Is Nadia Lockyer Readying A Comeback?

Nadia Lockyer

ALAMEDA COUNTY | Nadia Lockyer never ceases to amaze Alameda County. Just when you think a blanket of normalcy has arrive in her treacherous saga from county supervisor to stints in rehab for alcohol and drug treatment, there is news she will appear in two-part television interview this week again raising question about what she is up to now. Late Monday morning, Lockyer announced on Facebook she will appear in a “story about my life” with KGO-TV scheduled for Thursday and Sunday night.

Across Hayward and the Alameda County District 2 supervisorial district she once represented before resigning in April 2012, speculation quickly spread as to why Lockyer is barring her soul in such a public manner.

Of course, America loves a good comeback story. In addition, local political observers agree, if a person has any interest in running for public office in 2014, the time to start is right now. The notion, however, seems completely unfathomable, right? Lockyer was reportedly in rehab as late as this year. She also reunited with Bill Lockyer, the state treasurer, who filed for divorce after she was arrested for child endangerment in Orange County. He also announced earlier this year he would retire from politics after 2014.

But, what office might Nadia Lockyer be interested in, if in fact, the KGO-TV interview is a genuine attempt to test the waters of public acceptance and a possible return to public office? Hayward has a wide open race next June for mayor and two seats on the City Council. Lockyer, though, never showed much interest for Hayward city politics in the past. The cleansing of Lockyer’s public image might also be an attempt to seek a potential appointment to a cushy state or county agency, some suggest. As unbelievable as it might seem, Lockyer could even run for old seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

Her previous campaign war chest named “Nadia Lockyer for Supervisor 2014” still contains over $63,000, according to finance reports ending June 30. (Note: the account still lists Assemblymember Bill Quirk as treasurer.) However, the account has no contributions since early 2012 and aside from expenditures for accounting services, Lockyer donated $10,000 to the Alameda County Family Justice Center this year. She served as executive director for the agency before becoming supervisor in 2011. By contrast, the current District 2 supervisor, Richard Valle, reported just over $6,100 in ending cash, as of June 30.

Lockyer’s critics will note money is of no concern for them and their prodigious campaign contacts across the state. Her first run for supervisor was backed with $1.5 million in campaign funds transferred from Bill Lockyer’s campaign for treasurer account. But, if this whole crazy scenario has legs, recall the Board of Supervisors passed campaign finance limits shortly after Lockyer was elected to stop any future candidate from making it rain campaign transfers of more than $20,000 per contributor.

29 thoughts on “Is Nadia Lockyer Readying A Comeback?

  1. She should forgo politics for now, and concentrate on getting her life back on track. Politics isn't everything


  2. By MW:

    I am sure that some of you lately have been reading about Rob Ford, in other words the alcoholic, crack cocaine smoking, and extremely erratic mayor of Toronto. I am wondering whether originally he and Nadia Lockyer were identical twins, but that before they became famous one of them had a sex change operation, since the way they talk and conduct themselves, and including at press conferences at which they lie and try to deny the obvious, they seem almost identical.

    In fact, I am going to start a circus and with an international cast of clowns. In other words, my circus clowns will include Nadia Lockyer, Rob Ford, and John Edwards.

    And just in case Rob Ford refuses to join the circus, then we should invite him to move to Alameda County and then place him on our County's Board of Supervisors, since based on the “standards” of Bay area politics he would be absolutely “perfect” and fit in fine.


  3. The story was filmed at her new home in Long Beach. Her kid is no longer in Sunol schools. If there is a comeback, it looks like it will be mounted in SoCal. I am enjoying the trip sown memory lane- more please!


  4. Just saw the second half of Dan Noyes interview of Nadia Lockyer. The entire second part ran a amazing 5 minutes and 36 seconds. Really long for local news.

    Anyway, more rehash of most of the things we already know.
    Sex tapes, motel beating, visiting Chikhani, in jail posing as his lawyer… OK we know all that.

    Seems she is back in Hayward with Bill.

    No discussion of her ever getting back into politics.
    I think that train left the station about 2 years ago.

    She was so messed up even before getting elected.
    In this interview she still seems close to the “edge”.

    So why in the world dredge all this crap back up and show it to the public?
    I have no idea. Perhaps in some strange way, she thinks that now we'll all think her antics weren't really her, but just the drugs.
    I think the stuff that took place was only enhanced by the drugs, but not entirely caused by the drugs.

    Even now, she chooses to show off her new tattoos.
    On her feet and who knows where else.

    Not particularly attractive tattoos, nor in a very artful place.
    She said there were done to show her strength and heritage.
    Yet another example of a person who is still deep in her own problems. After everything, what family needs to see their loved one sporting new tattoos fresh out of rehab?

    Perhaps the rehab culture and staff thinks this is all normal and beneficial. A sort of self expression of one's true self..
    Or some other such psychobabble.

    Who did she think the planned audience was for this interview?
    Folks walking around with multiple tattoos on their arms, or the average citizen in the center of Alameda County.

    So the question I am left with, is why did she do the interview?
    Why not just fade away to a quiet healthy life?
    I can imagine Bill advised her to do this interview.

    Hopefully she can just be a wonderful mother for the next 5 or 6 years. Raise the son and become somewhat normal, even boring.

    From here on out, “No news is good news” for Nadia.
    We wish her well.


  5. By MW:

    In regard to the post of 6:59, a month or two ago she was still in a drug rehab clinic, AND IN FACT IN ONE THAT WAS LOCATED IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, and it is quite likely that her status now is still the same as it was a month or two ago.

