Striking Hayward City Employee Hit By Van While Picketing

Paramedics tend to Hayward city employee Jerry Schilling after he was struck
Tuesday morning by van while picketing. PHOTO/SEIU 1021

HAYWARD//STRIKE | Just hours after 280 Hayward city employees began a three-day strike Tuesday morning, a picketing worker was hit by a van.

The accident occurred around 9 a.m. Tuesday when a man driving a white van attempted to pull into an underground parking garage at Hayward’s City Hall. According to witnesses, the driver, described as an elderly man, turned into the parking lot entrance and struck Jerry Schilling, a 20-year street maintenance leader for the city, in the legs. “As soon as Jerry looked, he hit him. Just pushed him,” said Jose Medina, who has worked in the city’s water treatment department for the last 15 years. Schilling then yelled at the driver, “You hit me!” said Medina, “and the driver moved forward again.”

According to Medina and other witnesses, the driver, yelled “get out of the way” after striking the union member. “This guy had no intention of stopping. He just wanted to bully his way through. It’s just like what the city is trying to do to us—trying to get their way, not negotiating.”

Picketers say there were ready for the possibility of replacement workers hired by the city from a staffing agency in Pleasanton being surreptitiously bused in through the underground parking garage. The driver was seen leaving the parking garage over an hour later. Schilling was taken to the hospital.

Correction: the city confirmed Tuesday afternoon the driver of the van was a resident doing business at City Hall. A police investigation into the accident is ongoing, said the city manager’s office.

17 thoughts on “Striking Hayward City Employee Hit By Van While Picketing

  1. Hayward will lose a big lawsuit because of the scab that hit the picket. Probably millions of dollars. What a waste of public funds.


  2. 12:58 A.M. says “How does slashing workers' pay, benefits and hours help our economy?” I don't know. But, most individuals in favor of allowing undocumented migrants in to work the low paying jobs in the fields and service industry often use the “…help our economy” argument as well. Just saying.


  3. Too much favortism in these city and county jobs. If you work in Hayward, every employee is at risk.


  4. 11:05, Why don't you re-read the article, including the correction.

    What source do you have that currently is still trying to make believe that the 80 year old geezer was sneaking in scabs?

    Not even the union is sticking to that allegation.
    Which makes one wonder why you insist on thinking it is true.

    Sure, you're “looking from the outside trying to make sense”


  5. Didn't the article say a van was driving in scabs and who cares who takes the pic. It a pic either way did the union stage the pic too listen to urself. I don't know anyone who would agree to a 17% paycut. City hall says be was doing businesses at city hall. Does that exclude driving and delivering scabs for them. I'm looking from the outside trying to make sense of this.


  6. Shorter 9:32-

    Most middle-class and lower-class workers have been getting screwed since the financial crash that was caused by the upper class, but instead of unscrewing them, let's keep on screwing them ALL!!!

    Sincere question for 9:32- How does slashing workers' pay, benefits and hours help our economy?


  7. NO, if you had read other accounts, you'd have seen he was at city hall to get a building permit.
    That reported by KTVU and others.

    The guy was feeble. The “injured” union member wasn't injured. Something any kid on a playground would stand up from and dust themselves off, then continue playing.
    The photo you see above (take a look) was taken by the union's own photographer, then passed out to the press.
    Why, you'd almost think the whole was staged.


  8. I don't think the van driver is gonna dig ditches. He was driving those scab workers into city hall if I understand the article rite.


  9. ” a picketing worker was hit by a van the union believes may have been a replacement worker hired by the city”

    What a joke, the union loses all credibility when the spout out such stuff.

    The old geezer, as seen on the KTVU news looks to be over 75 years old, obese, and unsteady on his feet. Oh yeah, “a replacement worker”… If he can replace a city worker then their jobs are way too easy.

    I suspect the “injuries” to that union member are the kind of thing anyone gets from bumping into a piece of furniture in one's house. All the ambulance and such was pure stage play.

    Again, the unions are losing credibility with such claims. OH yeah, a scab worker…sure LOL


  10. Tony, you talk as though government workers have had it worse than everyone else.

    Everyone's health care costs have risen. At least government workers only pay a fraction of the actual premiums…or nothing at all (BART)

    But what is most unusual about your post is when you suggest that pensions have been cut back.

    Can you point to any government agency, city or institution where the pension of a existing worker has been cut?

    The real truth is that between 1999 and 2006 government pensions took gigantic leaps upward.
    Worst of all, those huge leaps were made retroactive for all previous years when those workers had agreed to more sustainable pensions.

    What has happened recently is a very late return to sanity. The problem is that workers hired even a couple years ago will get those insane pension rates for the next 25 or 35 years until they retire. ONLY the few new hires will have lower pension rates and those lower pension rates are the same ones that all government workers were fine with prior to 1999 when the entire government pension system went crazy.

    So, Tony, I have no idea what you are talking about when you suggest that workers have had their pensions cut.

    BTW, at least the guidelines for some cities such as SL have gone back to sensible rates that existed before.
    Idiot city governments like Jean Quan's Oakland jacked up pensions by 35% in 2004 but their adjustment recently only reduced the 2.7% accrual rate back to 2.5%, which means most of that jacked insanity remains in place.

    Only the wise city of Alameda never raised its general workers rate above the sensible 2.0% which was more than generous.

    BTW, much more than most workers in other states get. More than workers got going back 40 years ago in California.

    How crazy it has gotten for some.
    I know a fire captain who retired a couple years ago in a Bay Area city, whose base pay was never above $113K and yet he now gets a $140K pension.
    That, only two years into retirement, so it wasn't due to COLA increases.

    Most folks in the general public have been through a lot of pain in the past 6 years.
    We're getting tired of hearing all the moans and groans from BART and others.


  11. Hayward employees frustrated as are most government workers are; most have not had a raise in more than six years and many have had their health care costs rise along with pensions being cut back; it has been difficult. In all likely hood, they will continue to suffer until economy recovers, if ever. Tony Santos


  12. The above mentioned council people are supported by the police and fire when election/campaigning comes around. Why would they ever want to antagonize them?


  13. These folk need to be treated fairly like police and fire who have gotten huge raises in the past while these workers have been discriminated against. They need a raise to catch-up with fire and police. Sweeney, Salinas, Zermeno, Halliday and the whole council discriminate against any workers who are not police and fire. What a shame.


  14. I thought the ambulance people were on strike too. I suposed the ambulance people do not want to support the strikers.


  15. Welcome to Hayward, people. Hope the union realizes its still REAL hard to drum up support for raises when lots of folk don't have jobs or are working only part time.


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