OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | Oakland Councilman Larry Reid has withdrawn an item from next week’s agenda asking for an outside auditor to look into allegations made against him and Councilmember Desley Reid by the city’s own auditor.

Oakland City Auditor Courtney Ruby, in a statement Wednesday afternoon, said Council President Pat Kernighan has also withdrawn an item to discuss the charges laid out her report issued in March.

In the audit, Ruby’s office accused Brooks of violating the city charter’s non-interference laws on 12 separate occasions and Reid in two other incidents pertaining to a construction contract for the Oakland Army Base.

Kernighan cited the council’s heavy workload, including on-going budget and labor discussions and instability at the Oakland Police Department, as reasons for placing the item to a side burner.

“While I recognize the City Council’s priorities at this time, the issues identified in this report are critical to moving Oakland forward,” said Ruby. “I will keep you posted when the President re-introduces this item for discussion at the City Council.”

Despite non-action by the council following the scathing report, Councilmember Noel Gallo broached the subject during a meeting two weeks ago. Gallo called for the city auditor to answer council questions over the allegations and allow for greater transparency in the matter.

Critics of Ruby have consistently charged Ruby with engaging in a political vendetta against certain council members. In the meantime, political insiders in the Democratic Party, continue to insist Ruby has recently shown interest in running for mayor next year.