Heavyweights For Controller Pose A New Stumbling Block For Alameda’s Betty Yee

Board of Equalization member Betty Yee

STATE CONTROLLER//2014 ELECTION | For a few months this summer, Alameda resident Betty Yee’s campaign for state controller was looking good. When State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, another East Bay resident, decided against another round of statewide musical chairs and announced he would not run for controller, it left the Board of Equalization member as a possible frontrunner.

She had piled up nearly $475,000 in campaign contributions, according to campaign finance reports and support was beginning to coalesce among Democrats, at least, here in the Bay Area. However, the road to the controller’s office and whatever the controller actually does, isn’t looking so clear, anymore. (The controller is sometimes referred to as the state’s top bookkeeper.)

Whereas, Lockyer jumped off the statewide merry-go-round, the open seat is being filled by termed out State Assembly Speaker John Perez, who is a political heavyweight in more ways than one. Most observers undoubtedly see Perez as the runaway favorite. He will leave the State Assembly in better shape than when he found it and is only 43-years-old.

According to capitol watcher Scott Lay’s column, The Nooner, another Democratic stalwart could be jumping the line in front of Yee and others. Former State Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides may be staging a comeback after years out of Sacramento and a stint trying to fix Wall Street’s financial shenanigans.

In a race with Perez, in addition to Angelides, it’s hard to fathom Yee’s campaign war chest getting any larger after the soon-to-be former speaker calls in all the chits earned over his years in Sacramento.

47 thoughts on “Heavyweights For Controller Pose A New Stumbling Block For Alameda’s Betty Yee

  1. I wish the two of you would stop the pettiness and calling each other names. Put some substance into your posts. The topic was supposed to be about Betty Yee.


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  14. Despite the radical dykes who hate men supporting Betty Yee, I will too.

    She's the least in-bed with the union whores, though that could change. Fats Perez is a mega-union whore, and Angelides is as big a pimp for the developers as he is for the unions.

    Well put, 5:15. Thanks for the clarification, and keep up the good work. We need good old-fashioned conservative values again!


  15. And the rest of agree that you are a pent up BBDB who resides in her parents' basement. Get a life.

    Betty and I appreciate your support.


  16. Agree with your support for Betty, but not for the reason you state. I'm supporting her because she is a qualified women who strongly supports unions. I also agree you are a troll and a sexist pig.


  17. As we get back to our regular programming, the topic is how Betty is the least offensive of the union whores. Now is our chance to send both schmucks, Perez and Angelides, back to the private sector. We need to get them off the public tit once and for all.


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  23. Yes, it's true that Betty has whored for the unions. When we have so few choices, I'll take the least horrible [whorrible!].

    Now as for language–GET OVER IT!

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  24. I know this isn't part of the theme in this thread, but I just read something in today's
    New York Times.

    From that Fremont legislator

    ““Being a juror really has nothing to do with being a citizen,” Mr. Wieckowski said—-

    The man is such a moron. The wording in his bill, AB 1401 allows a person in this country only 24 hours to serve on a jury. NO matter that such a individual had lived 64 years, 364 days of his 65 years, entirely in the tribal regions of Pakistan.

    The Wieckowski make no distinction between someone in the country for 5 or 10 years vs someone her for 5 or 10 weeks.
    Time during which one learns about the culture and accepted practices of a nation.

    Only knee-jerk followers of pandering legislators would approve of such a broadly worded piece of legislation.


  25. Betty has been supported by the unions in every race she has won and has worked well with, and supported them in return. She would also abhor your use of the sexist term “whore”. Are you deliberately trying to provoke? I live in the Bay Area, know her, and will vote for her because she does not think like you.


  26. Not with such dirty, corrupt whores wanting to suckle on the public tit for life.

    I understand only all too well.


  27. If you understand politics and the money and where the majority of people live; Betty will come in 3rd and I like her. She just doesn't have a chance.


  28. Perez is a big, fat slob who whores for the unions. That was his job, literally, before hijacking the assembly seat.

    Tired of these has-beens playing musical chairs. Here's an original idea. Go back to the private sector and stop suckling on the public tit!

    Let someone else have a chance!


  29. “Most observers undoubtedly see Perez as the runaway favorite. He will leave the State Assembly in better shape”

    Oh, you mean the Assembly's shape, not his own.

    Not sure that is true in either case. Perez makes Lockyer look like a fitness buff by comparison.


  30. Perez is a huge establishment whore. Angelides is a washed up troll for the unions and developers.

    If this is the field, I'm for Betty in a heartbeat!


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