    Of course if she is released from drug rehab in about two weeks, let's say for example on about November 17, then most likely by about December 17, in other words about one month later, she will be “informing” us about she has been drug free for a whole year now.

    But since the primary job of most lawyers and most politicians is to engage in virtually non-stop lies, and since becoming a drug addict causes most of those who do to engage in virtually non-stop lies, since she is a drug addict, therefore based on the “standards” of politics and the legal profession she is extremely well qualified for both.



  6. Don't forget to tune into tonight's episode of Nadia the comeback story!

    Why was the interview in So Cal? Isn't she still living with Big Boy Bill? or she shacking up with someone else now?


  7. MW, You know, Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer.

    While I don't think he was a drug addict or ever appeared in a sex-tape, he was indeed a lawyer.

    What say ye about Mr. Lincoln Esq. ?


  8. By MW:

    Concerning her performance at the interview, among the things that people on drugs and most lawyers, and even on the occasions when lawyers are sober, have in common are: one, being egomaniacs; two, extreme delusions of grandeur; three, thinking they are acting and speaking intelligently and presenting themselves well, and no matter how stupidly they are expressing themselves; and four, thinking they are being successful in fooling people with their lies, garbage, and nonsense.

    And when you get a lawyer who is also an extreme drug addict, and as Nadia is, then you truly have the ultimate example of a world class idiot who is making a complete fool of herself, and also proving that she has an IQ lower than her shoe size, and while she thinks she is: one, fooling virtually everybody; and two, pulling the wool over our eyes.

    Frankly, she would be much better off if she stayed in bed with the blankets pulled completely over her head, and refused to get out of bed and also to say even one word to anybody until she can arrange a brain transplant.

    So until she gets a brain transplant, it would be in both her and Bill's best interest that she not do any more interviews.


  9. By MW:

    In regard to the “quality” of her “performance” during the interview, as soon as I became aware she would be doing an interview on Thursday my first reaction was that most likely she would still be on drugs at the time she was being interviewed.


  10. Just saw Nadia's interview on KGO7.

    Any thought that this was part of some political comeback can be entirely dismissed unless someone is living in a dream world.
    One only need see that interview to realize her recovery is a work in progress. Very sketchy as to why she would even appear in such a interview. Dredging up old wounds when most of the public has moved on and forgotten the harsh edges of the story.
    Gosh, during that interview she says her husband told her to kill herself.
    Why say that “on tape” ? I thought they were back together.
    Bill Lockyer declined to be interviewed. Duh!

    Perhaps someone else can supply a reason for her doing this interview. Makes no sense to me given what it portrayed.
    A still, very unstable person.
    You could see it in her eyes.

    Why would you want to put that out there for public consumption?

    Did KGO7 pursue this and talk her into it, convincing her she'd clear up things?
    Cannot conjure up any other reason for her doing such a interview at this time.


  11. Steven, I'm confused by your last comment. If the Lockyers paid for the interview–which I highly doubt–then wouldn't that suggest they had an agenda? If KGO paid for the interview–and I'm pretty sure they did–I don't see anyone other than you talking about it. Could you clarify?


  12. Networks are one thing. A local affiliate is another. This is KGO doing it. Not Barbara Walters.

    Gotta be a reason for it. Bill's got a plan


  13. She's not going for any seat. That would be ridiculous. Networks pay for exclusive interviews. It's for money.


  14. By MW:

    Approximately sixty seconds ago I checked Nadia Lockyer's record with the California State Bar (its website is “”), in other words the totally corrupt cabal and organized crime ring that all lawyers who practice law in California must be registered with, in good standing with, and be approved by, and Nadia is still in good standing with that extremely sleazy organization of scumbags and arrangers of illegal backroom fixes that pretends its two primary reasons for existence are to: one, uphold standards for lawyers; and two, protect the public from lawyers who are corrupt and/or incompetent or disabled.

    In fact, ask Patti White (she is a lawyer in Littler Mendelson's San Jose office) if it is true that a few years ago a lawyer who was a partner in one of the nation's very sleaziest major law firms ran for president of the CSB primarily on a platform of pretending to be for a program of having the CSB “continue” its supposed “highest priority” of “public protection” as its supposed main reason for existence.

    Bur getting back to Nadia specifically. Since the sleazy professional pathological liars, scumbags, parasites, scam artists, and common criminals hiding behind law licenses who run the totally corrupt CSB “know ” that Nadia the nitwit, drug addict, and extremely erratic pathological liar is presently qualified to practice law, and since the scumbags who run the totally corrupt CSB, and who have continued to approve Nadia, have “proved” their “superiority” by such things as completing three years of law school, and where they learned to be arrogant, egotistical, and shameless scumbags and pathological liars, therefore since Nadia is “qualified ” to practice law, or at least based on the “standards” of the CSB, obviously she is also “extremely well qualified,” or at least based on the “standards” of the totally corrupt CSB, to be trusted with public office.


  15. If she's running for something I say re-release the sex tapes. Full disclosure is needed before we as voters can move on from this affair.


  16. Which day will show her conjugal visit with her lover in Milpitas, while on County time and during budget hearings? I wanna see that part of her life!


  17. Bitch needs to just go away forever. No one wants her and she aint got nothing to offer. Just saying.


  18. By MW:

    As far as a job for Nadia, I am going to find out if Barnum & Bailey's Ringling Brothers Circus is still in business.

    If so , I then have the perfect job for Nadia. In other words, she could be their head circus clown.


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