Wieckowski Releases Hard-Hitting Website Attacking Hayashi

Bob Wieckowski, Mary Hayashi

STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT | Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski is coming out punching. His campaign released a Web site this weekend dedicated to 10th State Senate District opponent Mary Hayashi’s three year old shoplifting incident. The campaign is not distancing itself from the site, named mugshotmary.com.

The site features Hayashi’s infamous mug shot along with headlines and corresponding newspaper links to Oct. 25, 2011 arrest. A colorful graphic explaining the incident is also included for users to share on various social media platforms. A second page attempts to link Hayashi’s transgression to the notorious trio of state senators recently accused or convicted in the Legislature’s upper house.

Wieckowski’s campaign manager Mark Goodwin, citing an internal poll that found Hayashi’s negatives “off the charts,” said the decision was made to strongly highlight Hayashi’s shoplifting arrest at a Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. She later plead guilty to a misdemeanor and received three year’s probation ending in 2015 and a fine of $180.

“I guess when you don’t have something good to say about yourself, you have to tear down others,” said Josh Pulliam, Hayashi’s campaign consultant. He believes the “tone and tenor” of the site has “racist and sexist overtones” because every person pictured, including Hayashi and the three state senators, is a minority. “I think it’s telling his first thing out is a personal attack like this,” said Pulliam. “What does that say about his character?”

In addition, Pulliam said an assertion made on the site that Hayashi never apologized for the incident is “completely false and they know it.” In fact, Hayashi has apologized numerous times all the way back to her run for Alameda County supervisor two years ago and as recently as the local Democratic Party pre-endorsement meeting in February.

The strategy to directly attack Hayashi’s negatives in such a strong and deliberate fashion is completely opposite to the plan Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle employed in their 2012 race. Aside from a few negative comments, Valle chose, instead, to let the issue fester on its own. He went on to win re-election in November, while Hayashi finished a distant third.

UPDATE Mark Goodwin, Wieckowski’s campaign manager responded Saturday to the assertion from Hayashi’s team that the Web site it released this weekend has racist and sexist overtones. “Shoplifting luxury goods isn’t a women’s issue; it’s not a race issue; it’s a character issue. Mary Hayashi has never apologized for shoplifting. She’s apologized for the negative press.”

63 thoughts on “Wieckowski Releases Hard-Hitting Website Attacking Hayashi

  1. The polls have Wieckowski in front with Hayashi second. My husband and I voted for Bob by absentee to stop Mary and send her a message that we don't tolerate criminal acts and the lies that followed.


  2. The SF Chronicle Endorses Bob Wieckowski and said:

    “Honestly, It's Not a Close Call”

    He is the ONLY competent one!


  3. The Oakland Tribune says we should vote for Wieckowski even though he isn't any good. I am tired of voting for the least terrible candidates. Let's go for not voting anyone at all into office. Do no harm is better than this.


  4. Son, answer me this: What use of public funds? You have a young lady, Bob's staffer, that took protected medical leave. What in the name of all that is holy does that have to do with Wieckowski? He's got my vote.
    You're friends must be desperate if that's what they're trying to chase after.


  5. She is a shoplifting criminal who doesn't deserve to ever hold another public office.


  6. 9:05,
    “this silliness has taken on a remarkable life and has nothing to do with how the candidates will represent us in the future”

    You are completely wrong. It has everything to do with how she will represent us.

    You seem more than willing to overlook the character flaw in Mary Hayashi. The character flaw that allows her to stand before us today and continue telling a lie about her crime.
    To this day, she continues to tell a complete lie about the crime she committed. She continues with the 'cover-up'.

    If you know California law you would know that for the crime of felony grand theft shoplifting or even plead out case of misdemeanor shoplifting, one of essential elements of the crime is intent. As the San Francisco District Attorney said about Mary's crime, “there is no crime without intent”.
    It is the burden of the prosecution to prove intent beyond a reasonable doubt.
    When you accept a plea deal, a conviction, a admission of guilt, you accept that your admission admits intent.
    Because without intent, under California law, there is no crime. You are innocent without intent.

    BTW, the district attorney said publicly that they had “plenty of proof of intent” in Mary's crime.
    Witnesses, complete video tape, the extra NM bag she brought into the store from home, and on and on.

