Wieckowski Releases Hard-Hitting Website Attacking Hayashi

Bob Wieckowski, Mary Hayashi

STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT | Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski is coming out punching. His campaign released a Web site this weekend dedicated to 10th State Senate District opponent Mary Hayashi’s three year old shoplifting incident. The campaign is not distancing itself from the site, named mugshotmary.com.

The site features Hayashi’s infamous mug shot along with headlines and corresponding newspaper links to Oct. 25, 2011 arrest. A colorful graphic explaining the incident is also included for users to share on various social media platforms. A second page attempts to link Hayashi’s transgression to the notorious trio of state senators recently accused or convicted in the Legislature’s upper house.

Wieckowski’s campaign manager Mark Goodwin, citing an internal poll that found Hayashi’s negatives “off the charts,” said the decision was made to strongly highlight Hayashi’s shoplifting arrest at a Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. She later plead guilty to a misdemeanor and received three year’s probation ending in 2015 and a fine of $180.

“I guess when you don’t have something good to say about yourself, you have to tear down others,” said Josh Pulliam, Hayashi’s campaign consultant. He believes the “tone and tenor” of the site has “racist and sexist overtones” because every person pictured, including Hayashi and the three state senators, is a minority. “I think it’s telling his first thing out is a personal attack like this,” said Pulliam. “What does that say about his character?”

In addition, Pulliam said an assertion made on the site that Hayashi never apologized for the incident is “completely false and they know it.” In fact, Hayashi has apologized numerous times all the way back to her run for Alameda County supervisor two years ago and as recently as the local Democratic Party pre-endorsement meeting in February.

The strategy to directly attack Hayashi’s negatives in such a strong and deliberate fashion is completely opposite to the plan Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle employed in their 2012 race. Aside from a few negative comments, Valle chose, instead, to let the issue fester on its own. He went on to win re-election in November, while Hayashi finished a distant third.

UPDATE Mark Goodwin, Wieckowski’s campaign manager responded Saturday to the assertion from Hayashi’s team that the Web site it released this weekend has racist and sexist overtones. “Shoplifting luxury goods isn’t a women’s issue; it’s not a race issue; it’s a character issue. Mary Hayashi has never apologized for shoplifting. She’s apologized for the negative press.”

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  1. It is neither sexist nor racist to call out Hayashi for her crimes. She's a convicted shoplifter. She has a mug shot for god sake.


  2. Wow! a convicted shoplifter, big deal. What other heinous crimes has she committed. To bad people do not focus on legislative accomplishments.


  3. Please all you folks focused on shoplifting “get a life”. I am not necessarily a Hayashi supporter but this silliness has taken on a remarkable life and has nothing to do with how the candidates will represent us in the future.


  4. 9:05,
    “this silliness has taken on a remarkable life and has nothing to do with how the candidates will represent us in the future”

    You are completely wrong. It has everything to do with how she will represent us.

    You seem more than willing to overlook the character flaw in Mary Hayashi. The character flaw that allows her to stand before us today and continue telling a lie about her crime.
    To this day, she continues to tell a complete lie about the crime she committed. She continues with the 'cover-up'.

    If you know California law you would know that for the crime of felony grand theft shoplifting or even plead out case of misdemeanor shoplifting, one of essential elements of the crime is intent. As the San Francisco District Attorney said about Mary's crime, “there is no crime without intent”.
    It is the burden of the prosecution to prove intent beyond a reasonable doubt.
    When you accept a plea deal, a conviction, a admission of guilt, you accept that your admission admits intent.
    Because without intent, under California law, there is no crime. You are innocent without intent.

    BTW, the district attorney said publicly that they had “plenty of proof of intent” in Mary's crime.
    Witnesses, complete video tape, the extra NM bag she brought into the store from home, and on and on.

    So the PROBLEM we have with Mary extends well beyond the day of the theft.
    In fact what really makes people even more disgusted with Mary is that after leaving the court room having taken a plea deal, she walks out the door and immediately begin publicly telling everyone that her crime was all unintentional. That it was a absentminded oversight.
    That she was just busy on her cell phone and forgot to pay for the expensive clothing,, but somehow remembered to pay for a few cheaper items.

    She has repeated this claim of just being distracted on her cell phone for 2.5 years.
    All the evidence…. the same overwhelming evidence that the District Attorney spoke about, proves that Mary is lying.
    Yet she comes before the voters, asking them to elect her as their representative.

    She has no character. She is a proven liar. She is unfit for office, no matter how well you think she will operate in the halls of Sacramento.
    She is as disgusting as the other three senators now on suspension.
    Why start out giving a proven crook and liar a 4 year term in office.

    I find your acceptance of Mary lying to you as proof of how low some people's standards have fallen.

    Or please, tell us that you fully believe Mary's story.
    Then tell us why she instead admitted guilt to a crime that she now denies having any intent to commit?
    A crime that does not exist without intent.

    Your logic is without explanation unless you simply don't care if Mary continues to lie to the people she wants to represent.


  5. She is a shoplifting criminal who doesn't deserve to ever hold another public office.


  6. Mary Hayashi is a racist. Just look at her stance on the issues.


  7. Son, answer me this: What use of public funds? You have a young lady, Bob's staffer, that took protected medical leave. What in the name of all that is holy does that have to do with Wieckowski? He's got my vote.
    You're friends must be desperate if that's what they're trying to chase after.


  8. Mary's got balls and NO BRAIN. Go away Mary.


  9. The Oakland Tribune says we should vote for Wieckowski even though he isn't any good. I am tired of voting for the least terrible candidates. Let's go for not voting anyone at all into office. Do no harm is better than this.


  10. The SF Chronicle Endorses Bob Wieckowski and said:

    “Honestly, It's Not a Close Call”

    He is the ONLY competent one!


  11. I will never vote these 2 clowns.

    Go Peter Kuo!


  12. The polls have Wieckowski in front with Hayashi second. My husband and I voted for Bob by absentee to stop Mary and send her a message that we don't tolerate criminal acts and the lies that followed.


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