Evans Says He Was Eyeing Job In Berkeley Since Last Year

Dr. Donald Evans

BERKELEY | The former Hayward superintendent of schools Dr. Donald Evans labeled his new role as head of the Berkeley Unified School District as “his ministry,” in a profile today in Berkeleyside, while his previous flock prays for enlightenment on their own.

Evans, who left Hayward in June after less than two years on the job, revealed to the independent new site having interest in applying for the position on two previous occasion last fall as the Berkeley school board twice misfired on hiring a new superintendent. One candidate was dismissed after revelations he supported Proposition 8, the ballot measure that abolished same-sex marriages in California.

Although Evans never publicly communicated the breadth of his disenchantment in Hayward, his eye for greener pastures was apparently was long held. In the profile, Evans also describes an strong affinity for Berkeley and his Oakland home.

“Berkeley is very eclectic,” Evans told Berkeleyside. “You have a lot of different types of people, and it has an intellectual energy that I find extremely stimulating. I thought that it would be a great fit for me, to be in an environment that has this eclectic, intellectual, stimulating environment. As a superintendent, you want to be challenged in a way where you’re growing, but you’re also contributing in a community that’s forward‑thinking.”

Despite attempts to pad Evans’s accomplishments in Hayward–erroneously linking him to the Promise Neighborhood federal grant and passage of a school parcel tax last year–many have described his role in Hayward as ineffectual and often times distant from the plight of the district long seen as the most underperforming in Alameda County. Hayward schools were the worst before Evans and it continues to carry the dirty moniker upon his departure.

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  1. Well this should surprise no one in the Hayward community. We have always been the holding pattern for administrators looking for greener pastures. Just look at Mr. Dobbs, he was here, left for greener pastures, came back and will leave again when the going gets rough or when the greener pasture appears on the horizon.


  2. Clearly none of the most recent superintendents for HUSD cared about the students. They kept or hired incompetent administrative staff that did practically nothing to improve the educational system in HUSD. They did next to nothing to solve the absence problems, the lack of consistent teaching practices throughout the district, the real financial woes; instead they worked to pass bonds to make pretty houses for students to continue to fail in, parcel taxes to supposedly pay to reinstate lost programs; keep hiring high cost consultants to tell them what they already knew.


  3. Berkeley is known for a bunch of loonies, fruits, and nuts, and they have just added one more to the basket.


  4. And now the crying towel begins. So and so @ so &so district makes more money than ours, so we have to jack up the salary to attract a bigger panhandler to take more of the taxpayer's dollars, so they can fill their carpetbag and leave and pave the way for the next crook.


  5. I don't think his comments were malicious, but I kept thinking while reading this is, what are we? Chopped liver?


  6. Why do public agencies seemed to be so focused on raising administrative salaries and creating new management positions while cutting classified positions and salaries. Fat Greedy Hogs.


  7. And why do they eliminate positions only to contract out to do the same work ( it's called padding the pocket- also known as kickbacks under the table). It happens, don't let the BOZO'S pull the wool over your eyes.


  8. Open your eyes, look into the BART strike. A lot of it is about public safety issues and the administrative salary raises.


  9. Not only this guy but so many others have left our city for a variety of reasons, some rational, some simply could not meet the challenges of our district. Deputy's have come and gone. The only constant has been the union leadership. Hmm! Hopefully Dobbs will last longer than the average person. The honeymoon will be short and the criticism will be harsh. The unions should ask themselves if they share any responsibility for low test scores, weak, ineffective leadership On the board and lack of a long term vision.


  10. This other article says Evans cries when the Raiders lose. He must cry alot.


  11. I could not agree more with 9:07. The common denominator in all the comings and goings of superintendents and district staff is the HEA Union leadership that persists.
    HEA thrives on district instability. Their members create instability at school sites at the mere whiff of an administrator holding a teacher accountable. HEA will swear up and down that they are the conduit to the students and that they know best what they need.
    They take credit for any gains, but, they have nothing to do with any of the student failures right?
    I will agree on one thing Evans said, their is an anti-intellectual environment in Hayward. Decisions are made on union jobs. Not ability,not student need.

    Hayward education is on an island with its' approaches and results thanks to HEA!


  12. There seems to be one resounding theme in these and other postings; HEA has power that no one union should have. Remember, 4 of the 5 board members were chosen by HEA to receive funds and people to help them with their campaigns.

    In national politics we are quick to point out that elected officials are beholden to their big donors. Here, in little ole Hayward, because the financial contributions are so small by comparison we forget…that these 4 people are beholden to HEA for their continued support. They will do nothing to rile their benefactors!

    Let's also remember that 4 of the 5 board members received support/funds from other movers and shakers here in little ole Hayward; developers, contractors, consultants, print shop owners, members of the City Council, members of the Chamber of Commerce…All of them are people/groups that could make the lives of these 4 board members uncomfortable if they don't make decisions that will benefit their contributors.

    I wonder, if students could give money to help fund the campaigns of these 4 members of the board, would they have more than a passing of interest from them?


  13. Former City Councilman, Matt Jimenez often said about Hayward that “You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear”. Hayward's always been a blue collar town with hard working people wanting what everyone else wants, a chance to live safely and provide for their children and family. We have never been an “intellectual community” despite having a state university. We never cared or had time to be political so we relied on others to take control and we trusted them to do the right thing. We trusted too much and we were screwed in the process. We have allowed politics and politicians to make all the decisions and we wrongly trusted them. Our choice is clear. We continue to allow others to stay in control or we grab it out of their greedy hands and kick them out of our community. Dr. Evans, “the intellectual” left on his own. He never wanted to fit into our community and left as fast as he could. Good riddance.


  14. @8:22 pm…you are correct….wish we had an answer for that. the management positions are doing the work of the classified staff therefore, it shows they are not needed…..which results in cuts.


  15. HUSD was a stepping stone to BUSD. I predict a two year stay with BUSD and then he will be onto his next goal.


  16. That must be why he was never in the office at HUSD,


  17. Hi Bi Wong


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