NLRB Sides With Oakland Airport Workers Harrassed For Union Activities

OAKLAND AIRPORT//LABOR | The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has found that multiple restaurants at Oakland International Airport violated federal labor laws, including firing employees for trying to organize a union, interrogating workers about union activities, and cutting the hours of union employees.

The restaurants in question included the same ones — Subway and Jamba Juice — that investigators for the Port of Oakland said had violated the port’s living wage ordinance. The NLRB also found that the airport Burger King franchise, owned by Alimson Restaurants, unlawfully interrogated employees and denied a promotion to an employee because of that person’s union affiliation…


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  1. More good news for working people here. Employers who break the laws must be held accountable. It would be good if some of the more egregious lawbreakers went to the slammer for a while. At the very least, they must be compelled to act lawfully. The problem with much of current labor law is that the punishments are so feeble that employers often view these penalties as a cost they can bear in order to illegally prevent workers from organizing to protect their rights and enforce wage ordinances.


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