Corbett Bill Treating E-Cigarettes Like Tobacco Products Passes State Senate

Blu e-cigarettes

STATE SENATE | Although not yet as ubiquitous as regular cigarettes, nor as unpleasant to the nose as a burning pack of Marlboros, e-cigarettes are growing in popularity. Yet, although both devices are nicotine-delivery systems, the rolled variety is well-regulated, while the other is not.

A bill that would regulate e-cigarettes, plastic devices similar to conventional cigarettes that use smoke-less nicotine cartridges, passed the State Senate, 21-10, Friday. Today is the final day of the Legislative calendar for bills to pass through the house of origin or remain in suspense for the next year.

SB 648, authored by State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett, regulates e-cigarettes sold in California, but also places conditions on their use in public spaces similar to other smoke-free bans on cigarettes.

“We must always stand on the side of public health since we still do not yet fully understand the safety of chemicals present in e-cigarette vapors or when nicotine itself leaks from the products,” said Corbett. “It simply makes sense to regulate e-cigarettes as a tobacco product when they are already prohibited in many public spaces.”

This is not the first time Corbett has taken aim at e-cigarettes in the senate. Two years ago, Corbett’s  bill seeking to rid independent vendors of e-cigarettes from selling to minors, with penalties, was signed into law. Some cartridges for e-cigarettes are flavored with fruity flavors some critics charge is a veiled effort to market the burgeoning devices to children.

Amtrak has a ban on their use on trains and the Navy prohibits e-cigarettes in submarines, says Corbett’s office, and the U.S. Department of Transportation is proposing a ban aboard airplanes.

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  1. So how much money has Corbett taken from the Tobacco Industry? They love the idea that their competition is facing the same regulations. Can't let BIg E-Cig get the upper hand.


  2. Hope it becomes law. How are police suppose to distinguish between people smoking e-cigs and the real thing? They might not produce smoke, but there's a vapor.


  3. So there's a vapor? If I breathe out on a cold day, my breath produces vapor. So what? When do you want to outlaw diet soda? It doesn't have the sugar of the original which promotes obesity, but hey… it looks just the same and is used for the same purpose. Let's outlaw diet soda. Why don't you get a life and stop trying to control everyone else's behavior?


  4. I am with the law but no disrespect some people who are addicted to smoking need this electronic cigarette. Little vapor is better than a huge cloud of smoke.Think about it.


  5. Finally, it contains Nicotine which is the primary ingredient of the traditional cigarette which can also be give health problems when taken in excess.
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