Rep. Swalwell Boasts No Other Freshman Dem Passed More Bills Than His One

Swalwell said he leads all freshman 
Democrats in bills passed with one.

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Offering fun facts and figures meant to add beef to his flimsy patty of work has been a hallmark of Rep. Eric Swalwell’s first term. In fact, he includes a running scoreboard on his congressional Web site boasting to have flown over 350,000 miles, attending 800 meetings in the district and holding 13 town hall meetings since January 2013. He offered another superfluous fact last Saturday in Alameda.

“I have passed more bills than any freshman Democrat in the Congress,” Swalwell told the Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus. “It’s a divided Congress, but no other freshman Democrat has passed more bills than me. Now, only three others have passed a bill in Congress, but I am working to stand up for this community.”

Translation: Swalwell is currently in a four-way tie for most bills passed by rookie Democrats in the House with a grand total of one. President Obama signed legislation authored by Swalwell last month allowing donations to the Filipino typhoon relief fund be included on taxpayers’ 2013 returns.

Other freshman passing bills in the 113th Congress include Rep. Dennis Heck’s (D-Wash.) Reverse Mortgage Stabilization Act of 2013 that deleted a period and added “and” to existing legislation, in addition, to a paragraph urging the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to improve fiscal safety for mortgagees.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s (D-HI) Helping Heroes Fly Act allows expedited airport screening of severely injured and disabled veterans and Rep. Ann Kuster’s (D-N.H.) bill named the air traffic control center in Nashua, N.H. after Patricia Clark.

The uninspiring list of legislation is no surprise given the entire Congress in 2013 passed the least number of bills in U.S. history. Incidentally, Swalwell’s predecessor, Pete Stark, also passed just one piece of legislation during his first term in 1973-1974.

17 thoughts on “Rep. Swalwell Boasts No Other Freshman Dem Passed More Bills Than His One

  1. We can't support novices either who don't know what they are doing and are in way over their head. That's why we will be supporting Ellen Corbett.

    Since Eric has authored no significant legislation in Washington, We'll take Ellen Corbett who has authored significant legislation to help the environment, women, consumers, seniors, children, education, etc. It sounds like you will too.


  2. These are the benefits he has taken away stooge/staffer.

    Swalwell's chances of winning have disappeared with lie after lie. What matters to local voters are articles like the Citizens “Swalwell's Pay To Hire Problem” or Swalwell voting to cut off unemployment benefits to now over 2 million Americans including now over 225,000 veterans and then taking his pay after saying he wouldn't. District voters will vote for Ellen Corbett because this congressman has no feeling for his average constituent.

    Swalwell's the one sucking off the treasury and doing nothing for those of us who aren't rich! Ellen Corbett by contrast has authored bill after bill that has helped consumers, seniors, veterans, children, i.e. the average American


  3. You all mean you'll take some lying welfare advocating low-life like Ellen Corbett so you can suck free government money off of people who work for a living.


  4. If lying and flip-flopping on issue after issue is good work, you are a bigger liar than our Congressman. Hayward will be voting for Ellen Corbett and you know it. We trust her not your boss.


  5. We'll take Ellen Corbett who cares about families and ordinary citizens. Then she goes out and authors bill after bill that helps us that work for a living, and bill after bill for those of us who are struggling to make ends meet.

    In contrast our current Congressman has authored no bills to help us ordinary citizens. He does try and scare us with terror alerts to compensate for doing nothing to help us. wish Swalwell staffers would quit posting on this blog. At least they don't try and defend his lies. They just try and change the subject.


  6. The only thing Swalwell is better at is lies as Tavares has pointed out on many occasions. Oh, and I'm not counting all his flip-flops as lies. Voting for Ellen Corbett because I trust her more. Now we're agreed!


  7. More accomplished at redecorating San Leandro city hall and sticking it to the taxpayers.

    We're agreed!


  8. Well we know one foul-mouthed sexist is for Swalwell, but most of the rest of us will vote for Ellen Corbett who is a more accomplished legislator.


  9. Swalwell has 10 times as many cheesy youtube videos as he does bill passed. He should trumpet that more!

    Corbett for Congress for an actual legislator


  10. I'm amazed at the ignorance of some of these posters – it is extremely hard to get a bill signed into law at the federal level – ask BLee, Honda or MCcNerney how many bills they have signed. It is much easier at the state level.

    Swalwell is doing a great job with wide support from labor, Silicon Valley, and individual supporters. Swalwell has raised about $275,000 per quarter as opposed to Corbett's $38,000. I guess 20 years of her bills and votes aren't worth much!!


  11. Since Eric has authored no significant legislation in Washington, I'll take Ellen Corbett who has authored significant legislation to help the environment, women, consumers, seniors, children, education, etc.


  12. Wouldn't it be nicer if Swalwell's first bill benefited his America constituents? Yeah Eric, I know some of your constituents are Filipino and it benefits their relatives and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about yourself.

    How about benefiting my unemployed husband who lives in your district instead of voting to cut off his benefits like you did? Shame on you!


  13. Thank you, congressman.

    We'll be voting for you again. Keep up the good work, Eric!

    Hayward has your back.


  14. Big Shot Nick, If you had ten professional campaign managers and you gave them each $10,000 and told them they had to bet it all on the winner in the district race, 10 out of 10 would place their money on Swalwell.

    Now, that is not how their politics might lean, but that is how they would bet if forced to put their $10,000 on one candidate.


  15. 350,000 miles flown…what happened to his virtual office?

    According to The Nature Conservancy, that's 760000 Tons of CO2 – not a very friendly green lib, now is he.

    800 meetings = CO2 released by cars getting to the meeting.

    “allowing donations to the Filipino typhoon relief fund be included on taxpayers’ 2013 returns.”

    Seriously…just let people donate on their own – they do, they have and they will always – this did not require the President.

    Keep it up Eric. You're making it easier for even a Republican to beat you.


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