State Senate Candidate Kuo Continues Rapid Rise in the Republican Party

Peter Kuo with Republican South Carolina
Gov. Nikki Haley, center.

STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT | The rise of Peter Kuo may be a sign the California Republican Party is done with sticking its collective heads in the sand when it comes to the state’s changing demographics.

In just five months, Kuo has risen from obscurity to catching the attention of Republican party leaders. On Thursday, Kuo was named co-chair of Republican lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Ron Nehring’s campaign and head of the campaign’s Asian American coalition.

“Peter Kuo is part of a new generation of Republican leaders who are working hard every day to provide a better alternative to what we see in Sacramento today, and I’m excited to have Peter join our team,” said Nehring.

Kuo, a first-time candidate who is running along with Democrats Mary Hayashi and Bob Wieckowski for the open 10th State Senate seat, procured the audience of high-ranking state Republican officials after some in the party came to the realization his chances of finishing in the top-two primary penciled out positively. Republicans believe Kuo stands a chance to entice independent voters from the South Bay’s large Asian American population.

In addition, Kuo has deftly used SCA-5, an attempt by Democrats in the Assembly to roll back Proposition 209, the measure passed by voters in 1996, in part, ending affirmative action at state universities. Tinkering with Prop. 209 is deeply opposed by a good portion of Asian American voters in the 10th State Senate District reaching from Castro Valley to San Jose.

In addition, the Asian American demographic makes up a large portion of those enrolled in state colleges. There are also signs dissatisfaction with the issue among Asian American voters reaches across party and ideological lines. Subsequently, Democrats in the Assembly felt increased pressure from these groups and effectively shelved the issue for the time being.

13 thoughts on “State Senate Candidate Kuo Continues Rapid Rise in the Republican Party

  1. Completely right, numerous don't need or consideration to join any gatherings any longer. Individuals are going autonomous in light of the fact that we are sick of partisan loyalty poor. Democrats and Republicans are the greater part of the same of two inverse extremes.
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  2. We agree Kuo is getting a lot of votes from his stance of SCA5, most of them are independent, no party, and many first time voters.


  3. I agree. He fiscally conservative as a small business owner, and more moderate than most Republicans. I like his stance on SCA-5, and think it will resonate with most voters. Would be interesting to see someone other than a liberal Dem win this seat.


  4. People are going independent because we are tired of party line crap. Democrats and Republicans are all of the same of two opposite extremes.


  5. Keep your eye on the press and Mr. Kuo's social media activity. He is a Republican yes, but very practical and a great representative of his district. He has a strong alternative energy background, believes in protecting the environment without catastrophic business killing measures, focus on fiscal issues, education issues etc… He is a perfect example of where the GOP “Should” be going. A vote for independent in that district is a vote for far left Dems. Kuo is at least in the center of the spectrum. Great piece by Tavares.


  6. Totally correct, many don't want or care to join any parties anymore. Too left, too right, too crazy.

    Agree, Kuo does have good chance to win.


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