Tuman Running On Public Safety

OAKLAND//MAYOR 2014 | Next year’s mayoral race in Oakland is certain to be dominated by public safety, and candidate Joe Tuman vowed today to make that the central platform of his campaign. The university professor and local television political analyst, who ran an unsuccessful bid for Oakland mayor in 2010, announced this afternoon his run to challenge Oakland Mayor Jean Quan in 2014 with plans to reverse the city’s nagging problems associated with violent crime, including adding up to 350 new police officers.

“I want to be clear that my campaign for mayor of this city will really focus on the real issue — the dominate issue, the narrative of this city — and that is public safety, or, more accurately, the absence of public safety,” said Tuman during a press conference outside Oakland City Hall today. “What we need in the city going forward is, and what I intend to do in my campaign for mayor, is recalibrate a new normal.”


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  1. So everyone knows, he won't win.


  2. Ranked choice is gonna make this election tricky.

    Will anyone be making Quan their second or third choice. That will be key to defeat her.
    Will the others all agree on that?

    BTW, the talk of Larry Reid running is sad.
    My God, he has been in for about 20 years and is just plain tired. He has NO new ideas. He is too connected to the power groups that have run Oakland into the ground.
    Please Larry, stay on the council if you must, but don't run for Mayor. You, every time you appear on camera, are just too tired, too worn out, two stuck on old solutions.
    To much part of the problem. Two invested in the tired gang that has been running Oakland during this dismal decline.

    Besides you certainly won't win.


  3. Dude made more noise for his class shenanigans than he did ever for his last mayoral campaign. Yeah non starter here.


  4. Tuman had had 4 years to accomplish something in the public sector…he has done nothing. We don't need more good talkers, would be nice to have a competent doer for a change.


  5. As of now, we ain't even got a good talker in Oaktown.


  6. Tuman is a joke!


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