East Bay Assemblyman Goes To A’s Game: I Guess I’m In The Front Row!

Wieckowski prefers the $98 seats.

OAKLAND | When Oakland Mayor Jean Quan goes to an A’s game, she sits in the right field bleachers. When East Bay Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski spends an evening at the ballpark, he goes first class. As in, undeniably the best seats in the house directly behind home plate, front row.

Unbeknownst to many A’s fans in the Fremont area, Wieckowski’s visage was a part of every camera shot during the thrilling Game 2 American League Division Series matchup against Detroit. The game ended on a walk-off single by the Athletics Stephen Vogt, to which Wieckowski joyously raised his right arm in celebration. However, it’s not clear how much of a baseball fan Wieckowski purports to be. He appeared aloof and a tad behind the action for much of the contest. While much of the stadium was on their feet urging the A’s to break the scoreless tie, Wieckowski sat contently.

Aside from a critique of how an assemblyman watches a baseball game, why would Wieckowski put himself front-and-center in an area of the stadium regular baseball fans might deem fair-weather fans or, worse, elitist? A’s co-owner Lew Wolff is typically seen in the same camera frame with his shock of white hair taunting the East Bay because, of course, the owner favors San Jose over Oakland. But there is also a connection between the two.

During Wolff quixotic plan to move the A’s to Fremont starting in 2006, Wieckowski was a member of the Fremont City Council. Plans to build Cisco Field in Fremont ultimately fell by the wayside and Wieckowski was always notoriously mum on whether he was ever on-board with the plan.

Many A’s fans, though, will remember the image of Quan sitting in the right field stands last year during a cold mid-week game. That game went to 15 innings before the A’s beat Tampa Bay, but Quan stayed. In hindsight, it might have been her greatest moment, so far, as mayor.