Quan Says Oakland Has Ballpark Design That Sidesteps Regulatory Issues At Howard Terminal

OAKLAND | BALLPARK | Oakland Mayor Jean Quan says the city will soon reveal a site design for a ballpark at Howard Terminal that will allow it to skip some regulatory hurdles.

While addressing the Save Oakland Sports group at Ricky’s Sports Theatre in San Leandro, Quan says a forthcoming plan that includes a waterfront ballpark just 100 feet from the bay will avoid some building requirements, namely a review by the Bay Conservation Development Commission.

Quan added the Howard Terminal site just north of Jack London Square was originally zoned for a convention center. In addition, in a tantalizing aside, Quan said the property could “fit a baseball stadium and something else.”

She would not elaborate on the latter. Some believe the area could not only accommodate the A’s, but also an arena for the Warriors, who are attempting to build their own waterfront facility at San Francisco’s Piers 30-32.

Her comments bolster a belief a new focus for the A’s remaining in Oakland revolves around a downtown ballpark and not the Coliseum City project a few miles south. Although she again, noted both sites are equally viable. “Basically, we’re saying [to Lew Wolff], you’ve got to choose now,” said Quan.

Throughout her remarks Friday night and afterward, Quan was notably confident and bullish in her words. She went so far as to suggest if Wolff can’t make a decision, Major League Baseball should find a new owner who would. “If the current owner won’t, then you have to get someone else,” said Quan.

Who might interested in purchasing the team, if it is ever put on the market? “We have people with money in Oakland willing to help us,” she said.

8 thoughts on “Quan Says Oakland Has Ballpark Design That Sidesteps Regulatory Issues At Howard Terminal

  1. By MW:

    This morning's Matier & Ross column of Monday, December 16, 2013 in the SF Chronicle (the column is available at the Chronicle's website, and which is “sfgate.com”) discusses Oakland mayor Jean Quan's proposal to build a stadium complex at Howard Terminal, in other words very close to Jack London Square, for the A's.

    However Oakland lawyer Doug Boxer, in other words the son of US Senator Barbara Boxer, has already received a fortune, if I remember correctly five hundred thousand dollars, to help facilitate plans for getting the Warriors out of Oakland and into San Francisco. And since any new proposed complex for the A's is also very likely to include discussions and plans for constructing an additional and adjacent building to keep the Warriors in Oakland, how much more money over 500K should Oakland offer Doug Boxer to act as a “consultant.” and so that he can then do a new “investigation” and a new “study,” and then “find” that based on the latest information he now realizes that it is best for the Bay area that the Warriors remain in Oakland, and rather than moving to San Francisco.


  2. By MW:

    My above post of 8:22AM concerning Doug Boxer was not precise enough and not nearly strong enough.

    More specifically, he is not merely receiving huge fees from those who are trying to get the Warriors to move out of Oakland and to San Francisco (since after all sometimes someone will accept fees or election campaign contributions from an entity who they are in agreement with on only certain items but NOT on all items), but he is, and believe it or not, actually strongly working to get the Warriors moved out of Oakland and into a new arena in San Francisco.

    And yet he is also the main guy and the most important guy in the group “Let's Go Oakland,” and which supposedly has as among its main goals improving Oakland, getting Oakland rolling, and keeping for Oakland the things it already has.

    Therefore, I think we should give Doug Boxer. and who is a lawyer, Olympic gold medals in the categories of: one, Fifth Columnism; two, Hypocrisy; and three, selling out to the highest bidder.

    And if he tries feeding us any of the standard lawyers' lies and garbage, we should then ask him if it is true that lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug addiction of any major profession.


  3. By MW:

    The fourth paragraph of this article hints at the supposed possibility of building a new sports complex that would not only keep the A's in Oakland, but also keep the Warriors in Oakland, and rather than the Warriors following through with their present plan to move to San Francisco.

    However, let's talk about Oakland attorney Doug Boxer and who is the son of US Senator Barbara Boxer.

    Doug “The Big Windbag, World Class Hypocrite, and Fifth Columnist” Boxer is not only the most important member of the very prominent and extremely influential organization known as “Let's Go Oakland,” and which supposedly has as one of its primary goals keeping items of major significance, and such as the A's, in Oakland, but he also, and believe it or not, is receiving large fees from those trying to get the Warriors to move out of Oakland and to San Francisco.

    In other words, Doug Boxer has the exact type of “honesty,” “integrity,” and “consistency” that is typical of lawyers.


  4. Thanks. I wrote this at 2am. I don't have what Quan called a preview of the study, but she said Matier and Ross received a copy. Probably will publish an article on Sunday. Lesson: if Quan gives you an exclusive, hurry up and write it before she tells other reporters about it.


  5. More of Jean Quan flailing away to put up some fluff in the coming election year.

    She is trying to paper the walls in a short term effort to make voters believe she is doing something, or has a plan for anything.
    The reality is that all her puffed up plans will amount to little more than carrying a impression through election day.

    After that, back to the same old Quan for 4 more years.

    We don't buy her new wallpaper.


  6. “You cited that incorrectly. Trying to sound smart fail [sic].”

    Quoted as originally written. Original writer then quite appropriately made correction.

    Try getting out of bed before noon.


  7. Quan is always “notable [sic] confident in her words.”

    And, inevitably, reality creeps in and bites hard.


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