Hayward’s Indoctrination to Education

Stan “Data” Dobbs

HAYWARD | EDUCATION | Former Hayward Councilmember Olden Henson often bestows the honorific of commander on his city’s superintendent of schools because, well, he served in the U.S. Navy. “Commander” Stan Dobbs, though, prefers the nickname, “Data,” as in, he’s a guy who analyzes the numbers and comes to a precise conclusion to solving a problem. The numbers in Hayward have long shown the struggling school district’s graduation rates need improving and it seems Commander Stan “Data” Dobbs is using the military’s goal of molding a group of personalities into one seamless fighting machine.

Last Friday, Dobbs led hundreds of students at Hayward’s Glassbrook Elementary School in audibly reciting an eight-point pledge.

  • I am a Hayward student and proud to be college bound.
  • I pledge to join the 1000’s of other Hayward students on the pathway to college.
  • I will be focused and determined, courageous and tenacious.
  • I pledge to set goals that I will not only reach but surpass.
  • I pledge not to procrastinate when there is work to be done.
  • I will find and use resources that will help me to be prepared.
  • I will follow these values in my pursuit of higher education and other opportunities of a lifetime.
  • I am a Made in Hayward student and I am college bound.

The pledge was signed by each student. However, if students were to decide a different path to personal enlightenment other than college is better solution, there is no provision for them mopping the deck of the U.S.S. Dobbs as punishment.

Last week, the school district said the pledge is part of Dobbs’s on-going “Made in Hayward” program to increase student testing scores and keep struggling students on course for graduation. Dobbs was named superintendent last June replacing Dr. Donald Evans who took the same position in Berkeley.

12 thoughts on “Hayward’s Indoctrination to Education

  1. You can't even spell: same
    If you are going to criticize at least spell properly.
    Stan Dobbs is the best think to happen in Hayward because now we can just concentrate on only positive good news.


  2. All Hayward schools suck and I want my kids out. The new supt I am told does not even have a license to be a superintendent. Hayward never changes samo samo all samo.


  3. I agree that we need more businesses to bid for the business of Hayward District. Why does the district dont do those bids?


  4. 9:34. LP is a college. DUH. It's sad to emphasize going to college? You must not know Dobbs at all. In all town hall meetings and public speaking engagements he lists colleges, universities, trade schools, beauty colleges, etc etc. 4 years would be “university” sweetheart. Go spew forth your venom elsewhere.

    Let's make a bet. How many times will Reytwatso say “competitive bidding” and “Groundhog day” tonight?


  5. We need to try and reinstate shop-tech- trades programs back in the high schools so students can get a better feel of where they may want to focus on their careers. Orientation courses in their Freshman or Sophmore years so they can go to ROP and get a trade.


  6. The 100% emphasis on “college” is sad.

    There are lots of young men and women who can be very productive and well paid without going to formal 4 year college programs.

    Unless he is including some of the wonderful trade programs available.

    I know someone who just completed a series of courses in being electrical power lineman and after doing the course and field work he will have dozens of highly paid positions available to him.

    Los Positas in Livermore has a great program for training automotive technicians. Good paying jobs await those who complete the course.

    So I hope Dobbs is including those types of programs in his “everyone to college” theme.

    Too bad the high schools aren't offering many more courses in similar fields. Too many students are wasting 4 years in local high schools when they could be learning valuable skills.

    Look at what Germany offers to students who aren't going to “college”.


  7. I was in the Boy Scouts, maybe that qualifies me to be the next Superitendent. The Boy Scouts have world jamborees and do not discriminate, but recognize all scouts as brothers.


  8. Sounds like Hayward is training their young early to become order-taking soldiers and riot cops. This is good for CSUEB which has a fine academic program for cops, not liberal arts or anything worthwhile, but soldiers to protect all their future MBA recipiants when they take a job at Schwab.


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