Chanting Ro Khanna supporters among 
sign-wavers for Rep. Mike Honda.
PHOTO/Steven Tavares

CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | Following Saturday night’s eagerly-awaited first meeting between fellow 17th Congressional District Democrats, Rep. Mike Honda told reporters he will participate in a debate after the June primary.

Honda’s campaign was unaware of the declaration when told of the congressman’s comments, but acknowledged they were prepared to negotiate dates for the fall, if both candidates finish in the top two primary this June.

Vivek Kembaiyan, Honda’s campaign communication director, later confirmed Honda would debate whoever advances to the November general election. In addition, to Khanna, the primary includes Republicans Vanila Singh and Joel Vanlandingham.

When told of Honda’s willingness to debate after month’s of questioning by the media, Khanna appeared surprised by the news and urged for 5-6 debates after the June primary focusing on specific issues such as education and technology.

Saturday night’s candidate’s forum found few differences between Honda and Khanna, although both Democrats jostled over jobs, specifically, Honda’s claim of bringing jobs to the district through a federal grant for the BART extension to San Jose.

Meanwhile, supporters from each camp held competing and raucous rallies outside the Fremont City Hall chambers about 90 minutes beforehand and resumed the chanting 30 minutes afterwards.