sex tapes of former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer at work, which was briefly linked on this new site, but Gray says Haggerty once posed a hypothetical question regarding a preference between other female supervisors, among others, in a game of “Who would you fuck?”

“Who would you fuck?” Gray alleges in the lawsuit, “Wilma Chan or Gail Steele?” Chan is the current District 3 county supervisor and Steele is the long-time District 2 supervisor who retired in 2010.

Other iterations of the line of questioning also included, “Choose [who you would fuck] or die,” and “I would do [fuck] her and her and her,” Gray alleges Haggerty saying.

Gray, in addition, alleges Haggerty often openly speculated about various women’s bra size and their sexual orientation. “Mr. Haggerty often admitted that when he spoke to females, he could not stop staring at their breasts,” says Gray, in the lawsuit.

Descriptions of a testosterone-infused work place go further, according the lawsuit, where inappropriate photographs of women were proffered by the supervisor. “While on work premises and time, Mr. Haggerty repeatedly and regularly displayed photographs and videos of naked and scantily-clad women that he obtained,” says the lawsuit. “Mr. Haggerty would regularly call over Plaintiff [Gray] and other males to view these photographs and videos and listen to Mr. Haggerty’s sexual commentary about the women.”

In the lawsuit, Gray asserts he was terminated in June 2012 after detailing Haggerty’s alleged transgressions to county counsel. Gray says upon his return from a medical leave of absence due to sleep apnea and diabetes, his day-to-day dealings were extensively scrutinized by Haggerty and his staff. Eventually, Gray was dismissed after 27 years as a chief of staff in Alameda County for using the Internet for his own personal use during work hours.

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  1. I forget, what is Chris Gray asking for?
    Money? From who? The county or Haggerty?

    Of course, he can prove each of these allegations, right.

    Most of it is just yawn material.
    Are we supposed to believe this created a workplace environment where Chris Gray's mental and physical health was harmed?

    From another article
    “Gray alleges that he was fired for being a whistleblower and was also discriminated against because of his age and medical issues that included sleep apnea and diabetes.”

    So he is 56, has sleep apnea and diabetes.
    Can we assume from the dual condition of apnea and diabetes that he is most likely obese?
    And that Haggerty is responsible for his excess weight?

    Seems like Gray is casting about and quite willing to throw in the kitchen sink.

    Haggerty may be a dislikeable human, but seems like Gray found him OK for 16 years. Now he wants money and suddenly Haggerty is all bad.


  2. Hardly yawn material, but yes hard to prove. Anybody that knows Haggerty is aware none of these accusations are surprising.


  3. I think age discrimination, disability discrimination and implied sexual harassment and voyeurism should NOT be present in people making such important decisions for the county (and deciding the future of many citizens) and there should be a character test before people are allowed into office – can he be impreached ? He is State and a Bully! Hopefully Chan & Valle can 'class' up the board as much as they can.


  4. Women have been playing this game for awhile. Who would you f–k? Haggerty or a sack of sh-t!


  5. I know Haggerty, and while I can't say that I ever encountered him doing or saying these things, it would be totally in keeping with his lack of character.

    The guy has never had respect for anyone, including himself. Gray is by no means clean, but this is definitely the Scott I know.


  6. I have played those games with my manly friends…who the hell cares? Maybe Chris should of came out of the closet sooner. Now it is making sense, Haggerty dislikes, obese, gay men that pretend to pay for hookers in Reno.
    Go get em Hags! I say..down with the gay pride and the fat lazy people!


  7. “sex tapes of former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer at work, which was briefly linked on this new site, but Gray …”

    Sorry, Steve. You kept them up loooong after news shelf life in a meanspirited, punative way.


  8. Doesn't change the fact that Haggerty is still a lying, dirty, chauvinistic piece of crap.


  9. I say they were briefly linked because a link has two sides. YouTube pulled the videos after about three days. What you see now are two screen shots and they were not “kept up” as you say. If you're referring to the presence of the link to that story on the right hand side of the front page, that feature is not created by me, but by readers continuing to click on it thereby making it the “most popular.”


  10. Lets say the county cuts a deal with Gray and gets his money, then what? Do we still have to keep listening to Haggerty go on and on?


  11. The issues with Gray is that is also a lying son of a bitch. You can ask him mother, she would confirm. This guy has balls to make the allegations and ask the taxpayer to reinstate him to his job? Where he was injured and traumatized. Crazy.


  12. By MW:

    I had never until very recently heard comments regarding Haggerty as to him supposedly having engaged in sexual harassment or regularly making improper sexual remarks.

    However for a long time I have felt there was an air of sleaze about him (for instance for years I have been hearing comments about him supposedly having been involved in all sorts of financial shenanigans) that even exceeded the sleaze that for years I have suspected in regard to Nate Miley.

    QUESTION: But how does Alameda County get such clowns and jokers as Haggerty, Mary Hayashi, and Nadia Lockyer, etc, in high ranking positions in government!!!!

    In other words, does the Board of Elections refuse to allow a person on the ballot unless he or she can first present absolute proof of being a crook, a nitwit, or an idiot!!!


  13. Of course, he's going to act like this. In 16 years, he's never faced a contested election. Nobody has ever forced him to own up to actions. He was appointed to the seat and never answered to anybody. Everything about him is undemocratic.


  14. I for one voted for him and will keep him around. That is just a fact from the District. We like politicians that get results. He has and he will continue to do so. Like it or not Scott is here to stay and if you have issues run for office. You will see how hard is to keep voters happy.


  15. Apologist for graft, corruption, and breaking the law. Oh my!


  16. You're an anonymous idiot.


  17. The You're an anonymous idiot comment was in reference to the following message and to the closed minded creep who wrote it.

    Anonymous says: May 13, 2013 at 6:44 PM Reply I have played those games with my manly friends…who the hell cares? Maybe Chris should of came out of the closet sooner. Now it is making sense, Haggerty dislikes, obese, gay men that pretend to pay for hookers in Reno.
    Go get em Hags! I say..down with the gay pride and the fat lazy people!


  18. Haggerty has been screwing the County for years and Chris Gray has been complicity helping him till he got fired.


  19. But it's really great sh-t, Mrs. Presky!


  20. So when do we think Haggerty resigns? Before or after the end of the year.

    Shawn Wilson, better polish up that resume, dude.


  21. I will bet that he does not resign, he runs again and wins.


  22. Before of after the grand jury indictment?


  23. Haggerty is toast!


  24. One of the “gay agenda recent victories was established when homosexual autoworkers were successful in coercing the UAW management to quietly slip their gay and lesbian partners into the autoworkers benefit package…These same-sex gay and lesbian people had nothing to do with the auto industry and didn't work for the companies or earn these benefits.


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