Hayashi Responds to Wieckowski’s Negative Website With One of Her Own

STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT | Mary Hayashi is taking her state senate district opponent’s hard-hitting Website released last weekend and upping the ante with an equally biting rejoinder.

The Hayashi campaign released BobProtectedRapists.com Friday afternoon to highlight a March 2012 committee vote by Wieckowski against legislation that prohibited spouses convicted of domestic violence against their partners from receiving spousal support, attorney’s fees, and the victim’s community property.

Wieckowski, as a member of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, which he now chairs, voted against the bill offered by Assemblymember Toni Atkins and now in-coming speaker. The bill was signed into law in September 2012. Aside from Wieckowski’s no vote in the judiciary, no other member of the Legislature voted against the bill on the way to the governor’s desk.

The Website comes just days after Wieckowski’s campaign unveiled MugShotMary.com in an effort to highlight her 2011 shoplifting incident at Neiman Marcus. She later plead no contest and receiving three years probation.

Hayashi’s retort features numerous videos of the abused woman who became the impetus for Atkins’ bill along with clips of Wieckowski casting his no vote. Included is a 15-second commercial including audio of a woman same woman, Crystal Harris, saying, “I don’t want to be raped.”

Mark Goodwin, Wieckowski’s campaign manager, noted family law practitioners also opposed the bill back in early 2012. “Bob made a symbolic vote in committee in an effort to improve it,” said Goodwin. “He voted for the bill on final passage and now it’s the law. This is exactly the type of distortion we’ve come to expect from Mug Shot Mary.”

“That’s not true,” said Josh Pulliam, Hayashi’s campaign consultant. “At the actual hearing, Wieckowski talked all about his concern for attorneys fees and that it shouldn’t pass because people should be able to sue their spouse for attorneys fees. He was the only one in the entire legislature to vote against it, Mary Hayashi supported Assemblymember Toni Atkins’ bill. Later he abstained.” Actually, when the bill was first voted on the Assembly floor, Wieckowski did not record a vote.

“And it was only after it was a done deal, and he realized that he was the only one who put rapists and their attorneys ahead of victims of domestic violence, that he begrudgingly supported it,” said Pulliam. “Typical politician.”

Goodwin also added, Assembly Speaker-elect Atkins has endorsed Wieckowski this June.

NOTE This article was updated with comments from each campaign.

47 thoughts on “Hayashi Responds to Wieckowski’s Negative Website With One of Her Own

  1. no one needs my comment after receiving so many, but I will add my comment here; fact is video on Mary should not have been released. it is totally unrelated to the race for State Senate; mary is paying the piper for her actions and the public already has taken a stand against her, but with release of the video, it may help her campaign and when it is known the release came from a person who claimed to be an Attorney and is not, it makes matters worst. tony santos


  2. I am “the victim” from Hayashi's ads. I know nothing about this race or the candidates. Here is what really happened with Bob Wieckowski and the passage of AB1522. During committee, he cared NOTHiNG about what I said or what happened to me. He only cared about spewing his talking points, which were obviously fed to him by the Family Law attorneys that opposed the bill. He was arrogant and smug. Then, by the time the bill reached the entire floor, momentum had built up and no one wanted to vote against the bill, and Wieckowski was conveniently absent that day. It then sailed through the State Senate. Wieckowski's late aye vote registered after the fact was nothing more than an attempt to make himself not look like a complete idiot. None of the changes made had anything to do with his “concerns”. As we worked on getting this bill passed, we never tried to please Wieckowski. Atkins' endorsement of him now has more to do with keeping the Dem family happy and cohesive. It's no skin off her nose to do the endorsement. It's meaningless as far as the record of AB1522 went. The fact remains, Wieckowski chose his attorney constituents over women/DV constituents…take it for what it's worth. It's the truth.


  3. Mary is the queen of negative ads and a criminal on probation. If you think she can win you must have amnesia and forgot about the supervisor race. Can't vote for someone who committed a crime. That's why I voted for Bob and will drop it off at the post office tomorrow.


  4. I hate it when the negative ads by Bob Wieckowski keep popped up when I surfing the net. It is pathetic. Anyone resorting to negative campaign does not deserve my vote.


  5. Bob Wieckowski even got the endorsement of the S F Chron. He's the only acceptable candidate they said. When a conservative newspaper endorses a liberal it means the other candidates are not even credible. Bob will save us from the criminal Hayashi and that's good enough for me.


