Swalwell’s Passes First Bill; Incentivizes Donations to Filipino Disaster Relief

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Legislation allowing taxpayers to deduct charitable donations to victims of last November’s Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) on their 2013 tax returns, passed the House Monday. The bill is East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell’s first successful piece of legislation since being elected in 2012 and awaits the President’s signature.

“I take great pride that the first bill I passed in the House of Representatives will speed recovery in an area that desperately needs support,” said Swalwell.

The bill, H.R. 3771, will allow taxpayers to deduct donations to the Philippines on last year’s tax returns made through April 15. Otherwise, contributions made after the first of the year would have had to wait until next year without Monday’s legislation.

Typhoon Haiyan touched down in the Philippines on Nov. 8 and killed over 6,000 people while devastating a large swath of the country’s central regions. In 2010, Congress incentivized donations with similar legislation to aid survivors of a magnitude 7.0 large earthquake in Haiti.

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  1. NIce cause, but wouldn't it be nicer if Swalwell's first bill benefited his America constituents? Yeah Eric, I know a lot of your constituents are Filipino and it benefits there relatives and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about yourself.

    How about benefiting my unemployed husband who lives in your district?



  2. Lemme see here elected 2012, began his term in Jan 2013, makes cheesy videos, takes pictures here and there, talks to Sully about a missing airliner, and 1/3 of way into 2014 he finally passes a bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And the commentor mentioned above, wouldn't it be great if he focused more on helping those at home and in his district?

    Ellen Corbett for Congress please!!!!!!!!!

    By the time he gets it and becomes an effective legislator, my kids will be graduating college. And they haven't even started elementary school!


  3. Swalwell staffer at 11:36 you should be embarrassed by how little your man has done. Nothing for the constituents here. In fact he has cut off benefits for 1.7 million Americans including 200,000 veterans. Ellen Corbett has authored hundreds of bills that have helped the working families in our District. I'm an independent voter who voted for Eric last time but will vote for Ellen this time.


  4. 11:49, you forgot to mention that your entire family will also be voting for Ellen. ( your wife, 3 adult children, their spouses, Uncle Ned, his wife, cousin Jack and his wife, as well as his wife's father and his brother. Then there is your brother Bill's wife and adult child from her first marriage, Jack, and all the guys and gals who work with him over at the warehouse.)

    So right there, Corbett is a lock.


  5. Since Eric has authored no significant legislation in Washington, I'll take Ellen Corbett who has authored significant legislation to help the environment, women, consumers, seniors, children, education, etc.


  6. Anon 10:28 AM: you and I both know your internal poll showed Ellen Corbett beating your man. Release the poll. Your man won't be able to buy this election with all the corporate money he's taken. He's not running against Stark this time, but a much more qualified and likable woman who has authored hundreds of bills that benefit the American middle and lower classes.


  7. It's good Swalwell finally authored his first bill since he's been in Congress. He's helping people who need help in another country. Why didn't he try and help people in our country too who needed help. Instead:

    Shame on Swalwell for voting to cut off benefits for 1.7 million Americans. The extension of federal benefits was started by Bush and continued by both parties when the unemployment rate was this high.

    It's about real people, people with families struggling to meet mortgage payments, struggling to put food on the table, to make ends meet, and includes 200,000 military veterans among those folk who are losing their benefits.

    This is why my friends and I will be voting for Ellen Corbett this year….she has a heart and cares about the 90% of us who aren't rich too.


  8. Somebody needs to tell us what's happening and what Swalwell's priorities are. Thank you Tavaras for exposing this misguided congressman. Voting for Ellen Corbett this year and hope she wins in June and November.


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