    So the PROBLEM we have with Mary extends well beyond the day of the theft.
    In fact what really makes people even more disgusted with Mary is that after leaving the court room having taken a plea deal, she walks out the door and immediately begin publicly telling everyone that her crime was all unintentional. That it was a absentminded oversight.
    That she was just busy on her cell phone and forgot to pay for the expensive clothing,, but somehow remembered to pay for a few cheaper items.

    She has repeated this claim of just being distracted on her cell phone for 2.5 years.
    All the evidence…. the same overwhelming evidence that the District Attorney spoke about, proves that Mary is lying.
    Yet she comes before the voters, asking them to elect her as their representative.

    She has no character. She is a proven liar. She is unfit for office, no matter how well you think she will operate in the halls of Sacramento.
    She is as disgusting as the other three senators now on suspension.
    Why start out giving a proven crook and liar a 4 year term in office.

    I find your acceptance of Mary lying to you as proof of how low some people's standards have fallen.

    Or please, tell us that you fully believe Mary's story.
    Then tell us why she instead admitted guilt to a crime that she now denies having any intent to commit?
    A crime that does not exist without intent.

    Your logic is without explanation unless you simply don't care if Mary continues to lie to the people she wants to represent.


  7. Please all you folks focused on shoplifting “get a life”. I am not necessarily a Hayashi supporter but this silliness has taken on a remarkable life and has nothing to do with how the candidates will represent us in the future.


  8. Wow! a convicted shoplifter, big deal. What other heinous crimes has she committed. To bad people do not focus on legislative accomplishments.


  9. It is neither sexist nor racist to call out Hayashi for her crimes. She's a convicted shoplifter. She has a mug shot for god sake.


  10. There are many good reasons why Bob Wieckowski is the only candidate in the race that's endorsed by the California Democratic Party.

    It's pretty ridiculous that this article took a pro Mary Hayashi stance.


  11. How on earth is this racist? The ads show her mug shot from when she was arrested for something she did.

    She stole and stole a lot and than lied and lied and lied. Hell, the store was on the look out for her because she stole a dress the week before.


  12. I dunno, she's pretty dirty and has lots of money. Unfortunately, this is a case study about dirty money in politics.

    Rumor has it that Mary Hayashi and her husband are swingers and Mary sleeps with union officials for funds.

    If you ever see her in public, look at who she's hanging out with and how close she gets to many men. She's disturbingly hand's on.


  13. I don't think it is racist at all to call her out for being a criminal. I think the comment at 10:04 is racist and sets us all back by defending a criminal.


  14. Another campaign staffer comment at 10:04. You better save your time walking precincts because Mary is toast. Mary…if you can't do the time…don't do the crime!


  15. I just saw the website and it really looks very racist. Shame on you Bob Weickowski. I am Chinese-American, and to me or any asian that is how it appears. I will not vote for a racist politician.


  16. Bob Weickowski is the only one who has a chance at beating Mary and Mary's campaign team knows that. I'll be voting for Bob. Mary would crush Kuo in a run-off. Bob would beat Mary in a run-off. Anyone with a modicum of political savvy knows that.


  17. The people saying this is racist and sexist are racist and sexist. Its racist for suggesting that all Asian Americans are criminals because two have been involved in crimes mentioned on the website. Its sexist for coming to the rescue of an otherwise strong woman who can fend for herself and commit crimes for herself and does not need cries of sexism to defend her – that's classic sexism. Finally its racist again for suggesting that there is any pattern whatsoever here: Leland Yee is Chinese American and Mary Hayashi is Korean American. The Mary Hayashi campaign is totally racist and despicable. I was undecided but now I'm voting for Kuo.


  18. When they start charging you with racism and sexism then you know they are grasping at straws.

    Then when they start labeling you as “another white male”, you know they have run out of rational responses.


  19. Oh boy, the Hayashi troops are on a full court press to fend off the details of her past.

    I love the reasoning involved in one of their two main themes. That being, that we have to allow for criminals to have a second chance.
    Lets examine what they are saying and how it applies to the Mary Hayashi case.

    Here are their quotes
    #1. “We all make mistakes and this issues needs to be put to rest.”
    #2. “Since Bob is attacking Mary and will not let her past go, it seems to imply that he does not believe in mistakes and second chances. Is this how he feels about all criminals? “

    Two good points, but how do they fit in with Mary's crime and subsequent behavior?

    — Well, yes, facing almost certain conviction for felony grand theft, Mary took a plea deal and a sentence of 3 years probation for her crime. A crime, which for both the felony and misdemeanor case, there is a essential element of “intent” according to the California law. That point was explained publicly by San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón when talking about the Mary Hayashi case. He said, “we had plenty of evidence to prove intent”.

