Alameda County Candidate for Auditor Pleads Not Guilty to Voter Fraud

Kati Knox says she lives on Clarke St. 

in San Leandro, investigators say no.

ALAMEDA COUNTY | AUDITOR | Where’s does Alameda County auditor-controller candidate Kathleen Knox live? Danville or San Leandro?

Knox, who is the daughter of former Alameda County supervisor, Bob Knox, plead not guilty Tuesday to six felony charges related to allegations she lives in Contra Costa County, but illegally listed as her home address, an assisted-living home she operates in San Leandro.

Knox was charged with registering as an ineligible voter, along with two counts of perjury and three counts of fraudulent voting, according to KPIX.

She is scheduled to appear at a pretrial hearing May 15. Her attorney told KPIX, he will seek to expedite the case in hopes of a resolution before the June 3 election.

Knox is opposing Steve Manning, the current Alameda County chief deputy auditor, who is endorsed by the retiring county auditor, Patrick O’Connell.

Describing herself as the progressive candidate for auditor, Knox entered the race in early March on the last day to qualify for the June ballot.

Although surprising, candidates attempting to run for office without living in the jurisdiction is all too common. In 2010, there were allegations made against Liz Figueroa that she did not live in the Alameda County’s supervisorial district she sought to represent. San Francisco Supervisor Ed Jew spent time in prison for the same crime and two years ago a San Leandro city council candidate claimed to have had residency in three separate districts.

13 thoughts on “Alameda County Candidate for Auditor Pleads Not Guilty to Voter Fraud

  1. let's see, knox listed her address at her business in san leando, when she lives in danville. she told investigators she lived in a 2 bedroom apartment, but workers and the current resident said that wasn't true. documents from her kids school in danville showed she lived in danville.

    she did plead not guilty to 6 felonies, including filing false nomination papers, perjury by declaration and voter fraud. she sure looks guilty to our county district attorney and this blogger. at best she is a liar.


  2. She will be convicted of more than one felony. You can't fight fraud by committing fraud.


  3. I think it is important that she continue with her campaign. Obviously something is wrong in the Auditor-Controller's Office, otherwise they would not be going to such lengths to run her off. It would not be the first time a DA manufactured charges.


  4. Don't believe anything in ANG Newspapers about this case. They have a deal where they write anything that the DA wants them to write. Power to the free press. Did the 24 hour news cycle kill the investigative reporter?


  5. This situation answered a question that I have had for a long, long time: “Why don't more people run for county offices?” Answer: “Because they will sic the DA on you with bogus charges.” Wow. Way to promote a free and open system. This is election rigging.


  6. By MW:

    If she is a liar, a crook, a phony, and a fraud, then based on the “standards” of Alameda County and Mary Hayashi and Nadia Lockyer she would be absolutely “perfect” for the job, so therefore, and rather than bothering with the time and expense of an election, let's just immediately declare the contest over and her the winner.


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