CONGRESS 15 | The six-second Vine video sent out on Twitter Wednesday by Rep. Eric Swalwell may be in violation of House rules for decorum, reports ABC News.

Swalwell sent video of himself voting against a Republican-backed bill some labelled “anti-abortion” either because he was bored or believed he could use the social media service to further advocate for his pet issue of a “mobile congress.” However, there are rules about playing around with your cell phone while doing your job in Congress.

One of those rules of Congress may conflict with the congressman’s filmed veto. House rules prohibit “the use of mobile electronic devices that impair decorum” and states that, “No device may be used for still photography or for audio or video recording.”

However, Swalwell stands by his Vine. “I interpret the rule to say that I can’t use a device that would impair the decorum,” Swalwell said. “I did not see this as impairing the decorum. I think what this did was highlight, for all to see, the democratic process.”

Swalwell probably will not be admonished, said the report, quoting an expert who says representatives frequently take photos on the House floor. “All the same, Swalwell may not press the issue again. ‘I don’t know if there will be another vote ,” he said. “I will make sure that we don’t cross the Vine, so to speak.'”

Of course, whatever admonition he receives will be well worth it. The attention-starved freshman congressman got the attention of a national news source and that was his aim all along.