    So after taking her plea deal, Mary exits the court, arm and arm with her lawyer, who immediately tells the reporters that Mary has a brain tumor and that may have caused her to steal the goods (unintentionally)

    Three days later, on January 9th, 2012, Mary herself, issues a press release from her Sacramento office.

    In it, she denies “intent”…one of the critical elements in the crime she has just been convicted of.

    She says it several times

    #1 “The simple fact is I unintentionally walked out of a store with items I had not paid for”
    #2 “Of course, I intended to purchase what I had, but I didn’t.”
    #3 ““There were a number of personal factors that led to the situation where I made this absentminded error.”

    Later, in July of 2012, Mary again denies “intent” , telling Josh Richmond, that she was distracted on her cell phone and that is why she forgot to pay.

    Over and over, Mary denies intentionally doing the crime.
    A crime where “intent” is a essential element for conviction.
    Without intent, California law says you are innocent.

    We are willing to, as you say, to “let her past go” and “believe in mistakes and second chances” if Mary will just stop telling the public that she never intentionally did the crime.
    Remember, California law says there is NO crime without intent, and Mary, over and over, year after year, denies she ever intended to commit the crime for which she was convicted.

    Just say it Mary…. for once, admit you planned and carried out the crime.
    The evidence, including the hidden bag you used, all point to the element of intent. The very intent you keep denying.
    As DA Gascon said, “we had plenty of evidence to prove intent”

    So that is why we won't let it go. Mary has yet to come clean and publicly admit to her guilt (intent)
    As such, continuing the lie, she is unfit for office.

    Now, Mary supporters, can you please tell the rest of us why Mary continues to deny the key element of the crime?
    Why in the world did she accept guilt if there was indeed no intent involved?
    It makes no sense. Her husband is a judge. Surely he understands California law as it pertains to the elements of the crime of grand theft shoplifting.

    Or don't you even care that she continues to lie about the crime? Let us know.


  20. Since Bob is attacking Mary and will not let her past go, it seems to imply that he does not believe in mistakes and second chances. Is this how he feels about all criminals?

    Also, he needs to take down the negative website and run a clean and fair campaign like Mary is doing.


  21. First of all, the website Robert Wieckowski, a.k.a “Bob” created is absurd. As an elected State Assemblymember and lawyer is he seriously going to spend time and money on a website that clusters and targets corruption among minorities? Are you freaking kidding me!

    Her mistake is minimal compared to gun trafficking, voter fraud, and bribery. We all make mistakes and this issues needs to be put to rest.

    I agree with a commenter above, why is he not targeting white males? Oh, I know, because he is white! His website is a waste of time and money. If he is seriously spending his money on a bogus website, imagine how he is spending it now??

    Secondly, his website is racist and sexist. Why? Because he targets people of color and Mary is the only female. Get over yourself Bob!

    Oh, by the way the population for the Senate seat he is running for is primarily made of a diverse population like Mexicans, Asians, Middle Easterners, and African Americans. Why should we allow another white male to categorize and label us? Haven't we had enough years and centuries of segregation, labelization, and alienation?

    He obviously does not understand the role of a Senator or lawyer.
    As a lawyer he should be objective and not subjective and defensive. His personal attack scares me, and I can't wait to see the skeleton in his closet.

    Mary has my support and respect because she has passed legislation that actually supports the needs and interests of her constituents. As an Assemblymember she held several events like Health Fairs, Career Fairs, and even participated as a commencement speaker at a community college. She understands the importance and values of family, education, and diversity.


  22. Bob Wiecowski failed to mention Mike Duvall, Tim Donelley, and Tom Berryhill because they're all white men. Oh wait, they're republicans! Bob Wiecowski is a joke – total empty suit. Political hack! Hope he is not successful.


  23. Bob Wiecowski is not qualified to be in the State Senate. He is attacking his opponent because he has nothing positive to say about his qualification for public office. Not to mention Bob Wiecowski's endless gifts in concert tickets from lobbyists. He went to Italy and Rome on oil companies dime in the last 2 years. He is endorsed by Alameda County Democratic Party who is under investigation for corruption. No wonder he has to attack his opponent.