  6. Can't start the day without mentioning what we all already know–Wieckowski is a HUGE UNION WHORE ASS LICKER!!


  7. Well her mail looks like crap. Not really what you expect from the million dollar woman.


  8. May 4, 2014 at 1:09 AM—
    Thank you for reporting in about the mailers you have gotten in San Leandro.
    I'm guessing that Hayward, Newark, Union City, Fremont, Milpitas, San Jose and Santa Clara are getting the same, if not more.

    So, you say 3 color mailers in past week, plus possibly 2 more in the weeks before that.
    Actually I think she has sent out 4 different mailers, though individual houses may have gotten more than one copy of each.

    Here are the 4 mailers she has sent out.
    you can click on each to see how it looks.





    Keep reporting in with what she is mailing.
    Also, those of you in other cities on the list, let us know how many you are getting from Mary and from Wieckowski , as well as the content.
    Especially if they get down and dirty with the shoplifting charges etc.

    Lastly, anyone, please report any sightings of Mary or any of her supporters going door to door.
    I doubt she has more than a handful of people willing to do so.

    Lastly, report any new TV advertising.
    Only 4 weeks to go…time for Mary to spend $200,000 to $300,000 more. $10,000 per day minimum from here on out.


  9. John Diaz did a GREAT job on this one. And thanks to STEVE for picking it up so quick, and getting it in front of his readers too. Looking for the follow up, thought…Steve has promised to do a “part 2” to this piece, with some quotes from those involved, and to point out that Wieckowski did IN FACT vote for this bill, and that he's got the support and endorsement of DAWN and Speaker Toni Atkins.


  10. “She does have a medical condition that impairs her ability to distinguish between right and wrong” — an so, she should not be able to vote for our state legislation! Good point, John Diaz!


  11. Come on folks, let's us this forum to compare amongst ourselves what pieces, mail, brochures, tv ads, ect, that you see coming from the Mary Hayashi camp. Anytime you receive something, please report out here first with the news…


  12. So, 1:09 am — thanks for sharing. That sounds to be about 5 mailpieces total, over the last few weeks, is that right?
    Are all of them positive pieces about mary? What's the subject matter of each piece? Do you think they are well done?


  13. 5:09 – I I live in San Leandro and have gotten at least 3 full color flyers in the last 7 days. Probably a couple more in the last two weeks.


  14. 8:08 pm, thanks for the heads up!
    What is up with Mary Hayashi smashing all those fruit and vegetables with her bare feet? And why would she post it on YouTube!!


  15. Glad to see there's so much outrage over Mary's latest stunt. Most low information voters will be susceptible to Hayashi's mailers & tv ads. Wieckowski will have to make his difference out in the field, with phone calls and door knocks.

    Those of you who support Wieckowski – please reach out to his Team. Call up his campaign leads (Mark Goodwin or Andrae Macapinlac) and tell them that you can help out a few hours a week this month.

    You can help make a huge difference by volunteering just a few hours a week.


  16. I'm not worried about how folks reading this website will vote, but I am scared to death about the low-information voters who look at all those pretty, slick Hayashi mailers. Shiny happy people: Mary, nurses and healthcare workers supporting Mary. If this cheap thief wins election, it will be a travesty.


  17. 11:47 AM — Please try to be a bit more creative.
    After you post that for the 1,000th time, it can't entertain anyone but yourself.

    That opinion is shared by both those who support and those who oppose Mary Hayashi.


  18. As mentioned by one comment before, Assembly-member Toni Atkins, the author of this bill in question, is now supporting Bob Weickowski for state senate.

    She is not supporting Mary Hayashi.

    That says everything about Mary Hayashi's claim.
    Mary Hayashi is grasping at straws.
    With $690,000 she may make it into the November runoff, but she will fail badly.

    The fun part is that, just like in the 2012 supervisor race, Mary seems clueless about the voter's attitude towards her.

    She waves around these bogus polls she has paid big bucks for. The pollsters are only too happy to keep taking thousands of dollars from her,, just as are her campaign consultants. Mary is a Money Christmas Tree and everyone is picking it clean right up to Christmas Day.

