S-p-p-p-pit It Out, Junior!

CONGRESS 15 | Rep. Eric Swalwell has grown accustomed to making short self-serving House speeches that act as future minute-long campaign commercials. He’s risen to speak in support of schools in Castro Valley, Dublin and Hayward and small businesses. He’s come out against bullying and small knives on airplanes. The speeches are effective, but sometimes backfire.

Last April, Swalwell praised an Alameda County sheriffs deputy for his service on the House floor, even though the officer was injured in the line of duty after shooting himself in the foot. Comedy aside, the injury actually put a crucial partnership between the county sheriff and Oakland PD to patrol its streets in jeopardy.

In this video clip posted today highlighting gay pride in Castro Valley, Swalwell does an impression of President George W. Bush as he stammers and seemingly invents words (rack-anize?), or, at least mispronounces them.