S-p-p-p-pit It Out, Junior!

CONGRESS 15 | Rep. Eric Swalwell has grown accustomed to making short self-serving House speeches that act as future minute-long campaign commercials. He’s risen to speak in support of schools in Castro Valley, Dublin and Hayward and small businesses. He’s come out against bullying and small knives on airplanes. The speeches are effective, but sometimes backfire.

Last April, Swalwell praised an Alameda County sheriffs deputy for his service on the House floor, even though the officer was injured in the line of duty after shooting himself in the foot. Comedy aside, the injury actually put a crucial partnership between the county sheriff and Oakland PD to patrol its streets in jeopardy.

In this video clip posted today highlighting gay pride in Castro Valley, Swalwell does an impression of President George W. Bush as he stammers and seemingly invents words (rack-anize?), or, at least mispronounces them.

15 thoughts on “S-p-p-p-pit It Out, Junior!

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  3. Some in the spiritual arena of thought accept as true that they “must stop” the “gay agenda, whatever that might be. Of course, there are folks who are very obstinate in the GLBT community about certain issues such as gay marriage and they demand to be heard and are vocal on the following stage over this debate. When I read the gentleman's essay arguing that no one is born gay, I certainly understood where he was coming from, as he felt as if the ““gay agenda” had come too far, and so, he is just as adamant about pushing back now.


  4. No hesitation the plight of homosexuals is on the top of the list of social problems professed in the EU because this week a meeting is taking place in Europe to address the fact that not everyone is getting onboard with the “gay agenda. Homophobia, transphobia and other forms of sexual orientation discrimination is said to still exist in the EU on a larger scale than the Union wants to see.


  5. Agree …….Rep Swalwell will have a hard time getting re-elected…
    He is very insensitive to issues raised by Iranian and afghani constituents. Clearly, Our enthusiasm is fading away rapidly.


  6. wow. this taping comes across as the worst pandering ever… read freud and meringer and you'll get that Swalwell doesn't believe a word of this shit.


  7. Eric has said he supports the chained CPI which will cut benefits for seniors, veterans and the disabled.The support from seniors will go to Ellen by a big margin. I am a senior who belongs to many senior groups and NONE support the chained CPI and are all pissed off at Eric for supporting this destruction of Social Security. Too many seniors are hardly able to survive and need help. Reducing their cost of living increases, when their costs are increasing much more rapidly, will be the straw that breaks the camels back. We don't need to hurt most seniors when all we need to do is lift the cap on Social Security so the very wealthy pay their fair share like everyone else. This lifting the cap is supported by over 90% of seniors and almost 80% of all Americans. That's why most seniors and most people in our District will support Ellen Corbett instead in 2014.


  8. He curb stomped the way way over the hill Stark. Get over it. Reliably Democratic vote and @11:01 he has never voted to cut Social Security. The TriValley has finally wrest control of the district from the over the hill sheeple.


  9. Swalwell made a big mistake in trying to cut Social Security benefits for Seniors, Veterans and the Disabled. He will pay for that on 2014, and Ellen Corbett will reap the benefits.


  10. Swallwell and the officer have a lot in common. Swallwell has shot himself in the foot too many times in his soon to be short career. What a loser. He can't even put a thought together without stammering. He'll be one and done. If Ellen Corbett raises any money she will win this race rather easily.


  11. I applaud his remarks and speaking up for the LGBT community! Give the guy a chance, he seems to be representing us quite well.


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