Board of Equalization member Betty Yee

STATE CONTROLLER//2014 ELECTION | For a few months this summer, Alameda resident Betty Yee’s campaign for state controller was looking good. When State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, another East Bay resident, decided against another round of statewide musical chairs and announced he would not run for controller, it left the Board of Equalization member as a possible frontrunner.

She had piled up nearly $475,000 in campaign contributions, according to campaign finance reports and support was beginning to coalesce among Democrats, at least, here in the Bay Area. However, the road to the controller’s office and whatever the controller actually does, isn’t looking so clear, anymore. (The controller is sometimes referred to as the state’s top bookkeeper.)

Whereas, Lockyer jumped off the statewide merry-go-round, the open seat is being filled by termed out State Assembly Speaker John Perez, who is a political heavyweight in more ways than one. Most observers undoubtedly see Perez as the runaway favorite. He will leave the State Assembly in better shape than when he found it and is only 43-years-old.

According to capitol watcher Scott Lay’s column, The Nooner, another Democratic stalwart could be jumping the line in front of Yee and others. Former State Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides may be staging a comeback after years out of Sacramento and a stint trying to fix Wall Street’s financial shenanigans.

In a race with Perez, in addition to Angelides, it’s hard to fathom Yee’s campaign war chest getting any larger after the soon-to-be former speaker calls in all the chits earned over his years in Sacramento.