A Host Of East Bay Authored Bills Await The Governor’s Signature

LEGISLATIVE ROUNDUP | Democrats in the State Legislature have quietly been true to their word. The vaunted super majority has indeed allowed the party to push a far more liberal agenda this session.

In addition to a trio of gun control bills with a distinct East Bay influence sitting on the governor’s desk, Democrats have passed important immigration bills such as those allowing undocumented residents to serve on juries, practice law and soon the ability to apply for driver’s licenses.

Last Friday marked the end of the legislative year. The deluge of bills under consideration led to a flood of bills passed by the Legislature, which have until Oct. 13 to gain the governor’s signature.

Below are some notable pieces of legislation from East Bay lawmakers still awaiting an up-or-down determination in the next month:

State Sen. Ellen Corbett

  • SB 109 Limo Safety; requires charter limousine companies to install rear doors and safety push-out windows. The legislation is a response to the deadly limo fire that occurred on the San Mateo Bridge earlier this spring killing five passengers.
  • SB 205 Prescription labeling; requires pharmacies to print labels on prescription bottles with a larger 12-point font. Corbett says the easier readability of drugs labels will cut down on medical accidents within the state’s growing elder population.
  • SB 454 Electric vehicle charging stations; would make public charging stations as convenient as gasoline stations. The bill will require charging stations to accept credit/debit cards and prohibit other fees or subscription models for its use.

Assemblymember Rob Bonta

  • AB 999 Condoms distribution in state prisons; would approve a state pilot program distributing condoms to state prisoners in an effort to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases among inmates and those in the public once they are released.
  • AB 180 Oakland gun law exemption; gives the Oakland City Council the right to enact more stringent gun control laws than the rest of the state. Tighter controls on gun licensing and registrations are among the potential strategies that could be enacted by the City Council. Similar exemptions have been approved by the Legislature for Los Angeles.
  • AB 174 trauma care for students; would enact a one-year pilot program of up to 10 locations in Alameda County to provide trauma and mental health counseling to students.

Assemblymember Nancy Skinner

  • AB 48 firearms, ammunition; this potentially precedent-setting bill would make it a misdemeanor and sentence of up to six months in prison and/or $1,000 fine for possession of a gun magazine containing more than 10 rounds of ammunition.
  • AB 1131 firearms, mental health; increases the wait time from six months to five years for anyone communicating to a licensed psychotherapist their intent to harm another with a firearm.

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