  24. I am deeply offended that Hayashi is even running. What she did was not a mistake – a mistake is dropping a glass or tripping on an uneven sidewalk. Her stealing from Nieman Marcus was a willful, premeditated act. It is only by the inane ethics laws covering elected officials in California that keeps her in office. If she wanted to serve on a national office or in many other states her conviction based on plea would not be possible – high crimes and misdemeanors. I will do everything I can to make sure she is defeated once and for all.


  25. 5:24 “Racist against asians” ???

    Sorry, but who, where, when, how ? Details please so we can put a stop to it.


  26. Regarding the Update—
    “UPDATE Mark Goodwin, Wieckowski's campaign manager responded Saturday ——— Mary Hayashi has never apologized for shoplifting. She's apologized for the negative press.”

    Technically speaking, Mary “sort of” did issue a apology back on January 9th of 2012 in her initial press release after sentencing.
    However it was preceded, then followed, by two lies in the very same sentence that included the apology.

    Here is the sentence
    “I accept responsibility and I offer apologies, not excuses.”

    BUT, that sentence is preceded by a paragraph wherein she gives multiple excuses for her crime, thus deflecting any responsibility.

    Lets examine that paragraph that precedes the so-call apology with the excuses numbered like this (#1, #2, #3,)
    “After a lifetime of public service, this has been a painful experience…but one of my own making.”
    Excuse #1) –“The simple fact is I 'unintentionally' walked out of a store with items I had not paid for.”
    Excuse #2 — “Of course, I 'intended' to purchase what I had, but I didn’t.”
    Excuse #3 — “Losing track of how fast you are driving is no excuse for speeding. And losing track of clothing I was purchasing is no excuse for walking out of a store without paying.” ((Yep, shoplifting $2,450 of clothing is just like driving 45 mph in a 35 mph zone; we all do it from time to time)

    Then, after hardly taking a breath, in the same press release, Mary issues 2 more excuses (#4 and #5)

    Excuse #4– ““There were a number of personal factors that led to the situation where I made this 'absentminded' error.”

    Excuse #5 — “My medical condition may have complicated the situation,” (the much loved “brain tumor” excuse….later disavowed by Mary, saying it was the fault of her lawyer)
    [as reported by Josh Richmond July 21st, 2012]
    That entire press release here

    You simply can't make up great stuff like this. Thank God, Mary did it all for us.


  27. 10:47 PM, you are hilarious.
    You try to tie “hitting hard on Mary's arrest for felony shoplifting” with those attacking the Affordable Care Act.

    I see, highlighting Mary's felony shoplifting arrest is EQUAL to Republicans attacking the Affordable Care Act….

    Yes, a perfect analogy.

    Then you proceed with comparing Valle's actions, in 2012, the year Mary was sentenced and freshly in the news, with 2014 wherein not only 2 more years has passed, but wherein Mary is running in a area where she has never represented people or run for office. Fremont, Milpitas, San Jose, Santa Clara.
    A whole new crowd, not nearly as familiar with Mary's problem as those in the prior election district.

    So you suggest those opposing her run the same campaign as Valle did, even though the locations and the time frame are entirely different.
    What foolish advice for a candidate.

    But really, your bit about comparing Mary's felony arrest with the Affordable Care Act, was just too funny.

    Again, does it even matter to you that Mary is still lying about the circumstances and intentional involvement in her crime?
    Apparently you don't care that she chooses to lie to the voters about her crime… still covering up the true facts.

    Or as I said earlier, are you one of those rare few who really believe she didn't plan and execute her crime?
    Just happened to bring that extra hidden Neiman Marcus bag with her all the way from Hayward.
    Really, you really believe that? Or you don't care that she persists in lying about it?
    Saying what about her character?


  28. @10:47 Hmm so..3 of our fellow California Senate Democrats that Wieckowski mentioned in his website should not be prosecuted?

    We need to go after all bad politicians including Republicans then we need to go after our own bad Democrats too.


  29. People hung up on the shoplifting issue remind me of Republicans who are hung up on recalling the Affordable Care Act. It is old news and most smart people have decided to lean forward and deal with the present. Valle did not exactly leave it alone, but is a decent person who decided not to totally vilify a fellow democrat.

    How will each of the candidates help our district?


  30. As Tavares notes, Richard Valle left it alone and won easily. Why not follow precedent and let people find out about her problems on their own?


