It’s Official: Schaaf To Challenge Quan

Oakland Councilmember Libby Schaaf

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | MAYOR | Councilmember Libby Schaaf made official what everyone in Oakland has known for weeks when she filed campaign papers Monday morning to challenge Mayor Jean Quan in 2014.

Schaaf enters a growing field that also includes university professor Joe Tuman and Port Commissioner Bryan Parker.

In an interview Monday, Schaaf says public safety and job creation will be the focus of her campaign next year.

Schaaf says no single event or moment led her to decide in favor of challenging Oakland’s incumbent mayor. Although, a pair of tragic murders in her council district last summer were particularly upsetting, she said.

“People who have watched me over the past three years on the City Council and before will attest to my relentless attention to public safety,” she said.

She will also keep her focus on government transparency through technology, she said. While calling herself a “nerd” when it comes to data-centered solutions, she added it can be applied to fighting crime and “not just for more police, but for better policing.” She would also strive to attain a “911 system that actually works” and find the underlying roots of crime.

The mayoral next fall has the potential for a bitter clash between two City Hall colleagues. In meetings since reports of Schaaf’s likely entrance into the race first surfaced two weeks ago, she says Quan has not acted any differently towards her.

However, before Monday’s joint meeting with the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, Quan and Schaaf never greeted each other, nor did they cross paths. During the meeting which began after Schaaf filed papers for her run next year, Quan appeared stern-faced throughout and once leered in Schaaf’s direction.

“I’m committed to have the campaign be about issues, not people,” Schaaf said. “Hopefully, because of ranked choice voting entering into the equation, the campaign will be positive and constructive.”

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  1. Tuman should drop out and beat Schaaf. The question remains- where does the minority flat land voters go? Schaaf may have some traction in Fruitvale since she worked for De La Fuente, I hear that Parker is getting some support in black community.


  2. I meant: Tuman should drop out and back Schaaf.


  3. As Tuman puts it, which I believe, no positive change can come from Oakland's City Hall establishment. Schaaf has been a loyal member of that establishment for 15 years. Schaaf was a chief architect of the miserable Measure Y which she stoutly defends to this day. Functionally, as a pol, Schaaf is indistinguishable from Quan.


  4. I don't care if you vote for Tuman or Schaaf.

    Just don't put Quan down as either your 2nd or 3rd place choice in the ranked choice system.

    Quan needs to be frozen out just like Perata was.

    She has had 4 years and has been worse than Dellums.
    At least Ron knew enough to stay at home in his pajamas on most days.
    Quan actually shows up and causes damage….although she seems to somehow be out of town on trips when critical matter come to a head.

    Ounce per ounce, Quan is the worst mayor in recent Oakland history.

    She's as bad for the city government as she was for the Oakland Schools… where as chairman of the finance committee she drove them into a $100,000,000 deficit and eventual takeover by the state.

    A horrible leader with minimal brain power. Not by chance she never graduated from college after beginning.


  5. By MW:

    It is possible that Schaaf is an honest and decent person. However for major improvements to be made in Oakland city government, an outsider would need to be brought in, since the present people: one, are too set in their ways of doing things; and two, also have far too much loyalty to the present cabal of jokers, and therefore would not want to do anything that would overly embarrass, and maybe even send to prison, their friends and associates.

    In fact it reminds of some years ago when a US Senator, and with the assistance of the federal government, decided to go after the politically connected crooks that infested, and in fact also largely ran, a major Midwestern city. Both that Senator and also the federal government agreed that in order to do make significant progress in investigating and prosecuting the bribery and corruption that largely ran that city, they would need to bring in a prosecuting attorney who was a total outsider, in other words someone with no links to that city and its big boys.


  6. I think you say it very well MW. Schaaf is indeed decent, reasonably intelligent and a nice, well-intentioned person. That said, she has no organizational understanding, very little leadership skill and is deeply-connected to the dysfunction in Oakland's government. She's ambitious well beyond her innate capacity and experience, thus much like Quan.


  7. Schaaf is a long time insider, true enough. But I think this mostly only matters to other political insiders. The question is, does she have any leadership or management experience? She hasn't even finished a term on the city council. The last two mayors we elected were legislators without management experience. Look what that got us.


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