Reed: I’m Running Because Wieckowski Can’t Carry Stem Cell Legislation

Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski

STATE SENATE | DISTRICT 10 | Roman Reed, the newest candidate for next year’s 10th State Senate race, says the impetus for his surprise run started with the realization Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski couldn’t pass muster when it comes to enacting important state legislation to fund stem cell research.

Reed, who was partially paralyzed nearly 20 years ago during a football game at Chabot College, is a national leader in the push to help disabled people restore some physical functions, or maybe even find a cure. Reed is also chair of the Fremont Planning Commission.

On Thursday, Reed said, former state legislators John A. Dutra and Alberto Torrico, who represented many of the same East Bay voters in the current 10th District, both successfully moved stem cell-related bill into law while in office. “But, Bob Wieckowski? He’s 0-for-3,” he said. “We can’t afford to wait around while there are lives to be saved.”

In recent years, Wieckowski failed to procure the governor’s signature on two bills to fund the Roman Law Spinal Cord Injury Research Act. Both bills attracted significant support in the Legislature and passed both houses before falling short.

Roman Reed

Reed said he was dismayed earlier this year when Wieckowski neglected to send a representative to speak on the issue before the State Senate Appropriations Committee. Reed says he found a speaker, but added, “How can you rely on a constituent to do something like that?”

Next month, Reed’s philanthropic work will be honored by the Genetic Policy Institute at a banquet in San Diego for his advocacy in stem cell research and helping to raise over $14 million in funding for the Roman Reed Foundation.

In addition to Wieckowksi, former Assemblymember Mary Hayashi is also a likely challenger in the sprawling district that runs from Castro Valley to portions of San Jose. Reed believes his uplifting story, in addition, to a belief among some observers, he could greatly benefit by splitting the vote between Wieckowski and Hayashi, makes him a formidable candidate. But, when it comes to the perception Wieckowski is next in line for the senate seat, Reed repeated the mantra, “It’s not who’s first in line, it’s who’s best in line.”

In fact, some are beginning to compare this current election scenario to the 2006 Democratic State Senate primary between Dutra, Johan Klehs and Ellen Corbett. (See note below.)  Incidentally, Reed says Dutra, Klehs and Torrico are a few of his biggest supporters. In that famous local race, Corbett ultimately won despite languishing somewhat late in a race that turned ugly.

On Election Day, Corbett took over 38 percent of the vote, but her challengers also garnered over 30 percent each. It’s an outcome Reed hopes will work out in his favor come June.

NOTE: Klehs said Sunday, he is not supporting Reed for the State Senate. On Thursday, Reed called Torrico and Klehs two of his biggest supporters. “I have never had any discussion with Roman Reed regarding his run for State Senate, can’t remember when I spoke to him last, and have no idea how to reach him in the first place,” said Klehs

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  1. Is that an exact quote from an aspiring politican?


  2. No it's a sexist anti-union troll with nothing useful to say one track poster who has become boring on this blog.


  3. 8:32 Why do you waste our time?


  4. Roman's ally here. If it's a waste of time and so 'boring,' tune out and go fuck yourself and Bob at the same time.

    Oh, we see.


  5. 7:06 what are you, a sixth grader? With allies like you Roman needs no enemies. Stupid is, as stupid does!


  6. 7:06 what are you, a sixth grader? With allies like you Roman needs no enemies. Stupid is, as stupid does!


  7. Hope you are not Roman's political consultant 7:06 pm. Or maybe you're Torrico I heard he has quite the mouth.


  8. Practice speaking the words “Senator Roman Reed.”

    Too bad HOWieckowski whores. He's in it to win.

    The public wins and you trolls lose. As it should be.


  9. HOW-ieckowski? Ho-Wieckowski? read what you wrote your insults don't make sense. You can't even write a good insult. If you're typical of a Reed supporter, this will be a cake walk.


  10. Bob is a super HO. W is capitalized. Never used a hyphen.

    Insult? Telling it like it is.

    What a dumb shit you are.


  11. The posts in favor of Reed all come from the same Hayward anti union, sexist, racist, illiterate, foul mouthed, extremist Tea Party Troll. He never says anything worthwhile because he doesn't understand politics or the new top 2 run off system. He's not smart enough to know how much money it takes to run for Senate or why an unknown can't beat a popular Assemblyman. He doesn't even attempt to persuade, only to antagonize. Most of us just laugh at his ramblings and ranting. Bob Weickowski will win easily and he knows it. That's why he's so mad and acts so childish.


  12. Boy, Dorcas, you must be shittin' in your undies, too.

    Old Roman is going to give Bob, I kiss the unions ass always, Wieckowski and good run, and you know it.

    No cigar, bitch.


  13. 5:28 no one knows what you are talking about. Are you really as looney as you sound?


  14. Nothing new here.

    We're with you, Roman.


  15. I'm with Roman for Assembly, but not the Senate. I'll vote for Weickowski for Senate.


  16. Roman run for Assembly if you want to have a chance of getting elected and doing something meaningful in Sacramento.


  17. We are with you Roman all 10 of us.


  18. We are with you Bob. All -10 of us.


  19. The winner will be Bob Weickowski for sure. If he doesn't get 50%+1 in the primary, he will destroy his opposition in the top 2 general and it won't even be close.


  20. Senator Roman maybe in after Wiecowski's up against term limits. And that's if Roman gets smart and runs for Assembly, thereby building up his name recognition and his own legislative resume.

    It's obvious he is a pawn in Torrico's plan to reemerge in the public limelight


  21. Never heard of this guy Reed but I like Weickowski and would vote for him again.


  22. Live in the District and will be voting for Weickowski because I like his progressive values.



  1. Fremont activist blasts appropriations chair for sidetracking stem cell research bill

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