  31. 8:55, OMG, now you add to the charges of racism and sexism on Bob's part, that he is acting like the Koch brothers by bringing in what you term “negative political garbage”

    Yes, when opposing political candidate gets arrested for
    felony grand theft shoplifting, a proper candidate would just ignore it.
    Your attempts to color this in a bad light are laughable.

    I notice you don't try to make us believe that Mary Hayashi's theft was “unintentional' or only a “absentminded” blunder made while she was distracted on her cell phone.

    You don't make that claim do you? Do you?
    I see, you don't. Thus we have to assume that you know, but don't care that Mary Hayashi continues to lie about the details of her crime.
    Because, she continues to portray it as a simple unintentional oversight.

    Well, let us know the truth about which version you believe.
    After you do that, you can continue with the Koch brothers smear story line.


  32. Let's see what Bob has to offer beyond negative Koch brothers type negative political garbage. Waiting.


  33. 5;45… I love it, you seem to be spouting the foolish quote of Mary's campaign manager in the article.
    “but now he appears to be sexist and racist. “

    Tell me, where is the sexist part? All three of the suspended state senators are male? I was curious when I read it above and now you repeat the sexist thing again.
    Of course, even the racist thing is absurd, but at least I can understand how you cook it up,, but the sexist… I don't even begin to get that charge.
    Explain it Lucy…

    Now, to your other point.
    “-as if shoplifting is a crime comparable to some of the other Senate cases in question.”

    I see, Mary was arrested for Felony grand theft shoplifting of $2,450 and you think it was no big deal.
    I'd like to see you run that idea past about 200 houses if you walked a precinct in the district.
    Try to see what the working folks think about that one, especially in light of Mary's subsequent claims that she was just on her cell phone and got distracted.

    Oh my… they'll love that explanation….and I'm sure they won't find it unusual that Mary brought the fancy Neiman Marcus shopping bag all the way from Hayward….out of her car,… into the store,….into the dressing room… then filling it with clothing, before walking out without paying (though paying for some inexpensive items at the same time)
    Just forgot about the other bag of stuff…. the bag she sneaked into the dressing room.

    You are right, Mary's well planned caper is nothing like the other guys crimes.
    I'm sure the voters will overlook it…. sure the will.


  34. She is a straight up crook. The fact that she is even running for office and being taken seriously is crazy. How can her consultant even take her seriously?


  35. 4:52, I couldn't disagree more. Go to Fremont, or Milpitas, or Santa Clara. Go to a street and knock on the first 10 doors of residences.
    Tell them you want to know what they think about Mary Hayashi.
    9 out of 10 houses will say “Who?

    Most people don't follow this stuff closely, If they were once aware, they have now forgotten unless reminded of Mary's problems and past criminal activity.
    Further, Mary has never been run for office or represented half of this newly drawn district.
    It now goes to all of Fremont, Milpitas, part of San Jose and even into Santa Clara; places where Mary has never represented anyone.
    I can assure you those folks are only knowing about Mary Hayashi when reminded of her arrest and sentencing.
    A light will go off… “Oh that Mary Hayashi”

    So you are way off base, because for those voters this in not “old news” as you describe it.
    I'm betting that the vast majority of folks, when reminded that one candidate is currently serving a 3 year probation sentence for shoplifting $2,450, it will affect their vote.

    Lastly, when you say the politics of personal destruction are a real turn off, why do you suppose political professionals use it? Because it works.
    Hard to find a more vulnerable issue than having your candidate's mug shot on exhibit… along with the fact they are still serving their 3 year probation sentence.

    NO, this is not only a effective issue, but also a very fair issue to be used.
    It goes directly to the core of her honesty, morals, judgement and fitness for office.
    Used properly it should be very effective.
    That it follows on the heels of 3 state senators being suspended, only improves the impact.


  36. Tell us something we don't know! Yeah, Mary made a mistake, but who hasn't? This is a cheap shot that is creating bigger issues for Bob. I heard he is a womanizer, but now he appears to be sexist and racist. I'm wondering if he will even fight for issues on behalf of women and minorities? He's so concerned about attacking an issue of shoplifting–as if shoplifting is a crime comparable to some of the other Senate cases in question.


  37. To 1:53. Can't imagine that the general public isn't aware of all the press and other statements regarding this matter. This is old news. I want to know how my elected officials plan to serve me in the future and what they have done in their role as an elected official to support their future agenda. Would be great if the guys running could offer something more than old garbage as their political agenda. The politics of personal destruction of your opponent is a real turn off.


