CAMPAIGN 2014 | STATE SENATE | 10TH DISRICT | A few weeks back, former East Bay Assemblymember Mary Hayashi burnished her strong ties to labor when addressing a large group of county Democratic leaders. On Tuesday, Hayashi began delivering on that potential with the endorsement of the United Farm Workers for her run in the 10th State Senate District.

The union praised Hayashi for her commitment to the farm workers movement. “We hold you in the highest regard and consider you to be an individual with platinum status in the eyes of farmworkers,” said UFW President Arturo Rodriguez in a press release sent by the Hayashi campaign.

Although the 10th District is quite large, farm land is not one of the region’s main economic drivers. Nonetheless, on the heels of a promising poll released by Hayashi’s campaign last week and her large campaign account balance, Hayashi’s candidacy is apparently viable enough to attract the support of one of the state’s strongest and historically significant labor unions. The union’s link to labor hero Cesar Chavez is also a positive signifier for many in the district’s large Latino population. UFW also endorsed Hayashi’s run in 2012 for Alameda County supervisor.

Conversely, Hayashi’s main competitor for the seat, Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski, is also favorable to labor interests. In addition to Hayashi and Wieckowski, other likely candidates in the June 3 primary include, Fremont Planning Commissioner Roman Reed, Alameda County Judge Roy Hashimoto, former Green Party Assemblymember Audie Bock, and Peter Kuo, a Republican.