    If you don't think Mary is delusional, take a look at her boasting about what the polls were telling her back when she ran for supervisor….(then remember, she finished with only 24%)

    “we have done lots of research”

    See the 0:40 mark of the video



  19. think this will backfire. if they actually run this on TV and subject families and kids to this, followed up by Mary Hayashi's smiling face, they are going to vote against Hayashi. I looked and Wieckowski voted for this bill so I don't know how they justify subjecting people to this atrocious video.


  20. Hey Steve – you up?
    I'm curious to know what your thoughts are aobut Mary's newest jab – the BobProtectedRapists.com and the smutty commercial. What do you think about it?


  21. Kuo has very little chance in this race. Wieckowski is the only one with a chance of taking out Hayashi with all her money.


  22. I've written about all the candidates in this race. As far as I'm concerned, it takes top billing in the June primary around here. Nobody has written about Peter Kuo other than me. In fact, you're going to read about him in a profile next week.

    And also, I'll take TMZ as a compliment unless there's another TMZ that did not change the face of race relations in America for the better with their reporting last week.


  23. 4:15, interesting point. Why are only certain candidates seem to be getting the most coverage, and others are ignored? Makes you wonder


  24. Looks to me like this reporter once again didn't do his homework. Should have checked on Wieckowskis real voting record instead of relying on misinformation put out by a rival. Is this TMZ reporting or political news??


  25. I think you're right, 4:22 pm!
    This is classic Pulliam crap. Hopefully he charged her his usual outrageous exorbitant fees.

    Hopefully the voters recognize that Mary is a convicted thief, and vote her down this June.



  26. I agree. Democrats in particular have been acting like the inmates running the prison. Not a fan of republicans either, but I'd rather have someone like Peter Kuo or even Audie Bach over these other democrats. It looks like Bob and Mary are pretty much aligned in their political ideology. Vote for real change.


  27. 4:51, can you tell us the city you live in and if you could, would you detail exactly what you are getting in the mail.

    When did you first get mailers, and honestly, how many have you gotten in the past two weeks?
    2, or 4 or more, total?

    Think back and let us know. (We don't all live inside the senate district.


  28. All I want to know is how can I get off of Mary Hayashi's unrelenting junk mail list?? I swear I've been getting one to two pieces every day. They make me sick to look at because there is no way I'm ever voting for her and I can't believe the nerve she has running again. I'm sick of politicians playing the public for fools and sucking off the government teat while lying, stealing, and cheating the whole way through. She's only the first in a long line of losers we need to get off the government payroll so we can regain control of this country. The inmates are running the asylum and it has to stop now. She and other government trust fund babies need to get real jobs like the rest of us. We should go back to paying these people minimal salaries and making them go on social security on retirement like the rest of us so only people who really want to make a difference go into running the government. Not just the lazy charlatans that are currently occupying space and rubber stamping legislation in favor of big corporations.


  29. Here is what I wonder. How much money did Mary's hired consultants get to put that piece together?

    Thousands and thousands of dollars. They're all lining up to get the gravy train of cash that Mary is spending.
    Telling her, “sure Mary, sure, that will work.”

    Mary, going out in a great ball of fire.
    If she manages to make the top two, she'll lose by 20 percentage points in November. 60% to 40% or greater.


  30. I also noticed that you've only been talking about Bob and Mary. There are THREE other candidates in this race including Peter Kuo, who has signs everywhere in Milpitas and Fremont.

    Peter seems to be the only one running that is totally independent, even though he a republican.


  31. Steve, it would also be worth noting in your follow up that Wieckowski has been endorsed by Speaker Toni Atkins, and by various Women's organizations, including DAWN (that they took a pass on Hayashi should be telling, given that they generally support women candidates).


  32. Anyone know if there is going to even ONE debate or forum wherein those putting it on don't control it so tightly that nothing controversial can be discussed. (think League of Women Voters)

    Anything else scheduled that is worth attending to watch a dust up on this bill or Mary's conviction and denial?


  33. Steve, you should add a notation to the story you just published, noting that Wieckowski voted in favor of the amended legislation, and helped pass it into law.


  34. First the facts
    Wieckowski did in fact vote YES to pass the bill on 8/24/12

    The bill had been amended 3 times after it was initially introduced in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.


    Mary trying to suggest he voted against the version that Governor Brown signed into law is twisting the truth.

    I guess a person who will plead guilty to a crime, then 2 years later say she didn' t do it… even when caught on video, will say just about anything, expecting the voters to believe it.


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