  38. 11:32
    ” Regrettable that the public is only focused on this one incident and it may indeed evoke sympathy for Mary. “

    Not many in the public are thinking about this. That is why it is important to raise the issue again.
    As to evoking sympathy for Mary, I doubt that will be the case when they realize that Mary has never admitted her “volition” in the act of theft.
    Rather she has continued to portray the shoplifting as a “unintentional” act that could easily happen to anyone busy chatting on their cell phone.

    The average person is not so foolish as to believe that, especially in light of the fact that somehow Mary was able to pay for a few inexpensive items at the cash register, but forgot to pay for the $2,450 worth of goods in the other bag.
    The bag she brought into the store.

    But better to put the entire absurdity into Mary's own words, as issued in her January 9th, 2012 press release
    ” Losing track of how fast you are driving is no excuse for speeding. And losing track of clothing I was purchasing is no excuse for walking out of a store without paying.”



  39. We all know what has been reported. Regrettable that the public is only focused on this one incident and it may indeed evoke sympathy for Mary.
    Remember the negative hit piece that Sweeney sent out against Figueroa in their Senate race years ago. It backfired and she won. Hayashi did get a lot of votes last time. She has other issues related to contributions and some votes. Believe she will also get lots of votes this time.


  40. Yes, we can await some dirt on Wieckowski, but Mary has a unique problem. For every shovel of dirt she may have on him, it will only highlight her own dirt, and few politicians have ever successfully been elected when running while still serving a 3 year probation sentence.

    I say, for every measure of dirt Mary may throw out, she'll get 3 more shovels of dirt in her face that the public will then become aware of .

    I think, the 2012 supervisorial race that Valle ran may turn out to have been very damaging to Mary in the following way.
    It lulled her into thinking that the next opponent wouldn't strike out hard against her.
    She had gotten a false sense of acceptance and campaign decorum.

    A fully informed public, with memories reawakened, will not want to elect a candidate still serving a 3 year probation sentence, for a act that 90% of the public believes they would not do themselves.

    Apparently Mary has been isolated from the typical voter's feelings on the subject.
    (that despite the tens of thousands of dollars she wasted on polling firms)


  41. From the above article
    ” In fact, Hayashi has apologized numerous times all the way back to her run for Alameda County supervisor two years ago “

    Lets look at what Mary actually said in that meeting

    “everybody shall be held accountable for their mistake, WHETHER YOU MEANT TO DO IT OR NOT”

    So, there we have Mary, once again, suggesting and telling the public that though she took the merchandise, she really didn't mean to do it.
    Nothing but a restatement of her numerous excuses

    “I unintentionally walked out of a store with items I had not paid for.”
    “Of course, I intended to purchase what I had, but I didn’t.”
    “I made this absentminded error.”

    With Mary, its all one big campaign to continue the lie, the distortion, the myth, that she was just distracted and never meant to steal the merchandise.

    Mary, why did you bring the fancy Neiman Marcus shopping bag 35 miles from your house to the store that day?
    You've never claimed you had anything in it to return.
    There was no charge for “bags” back in 2011
    You never purchased anything earlier in the day, so you had no way to get that bag unless you brought it from home.

    Mary, Mary, Mary, no jury would ever believe your story without some credible explanation…. just as your own lawyer indicated.

    So Mary, what is the true story. Do you think you can fool the voters any better in 2014 than you did in 2012 when they gave you less than 25% of the vote?


  42. Josh Pulliam, Wieckowski's former campaign manager, should know. Nowadays he is hired to do hit pieces, usually by business groups that happen to be supporting Hayashi. when it comes to his work, the uglier and meaner the better.


  43. Hayashi's non-apology at the Democratic endorsement meeting this year was exactly that — and too little, too late.


  44. 9:23pm Sorry about that. I retrieved your comments from the spam folder. I'm guessing it went there because of the combination of numbers and all caps in your comment. I check the spam folder once a day.


  45. 9:58 OK, so tell me this.

    You seem to be OK with Mary continuing to tell a lie to the voters and the people who had voted for her.

    She has continued to flat-out tell people she never intended to steal the merchandise.
    Her actual words
    –“The simple fact is I unintentionally walked out of a store with items I had not paid for.”
    –“Of course, I intended to purchase what I had, but I didn’t.”
    –“There were a number of personal factors that led to the situation where I made this absentminded error.”

    There are others, but there you have three times when she tells the public that there was no intent in her theft.
    Clearly the evidence, the facts, show that is a lie.
    Mary has never answered the basic questions that even her own lawyer raises.

