Bill Lockyer Endorses Swalwell’s Bid For Re-Election Next Year

Bill Lockyer at the Calif. Democratic State
Convention last April. PHOTO/Shane Bond

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Bill Lockyer’s imprimatur is not what it once was, but the state treasurer still has loads of money and liberal contacts in the 15th Congressional District. On Monday, Rep. Eric Swalwell announced Lockyer has endorsed his re-election campaign next year over State Sen. Ellen Corbett.

Swalwell alerted his social media followers of the news, adding, Lockyer, a Hayward resident, would join him to grow the economy and rebuild the middle class.

The endorsement is a big get for Swalwell, if not, because it denies Corbett, a long-time local Democratic colleague of Lockyer, from receiving the same support and political implications attached. Corbett and Lockyer both cut their teeth in San Leandro politics and enjoyed lengthy careers in the State Legislature. It also bolsters doubts the party is not ready to bolt from an incumbent congressman in favor of another Democrat.

Lockyer’s reputation, though, has been greatly sullied since the tragic fall of his wife, Nadia Lockyer, whose drug and alcohol addition took her from Alameda County supervisor to her resignation and incarceration last year. Nadia Lockyer recently appeared in an interview with a local news station to tell her side of the story, which included reiterating a claim her husband suggested she die as she struggled with addiction. Bill Lockyer initially sought a divorce, but both now say they have reconciled. However, Nadia Lockyer told KGO-TV she now resides in Long Beach.

In recent weeks, the race in the 15th District between Swalwell and Corbett is showing signs of heating up. Last week, Corbett took grasp of the high-profile case of a Castro Valley assisted-care home shut down by the state that somehow left 14 elderly patients without attention for two days. Corbett announced plans to offer a bill next year in the Legislature to protect patients against such occurrences in the future.

Undaunted, Swalwell asked residents to donate clothing and supplies for the 14 unfortunate seniors. The clothing drive even netted a television.

NOTE: During the 2010 Alameda County supervisor’s race, Corbett publicly denied she had ever given Nadia Lockyer her backing. Lockyer had boasted of the endorsement during a May 2010 candidate’s forum in Fremont. Corbett never made an endorsement in the race in which Lockyer won handily.