Abel Guillen puts on his Running Shoes; Declares Run for Oakland District 2 Race

Abel Guillen, left, during a candidate’s forum in 2012. Guillen announced Wednesday he’s running for the Oakland City Council and with the endorsement of his former opponent Rob Bonta, right. PHOTO/Shane Bond

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | DISTRICT 2 | Abel Guillen announced on Facebook today that he’s running for the open District 2 seat on the Oakland City Council. Guillen, an elected member of the Peralta Community College Board of Trustees since 2006, is the fifth declared candidate in the November council race.

“I simply love this city. Oakland has played big role in my life, shaping my character and instilling my dedication to community service. Oakland’s challenges are many and varied, but the solutions lie in our neighborhoods, our communities, our schools and the people of our city. I want to make District 2 an example of how we can move Oakland forward, together and build together,” said Guillen in a press release…


14 thoughts on “Abel Guillen puts on his Running Shoes; Declares Run for Oakland District 2 Race

  1. 8:57, As I mentioned, politics is unpredictable, so there is nothing in my comments in which I indicated that Abel chances are 100 percent. However, I think that the odds are strongly in his favor at this point. But it is still quite early.


  2. Tyron…Go walk with Dana King and see the response she is getting, envisioning his loss will clear right up for you.


  3. Abel chances of being elected are probably about 95 percent. He just barely lost the 18th District Assembly race in 2012, and he ran a clean and positive campaign. Politics is by its nature, very unpredictable, but I just have a hard time envisioning Abel losing this race.


  4. Anonymous–nice metrics. You ought to be the next Nate Silver with predicting a lock to win. If Abel moved to Alameda to run for city council, Bonta's endorsement might give him a lock in that town. But Abel moved into Oakland D2, not Alameda….though that might be next for the mobile Abel.


  5. In the Assembly Race Abel won Oaktown easily and with Bonta's endorsement is a absolute lock to win this seat.


  6. Abel Guillen Pop Quiz. In Abel's press release announcing his candidacy the campaign stated as a community college trustee, Abel “has represented a large portion of District 2”

    1) How much of Abel's Peralta College district overlaps with District 2.
    a. One residential block
    b. One quarter of the district
    c. Half the district
    d. A large portion
    2. When did Abel move into District 2?
    a. Last week
    b. Last month
    c. Last year
    d. A large portion

    Answers: 1-a (there is one residential block that straddles both districts near the Lake Chalet), 2-a. (Last week, Oaklanders watched Abel with his movers as he moved into that one block) If you answered d–a large portion, we want to see what kind of diet you are on.


  7. Rob is very astute. He knows supporting Abel now will ensure Abel never runs against him for State Senate or Congress. Expect Bonta to back Abel full force.


  8. Saint Rob won't help Mr. Lardo. I know he won't walk. More like roll up and down the hills in San Antonio area streets.


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