    But apparently you think its OK to vote for person who continues to lie about the crime directly to the voters.
    Her progressive voting record is all you care about.

    Hopefully voters will find Mary's falsehoods more troubling than you do.


  46. If you think we are going to vote for someone like Mary who is still on probation you are dumber than she is. Mary forfeited the right to be an elected official when she committed a crime.


  47. Ok. Usual negative stuff that has nothing to do with why we should vote for this guy. Mary had a very progressive track record in the Assembly. The web site is such a waste and should encourage everyone to ask 1, What is he hiding and 2. what makes him a better candidate.


  48. I posted a comment earlier mentioning that in the linkmugshotmary.com all the senators in trouble in California in the past month all happen to be DEMOCRATS and EBcitizen chose not to post.

    I guess EBcitizen is just like Contra Costa Times. All same with media if they disagree with you.


  49. I think they are going for a knock-out blow in the primary, rather than waiting around for Mary to get any acceptance or credibility as a acceptable candidate.
    Doing so with the scandal of the 3 disgraced senators still fresh in voter's minds.

    I think its a good call. Sure, her campaign manager can raise a stink or play a pathetic “race card”, but if he and especially Mary objects very loudly it only heightens the issue in the minds of the public, many of whom may have forgotten about it.

    There is NO good way for Mary to confront the issue without opening up a very messy box of details.
    Mary set herself up for this by issuing misleading statements for the past 2.5 years.
    Her own statements coming back to haunt her.

    Let her bring this up even more as she objects.
    Just let her do that.
    Good idea Mary, explain the un-explainable.

    Quote from Mary's own attorney Doug Rappaport

    “Sometimes when somebody brings an empty bag into a store, that shows the intent to steal, but that's not the case here,” Rappaport told a reporter”

    OK Mary, if you want to tell the public the truth, explain why you brought that Neiman Marcus shopping bag all the way from Hayward. Bringing that empty store shopping bag is proof of your planning and intent. Even your own lawyer suggests you MUST have some other explanation.
    Yet, in 2.5 years you have given NO explanation as to why you brought the very bag you used to steal the goods.

    One note, missing from these new pages on this new site,, is the fact that Hayashi stuffed the stolen merchandise in the bag she brought, then walked out to the cash register clerk and purchases some cheaper items that were placed into a store supplied bag.
    So she actually went to the register…but….
    But Mary made no effort to place the items she had hidden in the bag she brought on the counter. She kept those hidden.
    Funny how Mary remembers to pay for the few cheap items, but forgets to pay for the $2,450 of clothing she stuffed into the bag she brought from home.

    Clearly Mary had a “cover” plan, a deception.
    Then the next time in the store she could simply return the few cheaper items she paid for, while she stole the expensive stuff to keep and wear.

    As SF District Attorney said on KGO radio, when told about Mary suggesting it was all a unintentional mistake, he said “we had plenty of evidence to prove intent” .

    NO ONE brings a extra bag to Neiman Marcus from Hayward. (I suppose Mary can say she is a intense recycler… yeah, at Neiman Marcus)
    Mary has lied about the issue of “intent” for over two years.

    Hope this latest display of the facts is linked all over Hayward and Fremont.
    About time Mary was caught up in lies about her crimes and the absolute proof of her intent.

    Lastly, if she really could make any case for lack of intent, then she and her husband (a judge),, know that it is the burden of the state to prove intent in the crime
    As District Attorney Gascon said on KGO, “intent” is one of the elements of the crime that the prosecution must prove.
    Otherwise, without such, the person is to be found not-guilty.
    Mary knew she had a loser on her hands and took a plea deal to escape being a ex-felon for life.


  50. After your headline “http://www.ebcitizen.com/2014/04/when-given-chance-to-attack-hayashi.html”. How could he not take your advice and attack?


  51. from website attcking Hayashi:
    Breaks the Law, Now wants to Make the Law. She continues to raise money for her Senate campaign from special interests. In three months, three State Senators have been arrested or convicted of crimes. Now, Mary Hayashi wants to join them in the State Senate.

    All these senators are ALL DEMOCRATS!!!!

    I am fed up with my democratic party.


  52. Of course Bob Wieckowski has never done anything as bad while he has been in elected office. I want to know if he has taken money from unions and corporations. He has done nothing for us either. I vote for none of the above.


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