ELECTION 2014 | CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Some East Bay Democrats have been wondering for some time exactly when State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett would show a more offensive stance in her bid to unseat Rep. Eric Swalwell. On Thursday night, Corbett launched the first volley in what could be a contentious race for the 15th Congressional District, when she ripped her opponent for accepting his pay during the 16-day government shutdown last October after publicly declaring he would not.

“This lack of integrity and honesty by Mr. Swalwell is very disappointing,” said Corbett in a statement posted on her campaign’s Facebook page. “The public has a right to expect honesty from their elected officials. Thousands of unemployed Californians who are struggling to make ends meet after their benefits were terminated by Congress deserve better.”

The controversy started this week when KTVU reported Swalwell was one of a few local representatives who pledged to not receive their paychecks during the government shutdown. The latter sent by Swalwell requesting he not be paid, however, is more than slightly convoluted.

However, the rush last year by hundreds of lawmakers last fall to stand resolute with government workers came with more than a whiff of political expediency and grandstanding attached to it. Besides, who was going to expect someone would check if you got paid or not?