State Sen. Ellen Corbett

LEGISLATURE | More bad news for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

Gov. Jerry Brown, this week, signed a bill authored by State Sen. Ellen Corbett that clarifies existing law making sexual desire by alleged harassers in the workplace not a condition for proving the victim’s case.

The impetus for Corbett’s legislation came from a 2011 same-sex harassment case when an appellate judge found the plaintiff had not proven sexual desire by the defendant. Until now, such proof was a requirement for the claim to proceed.

“The result confused sexual harassment law and seemingly weakened the protections against sexual conduct that leads to a hostile work environment,” said Corbett. “I thank Governor Brown for signing this important legislation that protects all individuals whenever they are sexually harassed in the workplace, regardless of motivation.”

On Tuesday, an Assembly committee moved Corbett’s “Made in California” marketing label closer to the governor’s desk. “It is important that consumers are well able to differentiate between goods produced in state compared to products made in other states or even abroad,” said Corbett.

The same Assembly committee also approved a bill long-supported by Corbett to boost the font size on prescription labels to at least 12-point. Corbett believes slight change will help the state’s aging population as it is expected grow in the coming decades.