Hayward Superintendent Candidate Attempted To Withdraw Last Week

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD | Stan Dobbs, the top candidate chosen last week by the Hayward school board to become the city’s next school superintendent attempted to withdraw his name from consideration, according to sources familiar with his decision.

The five-member school board voted, 4-1, on June 8 to appoint Dobbs interim superintendent likely to replace Dr. Donald Evans, who accepted the job as superintendent in Berkeley last month. School board member Dr. Luis Reynoso was the lone no vote.

Dobbs was previously the school district’s former assistant superintendent in charge of the business department before leaving last November to become chief financial officer for the San Diego Unified School District.

Sources tell The Citizen, although Dobbs withdrew his name fully from consideration as late as last Friday, he was talked off the edge of the cliff. The school board meets in closed session Tuesday afternoon at its district offices to discuss the terms of Dobbs’ contract.

In addition, Dobbs reportedly claimed he was being harassed by unnamed parties following his appointment as part of the rationale for momentarily dropping out of consideration. He also balked about potential compensation.

Although Dobbs has no previous experience as a school superintendent, a source says he expected compensation in line with Evans, who earned an annual salary of nearly $230,000, but did not receive such an offer.

Shane Bond contributed to this article.

14 thoughts on “Hayward Superintendent Candidate Attempted To Withdraw Last Week

  1. Tavares do a salary review of the classified non degree holding people in Hayward that have 6 figure salaries! Don't get made when Dobbs wants his cut!!!


  2. hmmm … and ACSA says an administrative credential is not required for a superintendent.

    Only in Hayward schools can you get a job that you do not have an education to do that job!!

    So now we have a superintendent with out any teaching experience..hmmm

    It seems Data Dobs is more like BS Dobs!

    We need this school board out of Hayward


  3. They have made a “deal with the devil”. I hate to say this but the fact of the matter is HUSD does not want to raise student achievement too much, because there is more money for them if they continue to have low achieving students. It really is a money game. If they truly wanted to have successful students they would have hired a person with a strong provable educational background. Someone with the proper credentials; someone who isn't so impressed with himself that he has to claim a nick-name; someone who wasn't afraid to have the public scrutinize their background; someone who doesn't jump and run at the next opportunity to make more money; someone who thinks before they speak; someone who respects the people who hired him. Should I go on??


  4. 6:03 where did you get the idea that I support Reynoso? Lots of assumptions on your part. Frankly, I don't think any of those people belong in charge of a kid's education.


  5. Stan Data Dobbs needs to take a hike before HUSD's board of ed. sells the district down the river.


  6. OMG! The expression “If you can't stand the heat get out of the fire” really applies here. If Mr. Dobbs didn't like being harassed before he took the job,how would he ever take it after? His actions are a sign of a weak man, just what HUSD needs =(

    Be gone Mr. Dobbs and take your carpetbag with you!


  7. Who talked Dobbs of the ledge? This meeting today is not a legal meeting so any decision they make can and should be null and void, since it violates the Ralph M. Brown Act; the Open Meeting Law.
    Dobbs must have been reading this blog! He found out that people in Hayward do their home work and research about candidates for Superintendent. WE FOUND HIM OUT!!!


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