Governor Signs Corbett’s Sexual Harassment Bill; Two Others Pass Assembly Committee

State Sen. Ellen Corbett

LEGISLATURE | More bad news for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

Gov. Jerry Brown, this week, signed a bill authored by State Sen. Ellen Corbett that clarifies existing law making sexual desire by alleged harassers in the workplace not a condition for proving the victim’s case.

The impetus for Corbett’s legislation came from a 2011 same-sex harassment case when an appellate judge found the plaintiff had not proven sexual desire by the defendant. Until now, such proof was a requirement for the claim to proceed.

“The result confused sexual harassment law and seemingly weakened the protections against sexual conduct that leads to a hostile work environment,” said Corbett. “I thank Governor Brown for signing this important legislation that protects all individuals whenever they are sexually harassed in the workplace, regardless of motivation.”

On Tuesday, an Assembly committee moved Corbett’s “Made in California” marketing label closer to the governor’s desk. “It is important that consumers are well able to differentiate between goods produced in state compared to products made in other states or even abroad,” said Corbett.

The same Assembly committee also approved a bill long-supported by Corbett to boost the font size on prescription labels to at least 12-point. Corbett believes slight change will help the state’s aging population as it is expected grow in the coming decades.

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  1. Hey, I can't read those new AT&T phone books without using a magnifying glass in addition to my reading glasses.

    Do you think the legislature should pass a bill, or do you think I should just get a new reading glass prescription?

    I guess we need a bill for everything.
    Full employment for our capitol.


  2. Maybe the typography lobby representing Comic Sans will lean on Corbett, too.



    Uhm, her idiotic and completely unscientific “e-cigarettes are just as hazardous as normal cigarettes even there's no source of combustion” SB 648 ground to a screeching halt as she withdrew it after realizing how insensitive she's been to medical marijuana patients…

    This somehow failed to merit inclusion in your article. Biased much?


  4. Go Corbett go! True progresive!


  5. 7:29

    A part-time legislature would be a boon for the State. It would give politicians less time to think up trouble for everyone else.


  6. By MW:

    While the fact that a bill concerning sexual harassment came up at this time will make a lot of people think of San Diego mayor Bob Filner, however to be perfectly sarcastic about it since he is a liberal, it really does not make any difference what he does as long as he gives lip service to the “principles” of modern style “liberalism.”

    NOTE: Modern style “liberalism” has no more connection to real and true liberalism than winning competitions by injecting professional athletes with every kind of performance enhancing drug under the sun does to honest and clean sports competition.


  7. The 12 point font required by her bill mandates bigger prescription bottles to have enough room for the larger print – this not only cost more to seniors but also increase the materials needed to make larger pill bottles – an environmental waste!

    Good glasses or a magnifying glass could have been a better solution – but that would take some thinking!


  8. Love Sen. Ellen Corbett!


  9. I love the assholes who say to seniors and others with compromised vision, many of whom have fixed and shrinking incomes, that they just need to buy new glasses. Maybe they can't afford new glasses, assholes. Maybe eyeglass prescription strength is not the sole or chief challenge preventing them from clearly seeing smaller type, assholes.

    I love the claim that the bill mandates bigger prescription bottles, because that doesn't follow at all. There's any number of adjustments which could be made to the layout of the label which would allow the bottle to remain the same size. For example, the labels could be redesigned to take up more of the vertical space on the bottle. But you got to keep on being an asshole for a little while longer, so maybe avoiding thinking things through was worth it to you. Next you can move on to complaining on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry; we all know how powerless and impoverished they are.

    Some people are so interested in being assholes, they take extra efforts to justify their lack of concern for the difficulties of others, even when a solution is reasonable and achievable.


  10. 9:22 – I think 2:33 is saying that providing seniors with eye glasses would be a better bill and solution than trying to fix the size of the font on a pill bottle. It was Corbett who voted for many state budgets that eliminated eye glasses for seniors.

    Why all the name calling?




  12. Actually – it's better to give glasses to seniors instead of increasing the font to 12 pt – which is the size of newsprint – most seniors need glasses in order to read the newspaper – this bill solves nothing and is simply a PR piece, nothing more. Corbett should focus on real solutions, not gimmicks!


  13. I'm a Senior and I need larger font. I belong to 2 large Senior Groups and most of us have glasses and still can't read the tiny font size. Go before any large Senior group and ask them–almost unanimously they can't clearly read the font on prescriptions and many use a magnifying glass. As you get into your 70's and 80's there are reading problems that glasses only partially help with. We with reading problems need LARGER FONT on prescriptions and we thank Ellen Corbett for her efforts. If you are not a Senior with eye problems you wouldn't understand how difficult it is to read prescriptions even with glasses.


  14. 12:15, How about the AT&T phones books in recent years. Can you read them? Without using a magnifying glass?

    BTW, how old is a Senior? 55, 60, 62, or 65?

    In many public employee jobs, you can retire at age 55. Does that mean they're Seniors right away with the arrival of the first CalPERs check?


  15. 1:42 show some concern and understanding for those of us that need bigger font on prescriptions. We already have glasses but have an extremely hard time with the very small print on prescriptions. You'll get old some day too. 12 point font isn't that big but will help those with eye problems tremendously. Ellen Corbett should be praised for these 3 bills.


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