List Of Possible Challengers To Oakland Mayor Quan Begins To Emerge

Left-right: Bryan Parker, Gilda Gonzales,
Joe Tuman, Courtney Ruby.

OAKLAND//MAYOR 2014 | Even the though the 2014 election season in Oakland is over a year away that doesn’t preclude potential candidates from starting early. Not only is attracting local community support important, but more importantly, those who wait too long risk losing out on hiring the cream of the crop when it comes to political strategists.

It’s why San Leandro Councilmember Ursula Reed dove head first into running for Alameda County superintendent of schools next year. Reed’s hired the services of Doug Linney, possibly the best political consultant in the East Bay.

It’s also why the number of challengers for Oakland Mayor Jean Quan’s is quickly rising.

This week, Port of Oakland Commissioner Bryan Parker launched an exploratory campaign for mayor. Parker, who incidentally, was appointed by Quan to the Port last summer, unveiled a splashy, well-done introductory YouTube video.

Parker is vice president for a leading kidney dialysis company who may attempt to tailor his message to the city’s growing demographic of young professionals with money to burn. However, there is already chatter among Alameda County Democrats the treasonous nature of running against Quan is fostering distrust over his motives.

Others reportedly showing interest, include another Port of Oakland President Gilda Gonzales, a former chief of staff under former Mayor Jerry Brown and activist Joe Tuman, who finished fourth in 2010.

The other possible challenger is Oakland City Auditor Courtney Ruby. Although the Oakland City Council led by Councilmember Pat Kernighan withdrew scheduled discussions of Ruby’s controversial 14 alleged violations of the city charter by Councilmembers Desley Brooks and Larry Reid, the issue of wrongdoing still exists.

Regardless of, if or when, the issue returns to the council, Ruby is undoubtedly positioning herself as the candidates of those who feel corruption in Oakland has run amok.

One high-profile name you won’t see running for mayor in 2014, according to Democratic insiders, is Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan.

29 thoughts on “List Of Possible Challengers To Oakland Mayor Quan Begins To Emerge

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  2. Kaplan may be “smart,” but that's not the same thing as being a good leader or a competent manager. Sure, she speaks the language of urban planning and has been to law school. She's excellent evidence for the proposition that multiple college degrees show a lack of focus rather than a high degree of ability. Perhaps her claim to fame is her work on “medical marijuana” which actually supplies much of the recreational and blackmarket MJ distribution in N. California. And which has produced drug houses in most of Oakland's neighborhoods where addicts, dealers and shooters like to hang out. Not to mention annoy their neighbors with abundant bad behavior.

    Unfortunately Libby Schaaf is no better than Quan, who is in many ways Schaaf's mentor. Schaaf shows signs of intelligence, but she got her practical political education as a Council staffer so she plays Oakland political games to a T. She invariably avoids telling the truth about complex problems; she does not understand planning or management, or leadership or, really, how good government works. Schaaf is, sadly, just another of the sad crowd that has occupied City Hall for a couple of decades.


  3. What a lazy blogger you are–you're a talker but not a doer. You probably don't even live in Oakland. BYE


  4. Oh my, you're gonna vote for her and you can't even spell out three simple accomplishments.

    Sorry, but I don't have to go chasing through her website so that she can tout all the great stuff she is doing.

    All I have to do is read the news and see that she has done very little to lead Oakland out of the mess its been in the entire time she has been in office.

    We get the drift. She, together with Jean Quan, Ignacio De La Fuente, and other long time members have shown no skill or creativity in solving the problems. Things are worse now then before she was elected.
    No leadership, no viable direction or plans.

    When I ask, you want me to hunt around for proof of what you've taken as fact.
    Sorry, you'll have to do better than that.



  5. I'm not going to do your homework for you–google her and go to her website and you will find dozens of things she has done.


  6. I don't “prefer” any of them, nor Kaplan.
    The do not constitute the universe of potential candidates.

    But, still feel free to list the three ways in which she has improved Oakland in her past 5 years on the city council.


    Please feel free to add in more than three items.


  7. Go to their websites and then tell me who you prefer. Do a little homework will you! I've googled them all and if Kaplan runs, I'll vote for her.


  8. Yes, anyone can see how smart Kaplan is. That is why she has made such a impact on the direction Oakland has taken over the past five years.

    Please point out how Kaplan has improved Oakland's present or future prospects with her visionary thinking and leadership.


    Please feel free to add more than three items.


  9. Kaplan is twice as smart as anyone else on the city council or anyone else who is thinking of running!


  10. More decline in Oakland if Kaplan runs and wins.
    She is too tied to the current city council and even to Quan.
    Quan, De La Fuente, and Kapland, all part of the mess, unable to fashion solutions.


  11. Parker's video appeal missed the boat by about 9 months and a few drive-by killings of children. Not even hipsters like Oakland for it's edginess or grittiness these days. Unreal to hear those phrases to a background of tinkling wine glasses.

    As for any candidate appealing to young professionals with money to burn as you put it, Oakland isn't Woodside or Los Altos or even SF. The young techies who recently moved here haven't shown the slightest inclination to back any Oakland politician. As for them burning money, haven't seen much of that either unless you call buying homes for cash or $3 donuts money burning.


  12. If Libby Schaaf wanted to risk a run, she could beat Quan. But she may want to play the waiting game, thinking Quan will retire in 2018. However, then she'll face another council member and perhaps someone else.

    Strike while the iron is hot and people are sick of Quan. Do what Swalwell did when he took out Stark.

    Quan has had such a bad run and she has so little charisma, that a well run campaign with a upbeat theme could chase Quan and her sclerotic doomed history out of town.

    Sure, Quan would pander to the public employee unions, but she is so distained by the general public that I think she'd be tossed.
    I don't think even the Asian community likes Quan as a person.

    As for local politicians, who cares about Quan enough to do more than a casual endorsement.
    Perhaps former assemblymember Sandre Swanson “might” have to endorse her since she hired him.
    Its not as though a future endorsement by Quan would help anyone get elected. It could even hurt.

    Hard to imagine anyone in Oakland who has a less favorable rating than Quan.
    Perhaps Deborah Edgerly for those who still remember.


  13. I got it. Richard Valle should move to Oakland and run for mayor. Viva Ricardo Valle!


  14. Doug Linney has been very successful in getting candidates elected and ballot initiatives passed. Look it up!


  15. Linney?! You're smoking what he's smoking. He did a bang up job for Tomi Van Der Brook in Contra costa for the same level office. And how are you measuring consultants? wins?


  16. Shoot, Oakland should do better then this group. You got to be kidding me. Chuck Reed sounds good right now.


  17. How about we talk Chuck Reed into relocating to Oakland.
    Clear speaking, responsible, math enabled, leader, not beholden to the city unions.

    Its not just that Quan is so incompetent, but she isn't even likeable.


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