Moneyball: East Bay First Quarter Congressional Finance Reports

Rep. Mike Honda crosses the
$1 million threshold.

CONGRESS | CAMPAIGN FINANCE | The candidates are official and well-financed candidates in three local congressional races are getting ready to spend their campaign largess. All three incumbents have the money to defend their re-election, while a young upstart continues to fascinate political pundits nationally with a large, albeit slowly shrinking, fundraising advantage.

CA17 Money continues to flow, but, for the first time, it’s Rep. Mike Honda rolling in more of it. Honda reported $689,000 in receipts this year. That’s more than his last two reporting periods combined. Symbolically, his relatively low amount of disbursements allowed Honda to cross over the $1 million mark in cash banked. Ro Khanna’s finance report is no slouch, either. Khanna is beginning to put his money to the test. The $467,000 spent over the first quarter of this year is easily the most he has laid out since joining the race. His last three finance reports have also been relatively consistent. However, it’s hard to beat the stunning $1.04 million he received in the July 2013 report. In addition, Republican Vanila Singh performed well in her first full reporting period since jumping into the race last December.

CA 17…….End Cash….1Q-In…….1Q-Out
KHANNA……$1,948,833  $467,252  $494,883
HONDA…….$1,083,690  $689,887  $229,186
SINGH…….$  300,422  $224,110  $ 30,973 report filed

CA15 Rep. Eric Swalwell’s campaign finance ledger has been quite consistent over the past three reporting cycles. His haul of over $273,000 from the beginning of the year to Mar. 31 is nearly identical to reports during the last half of 2013. However, the campaign appears to be ramping up its spending. Over the last three months, Swalwell spent more than all of the last three cycles combined. Meanwhile, Corbett reported just $34,000 in contributions–her lowest total since the October 2013 report. It follows her best showing last December when she posted contributions of $91,000.

CA 15…….End Cash..1Q-In…..1Q-Out

SWALWELL….$922,581  $273,834  $174,614
CORBETT…..$208,005  $ 34,007  $ 34,660
BUSSELL…..$  1,950  $  4,140  $  2,190

CA13 Again, Rep. Barbara Lee is facing a group of untested challengers for her re-election. Nevertheless, Lee is a big spender. Over the last year, her campaign has disbursed nearly $572,000, including $92,940 to the Democratic Party Congressional Committee. You might call it tribute to the House leadership.

CA 13…….End Cash..1Q-In…..1Q-Out

LEE………$127,721  $148,950  $122,476
SUNDEEN…..$  2,014  $  4,240  $  2,226
JELINCIC….$    414  $  2,085  $  1,840
ALLEN…….no report filed

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