Video Of Woman Clobbering Teenager In Hayward Goes Viral

Hayward has made national news in the past week in odd ways. First, the demolition of Cal State East Bay’s iconic Warren Hall became newsworthy when geologists used the rumble to gauge the stability of the notorious Hayward Fault.

Now, a viral video of a woman clobbering a skateboarder at Hayward’s Cannery Park has been picked up all over the world and garnered over 1.1 million hits on YouTube. In fact, it’s the biggest beat down to hit Hayward since the East Bay Citizen ran Jesus Armas off the school board last year!

Watch the video below:

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  1. my partner really enjoyed watching the shit beaten out of this asshole.


  2. Class act right there. An accident, an apology and she punches him in front of her child…I hope he presses charges and the child grows up knowing his/her mother is pathetic!


  3. You and your partner need to grow up.



  4. The kid was a good kid. There is a skateboard park there and he probably should have been skating in it as tons of kids play there, BUT he didn't need to get hit. He was apologetic and was probably at a place where he could have been taught how to be a more responsible member of his community. What a waste of an opportunity to teach two young males how to function in community. That's a great park. People who act that way can ruin it.



  5. No need to call the police for anything.

    Your child, your brother, your friend gets harmed, perhaps carelessly and unintended.

    Not to worry, strike out with your fists.
    If you have a weapon, open fire.

    Gang retaliation, the next step.

    Now, in a civilized community, the mother may have demanded to get the ID of the skater, or even called police. But not in 2013 Hayward.
    No, you strike out and attack the other person.

    Escalation is the order of the day, not civilization.
    Bring the ideas and practices of Oakland to Hayward.
    What a wonderful path to instill in the city.


  6. And the winner of the 2013 Mama Grizzly is…


  7. If skateboarders in general weren't known for skating in all sorts of places they shouldn't be, with disregard for the safety of others (personally witnessed by myself,) I might have some sympathy for the kid.

    But as it is, he looks just like another idiot kid boarding with reckless disregard for others, not paying attention, not looking out for other people he might hit.


  8. Its not the skate boarder's fault that the child is a fucking idiot! I bet he won't be so fucking clueless anymore!


  9. Trashy Hayward! He should have pushed her back.


  10. It was pretty ghetto for the mom to physically assault the guy, 2:27, but, skateboarders in general drive me crazy. They really don't pay attention to anything going on around them other than avoiding a fall. They also don't care about who they disturb when they ride the noisy ass things. There are skateboarders where I live who ride them way past midnight. The mom's reaction was wrong, but, the skateboarder was wrong too, because that wasn't a skateboarding area.


  11. No one ever has the right to put their hands on another person in anger or to cause injury. She should be prosecuted!


  12. Let us see here, how many stereotypes and prejudices can we promote here?

    1) All skateboarders are inconsiderate trash who will do whatever is necessary to ride. Screw everyone else. Black Cat Anarchists everyone.
    2) Single mothers always put their children at risk by letting them run loose and unattended.
    3) If you have long hair and look non-White and have long hair you probably have tats and gang connections and do not care.
    4) If you are out in the park you are probably connected one way or the other with La Familia and are gang attached. That is why there were no cops present.
    5) This one will play out as drive by just like all the others.
    6) The city is powerless and will do nothing.

    So it goes.


  13. The young man showed politeness and apologized.


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