AC Transit Board Member Joel Young In Trouble, Again

AC TRANSIT BOARD | AC Transit board member Joel Young may have used confidential legal information that he received from the transit district for his own personal gain and for that of his private employer, according to a hard-hitting report released last week. Young, an attorney and former state Assembly candidate, also violated AC Transit rules regarding the use of public agency resources for personal gain and may have run afoul of state law, the report stated.

The report, which was conducted by AC Transit’s general counsel’s office, centered on Young’s actions relating to a legal case involving the transit district. The report found that Young may have used confidential information that he gleaned in his role as a board member in order to benefit two similar but separate lawsuits that he is involved in through his private law practice. Young’s actions could produce millions in legal fees for him and his firm, The Tidrick Law Firm of Berkeley…