Barbara Lee On GOP Plan To Cut Food Stamps: "It Is A Moral Disgrace’

CONGRESS//13TH DISTRICT | Like her early opposition to the Iraq War, Rep. Barbara Lee is a credible voice when it comes to understanding the plight of some Americans struggling on government assistance. Her reliance on food stamps before entering politics is well-known in her East Bay district. While appearing on MSNBC last Friday, Lee called a Republican-led proposal to cut food stamps by 15 percent “a moral disgrace.” She added. “This is not the American Way. People deserve to eat.” Lee also called for the creation of higher-paying jobs to help struggling Americans.

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  1. By MW:

    I have no idea what Barbara Lee's net worth is. However many of her fellow liberals, and such as for instance Barbara Boxer, especially Nancy Pelosi, and EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA ESPECIALLY Dianne Feinstein, are extremely wealthy.

    So why doesn't Barbara Lee suggest to such extremely wealthy phonies, demagogues, charlatans, and big liberal windbags as Dianne Feinstein that they donate thirty percent of their wealth to support the social programs they pretend to believe in.

    In other words since a conservative estimate of the wealth of Feinstein and her husband would be one hundred million dollars, therefore it the Feinsteins donated thirty million dollars to support food stamps and various charities, they would then have to find a way to “struggle by” on “only” seventy million dollars.

    That is a much better solution than such jokers as Feinstein trying to raise taxes on the middle class. By the way, and while I am NOT in favor of raising taxes on the rich, the upper middle class, and the middle class, however I see no reason whatsoever why such extremely wealthy big “liberal” phonies and demagogues as Feinstein cannot voluntarily donate significant sums to financially support the causes and social programs they pretend to believe in.


  2. Amen to that.


  3. Barbara Lee speaks for me!


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