2013 Year In Lists: Best/Worst Dressed East Bay Politicians

Rebecca Kaplan

1. Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland councilmember>>> Who would have ever thought the East Bay politician who made the simple vest the rage of council couture could top herself, again? Gone is the vest, for the most part, and in is the backward baseball cap. An EBC fashion consultant remarked, “Damn, she does Bieber better than Bieber!” (two-time winner)

2. Libby Schaaf, Oakland councilmember>>> Her simple, elegant look and hair in a bun look could make her a contender in the mayor’s race next year even without campaigning.

Michael Gregory

3. Michael Gregory, San Leandro councilmember>>> It’s too bad Gregory is termed out of office in 2014. It’s the second straight year the San Leandro councilmember ripped out of the pages of a L.L. Bean catalog has made the list. What can he say? He rock the sweater vest look. (two-time winner)

4. Rob Bonta, assemblymember, 18th District>>> He used to be a male model. Enough said, right? Bonta is always sharply tailored and his graying mane perfectly combed like a Filipino American Gavin Newsom says political power.

5, Eric Swalwell, congressmember, 15th District>>> He’s fit and looks Kennedy-esque in a suit and his thing with photographing his shoes upon boarding his flight to Washington suggests he has more fancy footwear than any heterosexual man should possess.

Rebecca Kaplan

1. Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland councilmember>>> WTF! A backwards baseball cap worn during public meetings? Whether a lid representing an Oakland high school, the A’s or the Raiders, wearing a cap is more than a bit inappropriate. However, nobody appears brave enough to issue dissent fort the dress code violation.

2. Nate Miley, Alameda County supervisor>>> If shoulder padded sports coats were in style, Miley would top the best dressed list. But, since it’s 2013 and not an episode of “Dynasty,” circa 1983, welcome to the list. In addition, during a Board of Supervisors meeting, Miley matched a sport coat with a t-shirt emblazoned with the word, “CANNABIS.” Still not good even for a guy who routinely says he doesn’t care what you think about him.

3. Mike Katz, San Leandro school board>>> Still has the stingy, yet luxurious long hair and graying beard. The hippy psychiatrist with an office on Shattuck look still hasn’t arrived even among hippy psychiatrist with an office on Shattuck, let alone for the San Leandro school board. (two-time loser)

Al Mendall

4. Al Mendall, Hayward councilmember>>> There’s really nothing wrong with Mendall’s fashion other than he looks like he stepped off the set of “Growing Pains.” However, his chronic bad back forces him to stand during Hayward Council meetings and that inherently attracts more eyeballs toward Mendall. A feather boa—Made in Hayward—might get him on the other list. That is, unless Kaplan adopts the look before him.

5. Michael Sweeney, Hayward mayor>>> Some people just don’t look right when they dress up and comb their hair. We wouldn’t want Hayward’s mayor to change his simple short-sleeve collared shirt, khakis and gray stubble, but since he announced this would be his last term in office, he gets the honor one last time. (two-time loser)

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