Parker Tops Quan In Fundraising

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, Bryan Parker

OAKLAND//MAYOR | Bryan Parker’s campaign for Oakland mayor is getting an early boost. The Port of Oakland commissioner attracted over $108,000 in donations during the first half of this year, according to finance reports filed Wednesday. The figure nearly doubled Mayor Jean Quan’s yield of $66,000 through June 30.

Through a novel use of crowdsourcing and an early start to campaigning, Parker also leads the growing pack of challengers to Quan’s re-election next year in cash-on-hand. Parker reported over $95,000 in the bank, according to campaign finance reports.

The total barely eclipses Quan’s remaining balance of just over $83,000. However, Quan’s account was boosted by two personal loans to her campaign since May totaling $30,000.

“Today’s report shows that hard work, a real vision for change and the opportunity for every Oaklander to participate in the change process is the clear path to a better Oakland,” Parker said in a statement released Wednesday. “If we want Oakland to have the best chance for a brighter future, we have to change the people we elect to local office and how they get there.”

Political science professor Joe Tuman, who officially entered the race last week, did not file a report for the first half of the year. Tuman, though, showed an ability to raise funds in a crowded field during the 2010 mayoral race, raising nearly $80,000, while finishing fourth. Councilmember Larry Reid has also recently indicated he might enter the race.

Parker’s impressive early performance continues to gain attention. His campaign touted over 300 donors in its semi-annual report. Oakland campaign finance rules provide a $700 maximum donation to candidates. Parker has said he intends to observe Oakland’s $396,000 campaign finance spending cap.

3 thoughts on “Parker Tops Quan In Fundraising

  1. By MW:

    Usually a high ranking elected official, and especially the mayor of a major city, is known primarily as a liberal or as a conservative or primarily as pro this or anti that, etc.

    However in regard to her positions on the issues, Jean Quan is definitely not a liberal and she is definitely not a conservative. Instead, she is merely a wishy washy and incompetent idiot, and who has no idea what she wants and no idea what she wants to do.

    And since the quality of Bay area elected officials has been steadily deteriorating for decades, it seems to me that Jean Quan is the trendsetter and the leader of the pack in the Bay area's march toward more and more extreme incompetence in the higher ranking positions, and as Nadia Lockyer getting on the AC Board of Supervisors was an example. So therefore I think we should all contribute generously to Quan's re-election campaign, so that, and rather than risking losing her, we can definitely continue to have her incompetence and clown show around for at least a few more years.


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