MEDIA | ANALYSIS |The Bay Area News Groups version of political endorsements is here, or, better understood as an editorial staff of one filing out a page on an anti-worker edition of Mad Libs. On Wednesday it somewhat surprisingly passed over Democratic apostate Steve Glazer in favor of Republican Catharine Baker in Contra Costa County’s tough 16th Assembly District.

The money would have been on Glazer taking the endorsement after he continually hit all the requisite anti-worker notes, while creating another catchy tune for the corporate conservative paper to employ—banning union endorsement questionnaires. The taste makers at the San Francisco Chronicle even saw a potential chart topper in that one. But, BANG said it thought long and hard and, instead, picked Baker by a nose over Glazer.

Sbranti, however, is a union hack, the editorial suggested. The more interesting dilemma with Sbranti is questions whether organized labor and its independent expenditure committees will ultimately get what they bargained for in Sbranti. Dublin, the young Tri Valley city Sbranti leads, is hardly known as a bastion of union activity.

And then, there’s Danville Mayor Newell Arnerich. That guy, well, he’s doesn’t understand the severity of the pension problem in the state, opined BANG. It’s the same context this editorial staff of one (Daniel Borenstein) uses on every single candidate who disagrees with the state of employee pension liabilities. Arnerich probably wasn’t too forceful in his views during the editorial meeting. If he was, the next sentence would have been disparaging.

To prove the theory the Bay Area’s corporate newspapers all have their hands on the same cock. Across the bay, the Chronicle is operating on a similarly, but false sense of superiority. The Chronicle’s John Diaz in fact was sitting on his high pony last week when he cried in print about Rep. Mike Honda forcing him to work on Sunday. Diaz’s first-world problems don’t concern us any more than the fact he shops in the boy’s department at J.C. Penney’s.

As in 2012, when the paper had it in for Pete Stark, they are doing the same with Honda. However, it is proving far more difficult with Honda not giving his opponent any free ammunition. The Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci is trying, though. Last week, she reported Honda does not live in the congressional district, hardly a news flash to anybody in the area. In fact, a front page story stating Honda is of Japanese descent would have been more shocking.

And once again, this is the problem with the corporate media and how today they make endorsements based upon scant reporting and knowledge of the area. Neither of these paper have had boots on the ground anywhere in the East Bay for about a decade. What’s their true perspective? It’s more like someone who went on vacation in the Ukraine 10 years ago and found Kiev absolutely delightful in the spring. Meanwhile, without any connection to the place in subsequent years, that same person just assumes the Ukraine today is as safe and harmonious as it was back in 2004. Of course, it’s a whole lot different now.