Warriors Owners Interested In Buying The A’s; Building Downtown Ballpark

Warriors owner Joe Lacob

OAKLAND | BALLPARK | The Oakland business leaders who are pushing the effort to build a new home for the A’s on the city’s waterfront apparently are not the deep-pocketed investors behind the plan to build a $500 million facility at Howard Terminal. It’s also clear that the cash-strapped city has no funds to contribute to the project — other than land provided by the Port of Oakland. So who is the real money behind the proposal? According to knowledgeable sources, the owners of the Golden State Warriors are part of one of at least three potential investment groups who are interested in buying the A’s and building the new ballpark in Oakland on their own.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported earlier this week that the investor group behind the Howard Terminal ballpark proposal includes former Dreyer’s Ice Cream CEO T. Gary Rogers, Signature Development Group CEO Michael Ghielmetti, Clorox CEO Don Knauss, and former Oakland Planning Commissioner Doug Boxer. Knowledgeable sources tell us that this group is willing to partner with the current Oakland A’s ownership to build a new stadium at Howard Terminal, which just west of Jack London Square and is not far from downtown Oakland. However, A’s co-owner Lew Wolff then told the Oakland Tribune that he has no interest in the Howard Terminal proposal… (with Robert Gammon)


2 thoughts on “Warriors Owners Interested In Buying The A’s; Building Downtown Ballpark

  1. By MW:

    But if the owners of the Warriors, and who, and with the help and assistance of Oakland lawyer and power broker Doug Boxer (Doug Boxer is the son of US Senator Barbara Boxer), were planning to move the Warriors out of Oakland and to San Francisco, are now actually, truly, and seriously thinking of building a new stadium in Oakland for the A's, would that new stadium be part of a complex that would also include a new arena, AND IN OAKLAND, for the Warriors.

    And Doug Boxer was so extremely vehement that having the Warriors leave Oakland and move to San Francisco was far and away the best thing for the entire Bay area.

    (NOTE: Since I am well aware of the “standards” and “ethics” of lawyers, therefore I am confident that the expressed opinion of Doug Boxer on this issue was his true and honest opinion, and had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that those who were paying him huge fees on this issue wanted him to push their plan of having the Warriors leave Oakland and move to San Francisco.)

    Frankly, I am curious to see how much money could be funneled in one or another to Doug Boxer so that he could then do a new “study” that would then “prove” that based on the newest, latest, and “best” information it is now obvious that the Warriors should consider staying in Oakland, and rather than moving to San Francisco.

    But of course on the other hand, and for the greater good of society, and especially for that sleazy and drug infested mafia of professional pathological liars and blood sucking leaches that calls itself the legal profession, perhaps we should not engage in any discussions that might hurt Doug Boxer's credibility, since he regularly travels all over the US, and including to Washington DC, to “educate” people on the theory of Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, himself, the California State Bar, and the LCPGV that Pettit & Martin, in other words the organized crime, embezzling, and money laundering ring that pretended to be a law firm, was truly and actually a real and legitimate law firm.

    Q: How did I find out the truth about Pettit & Martin?

    A: I read an article, and which was evidently based on an interview of a lawyer who had previously worked for P & M. That article discussed the sleaziness and sadism of a particular lawyer and who worked for a law firm by the name of Pettit, Evers & Martin. SInce, and unlike a lot of lawyers, I had not destroyed my brain with drugs, therefore I realized Pettit, Evers & Martin was most likely an “edited” and “improved” name for Pettit & Martin, in other words the law firm that had a financial dispute with Gian Luig Ferri.

    So I then did some additional research, and which confirmed that Pettit & Martin had previously been known as Pettit, Evers & Martin, and that furthermore it was one of the very sleaziest and most extreme examples of a law firm that as standard practice regularly engaged in sadistically trying to get people to explode and make fools of themselves.

    NOTE: Pettit & Martin did go out of business about two years after the Gian Luigi Ferri incident, but not due to the GLF incident, but because it was already in serious financial trouble even previous to the GLF incident. In fact in the few years previous to the GLF incident its various divisions and lawyers had been engaged in vicious fights with each other over money, so that was even more reason to suspect they had stolen GLF's money, and regardless of any lies they fed Dianne Feinstein, the SF Chronicle, and the NY Times, etc.


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