Departing Mayor Sweeney gave to Halliday, Salinas Campaigns, not Zermeño

Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney: no 
invite, no donation.

HAYWARD | MAYOR | Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney made small contributions to the campaigns of two of the candidates hoping to replace him this June, but not the third, who like the others, is a colleague on the City Council.

Since the beginning of the year, Sweeney contributed $198 to the mayoral campaign of Councilmember Barbara Halliday’s campaign and $150 to Councilmember Mark Salinas’ campaign, according to finance reports released this week. That leaves out Councilmember Francisco Zermeño, who is also running for the seat.

Voters shouldn’t look too much into the matter, said Sweeney, Zermeño simply didn’t invite him to one of his fundraisers. “I told each of them when they have a fundraiser, send me something and, if I can’t attend, I’ll send some money. I never got anything from Francisco,” Sweeney said with a shrug following Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Francisco Zermeño

Zermeño declined to comment, but wrote one word in a response on Facebook: “Interesting.”

When Salinas was asked about the potential slight against Zermeño’s campaign, he, too, declined to comment, but grinned, nonetheless. Halliday was absent from Tuesday night’s meeting following the recent passing of her mother.

Upon announcing he would not seek re-election last year for a third consecutive term, Sweeney made clear he would not make an endorsement in the race. All three candidates have respected Sweeney’s wishes, he said, and have not since made overtures for his endorsement. A fourth candidate, Rakesh Kumar Christian, is also a candidate for mayor.