Gov. Jerry Brown in San Leandro last year.

PHOTO/Steven Tavares

LEGISLATURE | Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of the State address Wednesday morning highlighted California’s economic resurgence, while noted its future challenges. The early response from some East Bay members of the State Legislature echoed the governor’s sentiment.

“I think he did a great job of two great things: celebrating some of the great successes of the state over the last few years and also being realistic and identifying some of the challenges that remain ahead of us,” said Oakland Assemblymember Rob Bonta. He praised the governor for an uptick in job creation and the stunning multi-billion dollar surplus following years of steep budget cuts, along with identifying the state’s employee pension uncertainty, aging infrastructure and the impending fallout from the state’s extremely dry winter. (Watch a video clip of Bonta’s comments below.)

Fremont Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski issued a statement Wednesday saying he agreed with Brown’s assessment the state is in comeback mode. “California is moving forward and we are not turning back,” said Wieckowski. He also backed Brown’s attention to strengthening education through increased spending and made another push for additional funding for the state’s court system. “We have to be careful with the temporary surpluses that we are experiencing, but there are areas where it’s important to restore some of the cuts caused by the Great Recession,” he said. “I would like to see a larger restoration to ensure that courtrooms stay open so people can resolve their legal issues as soon as possible.” Wieckowski is the chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett said, “I firmly believe that California’s best years still lie ahead,”while focusing on Brown’s comments relating to education, in addition, to improvements to transportation infrastructure. “In order to truly revitalize our economy long-term, we must continue to make the necessary investments in education—from early childhood through college,” said Corbett. “The Governor’s budget a few days ago also highlighted this commitment and I certainly know that future generations of Californians and East Bay residents will benefit by prioritizing education and bolstering their ability to succeed following graduation and beyond.”