Let’s Be Frank, Swalwell Spent A Lot on Constituent Mail Last Year

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Rep. Eric Swalwell has spent $190,945 on mail to constituents in the 15th Congressional District since being sworn-in to office in January 2013. The figure greatly outpaces the spending of all other Bay Area members of Congress, according to each official’s statements of disbursement.

“Swalwell himself spent more than four times as much on taxpayer-funded junk mail than the nine other Congressmembers combined!” screamed a press release from Swalwell’s challenger this June, State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett. The House has not released member’s statement of disbursement for expenditures from the first quarter of this year.

“Eric Swalwell is working to buy his re-election with taxpayer funds,” Corbett said in a press release Friday morning. “This is an outrageous abuse and far, far in excess of anything Swalwell needed to do to provide useful services to people he serves. Voters deserve a representative with a less cavalier attitude about how their tax dollars should be spent.”

The large number of mail pieces delivered to 15th District constituents has been noticeable over the past year. Many of the mailers have been used to advertise local events put on by Swalwell’s district office, primarily dealing with veterans and women. Swalwell told the Bay Area News Group his office often responds to notes and emails from constituents through snail mail.

But, the sheer number of mailers is also seen by many as concerted push to increase Swalwell’s name-recognition among voters, primarily in the Hayward portion of the district where he lost out to Pete Stark in 2012. Canvassers for Swalwell’s campaign earlier this year appeared uniquely focused on feeling out constituent’s knowledge of their representative’s accomplishments, or, even if they knew who he is.

However, the correlation between Swalwell’s franking prowess and a bid to acquaint him with voters does not play out when it comes to first-term Marin Rep. Jared Huffman, who sent no mailers in during his first year in Congress.

11 thoughts on “Let’s Be Frank, Swalwell Spent A Lot on Constituent Mail Last Year

  1. Swallwell has told more lies in his first term than Corbett in her career. I call that more trustworthy. Maybe she's just smarter, but in either case that's why my family voted for her by absentee.


  2. If telling lie after lie is a breath of fresh air, heaven help our democratic form of government. I'm voting for Ellen Corbett because I'm tired of politicians like Swalwell who think they can keep telling lies and get away with it.


  3. Swalwell is a breath of fresh air, unlike Stark and now this damn Carpetbagging Bag Ellen Corbett. She should have stayed in San Leandro. San Leandro and Oakland is more her social class/element. She doesn't fit in out in Pleasanton and San Ramon. Too classy for a lush like Corbett.


  4. Can't trust Swalwell and tired of all his lies. It's Congresswoman Ellen Corbett for the rest of us. I may not agree with all she does, but at least she doesn't lie about it.


  5. We'll take youth and experience everyday of the week.

    It's CONGRESSMAN ERIC SWALWELL 2014 for all of us!


  6. Also understand that Swalwell made dozens of trips back to the district, many more than other bay area representatives. The costs must be enormous. On top of his mailers the taxpayers are getting the shaft.


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