Giants great Will Clark gave Rep. Eric Swalwell
a thrill, according to a tweet Tuesday.

CONGRESS 15 | Mr. Everything To Everybody is back at it. Rep. Eric Swalwell continues to understand moderate Democrat to mean a catch-all for the entire political spectrum. The philosophy apparently is not only includes politics, but other parts of life.

On Tuesday, the freshman congressman who touts manning his own Twitter and Facebook feeds, took to pandering to Oakland Athletics fans when joking about offering a resolution to put its star outfielder, Yoenis Cespedes on the All-Star Game roster (since corrected to simply put him in the game before the 9th inning). Smart, since his East Bay constituency is mostly A’s fans.

However, later, in response to comments during the broadcast of the All-Star Game Tuesday evening informing viewers Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw wears the number 22 in honor of former Giants great Will Clark, Swalwell showed his true orange and black colors by tweeting a similar affinity for the man nicknamed Will “The Thrill.” “I was practically raised by #TheThrill,” tweeted Swalwell.

A couple of things here: when former Rep. Pete Stark offered a House resolution in 2011 honoring A’s pitcher Dallas Braden for a throwing a perfect game, Swalwell unmercifully used it to show his former opponent’s neglect of the district. Curiously, Swalwell famously rented a yacht to carry his campaign signs at McCovey Cove last year during a Fox Sports telecast of a Giants game. He also tweeted his great support of the San Francisco 49ers during their Super Bowl run earlier this year. Swalwell even posed with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee clad in Niners gear.

Of course, which sports teams you support, no matter if they are located in the congressional district or not, ultimately is inconsequential when it comes to lawmaking. However, it feeds into a solidifying sense in the East Bay that Swalwell is not who he seems. Those in Hayward remain wary whether his stances on immigration, social security and privacy actually matches the rhetoric he offers white, middle-class suburbanites in the Tri Valley. Is he really the kind of Democrat that embodies the entire district? Might he favor the Tri Valley over the Hayward- Fremont area? His recent campaign finance report says he should.

Would a progressive Democrat actively support lowering Social Security benefits for seniors like Swalwell is advocating? And when it comes down to it, what kind of self-respecting A’s fan tells people they like Will Clark?